“Before We Get Married” Finale Recap

Taiwanese drama Before We Get Married <我們不能是朋友> aired its series finale on August 23rd, and the fans still aren’t over the intensity of that ending! The show, based on the book of the same name by Ayamei (阿亞梅), stars Puff Kuo (郭雪芙), Jasper Liu (劉以豪), and Steven Sun (孫其君) in a love triangle that forces them to decide between love and career.

In the final episode, Zhou Wei-wei (Puff) has broken up with her fiance Li Hao-yi (Steven), which nearly drives Hao-yi insane. After finding a replacement hard disk for a career-defining press conference for Guoxin Venture Capital, Wei-wei sets off to find a ride to the conference, but an emotionally compromised Hao-yi confronts her. He tells her that he could drive her to the press conference. Wei-wei is initially hesitant, but eventually gives in. Hao-yi however, angrier by the second, takes Wei-wei on a detour.

On a whim, Wei-wei calls Chu Ke-huan (Jasper), who is about to step on the press conference stage. He accepts the call and hears Wei-wei yelling at Hao-yi to take her back to the press conference. Sensing that Wei-wei is in danger, Ke-huan turns away from the press and runs out the venue to save her.

With Ke-huan, CEO of Guoxin, abandoning such an important press conference last minute, Guoxin’s image is at stake. Wei-wei feels responsible for what has happened and submits her resignation letter.

Hao-yi confronts Wei-wei again and expresses his jealousy of Ke-huan. He forces himself on her, but after seeing Wei-wei cry, he stops and apologizes. Wei-wei tells him, “When I told you I was tempted, you ignored me. You pushed me away. You postponed the wedding and increased the loan on the house. Isn’t this all pushing me away? I admit. I like him. My heart was moved by him. I’m sorry. I’ve hurt you.” Hao-yi asks if she would still reconsider if he chooses to forgive her. Wei-wei replies, “I can’t continue to love you.”

Hao-yi returns to Shanghai, and Wei-wei decides to open up her heart to Ke-huan. She asks him out on a date, and the two have a romantic night out, ending on the bed.

Wei-wei then delivers a very important monologue to the audience: “I know that this very moment is what you wanted when you first started pursuing me. And right now, this is what I want. But I have to tell you truthfully. We can’t be together. It’s because only two people should be together. Four people really is too many. A relationship like this is not a happy one at all. Ke-huan, I admit I like you. I really like you. Sometimes you’re rough. Sometimes you’re gentle. Sometimes you’re refined and courteous. Perhaps it’s because you’re hard to figure out; I went from being curious to liking you, liking you to the point I that I destroyed my original relationship. I’m not complaining nor am I regretting. I just think that, I’ve been tying up my hands and feet all my life. I want to change. I want to live happily. I want to be a happy person. I don’t want to be subordinate to anyone. Whether it’s love or hate, I want to make my own decisions. Whether it’s love or hate, I need to first learn to love myself. I truly hope that, once I upgrade to Zhou Wei-wei 2.0, I can face you again as the brand new Zhou Wei-wei without any burdens. This is more fair to you.”

The last episode can be viewed on Viki!

What are your thoughts on the ending?

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This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am no fan of TDramas in general – too noisy, too unclassy uncouth s’times. Very few made the grade for me except for some of the addictive classics: 下一站幸福 (Autumn Concerto), 命中注定我愛你 (Fated to Love you), Iswak … and a couple of the early Rainie Yang-Mike He ones.

    Otherwise to me … some T Dramas can be OTT in plot, or the acting is OTT

    BUT, with the exception of the irritating Exes (Esp HIS. and her face+ dated dressing is extremely annoying too) … this is one recommended enjoyable Drama with sizzling chemistry.

    Jasper Liu esp – my first time watching a drama of his – he has loads of potential with nuanced acting.

    While it was mostly a great ride from start = > end … and the Ending wasn’t stoooopid or conveniently wrapped up rushed too, as many KDramas can be …. ep 11, 12 were somewhat meandering.

    I wished they had a little more couple time though … rather than tweak out all the company related issues – seriously, other than his very delusional Ex, who really cares?

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