Jiro Wang and Puff Kuo Star in “Falling Into You”

Jiro Wang (汪東城) and Puff Kuo (郭雪芙) partner up for the first time in Taiwanese drama, Falling Into You <因為我喜歡你>, which will be airing on GTV soon. In the drama, Puff will be playing a cold and aloof Taekwondo expert against Jiro’s domineering CEO character.

Because of an incident in his childhood, Jiro has a fear of blood and was saved by Puff in several difficult situations. Puff said ironically, “Since I was always saving him, I felt like I was the hero saving a damsel in distress. It’s as if I were the male lead and Jiro is the female lead.”

Cutting her hair for the role, Puff often wears gender-neutral wear in the drama and purposely gained more muscle for the role to suit her athletic character. Appearing onscreen with minimal makeup, Puff also adopted the habit of going outside with a bare face when she was not filming. “Before, I would never leave the house without applying makeup first. Now, I don’t think it matters whether I have makeup on or not. Perhaps this is the most natural form of myself!”

When Puff and Jiro were shooting promotional stills for Falling into You, the result looked like a photo shoot of two handsome men due to Puff’s short hairstyle, much to the actress’ amusement. Jiro joked about how he felt their gender roles were sometimes reversed and said he felt Puff was “more man” than him, “When we filmed kiss scenes, I felt like I was the girl, because Puff often took the initiatives in the intimate scenes. I was more passive.”

During filming, Jiro’s wry sense of humor sometimes left the cast uncertain how to respond. Sharing one funny behind-the-scene story, Puff had asked Jiro if his chapped lips would be contagious after their kissing scene. Puff exclaimed, “I wanted to ask if it was a bacterial infection?” Not wanting to be misunderstood, Jiro apologized and explained that he got his chapped lips from being too tired, “I went to France the week before. At that time, it was agreed that I would work only during the day. I never thought that I would end up working from morning until 9 p.m.”

Singaporean actor Desmond Tan (陳泂江) also stars in Falling into You. Working with Jiro for the first time, Desmond felt intimidated that he would look awkward on screen next to Jiro due to the actor’s fit figure.  Jiro told Desmond not to worry and dropped a humorous compliment, “When we were shooting photos, I felt that Desmond’s muscles would burst from his clothes.”

Sources: HK01, GTV, YouTube

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @jane626 Yes, he was really handsome/cute before. But now whenever you look at him, there’s something that’s just not right and it has nothing w/aging.
      But the girl always looks kinda weird to me so seems like a match? haha lol

  1. Yeah I agree Jiro Wang looks different. Probably just in the poster with extra lighting and photoshop. The trailer he still looks a tad the same. I miss Fahrenheit 🙁

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