Jin Chen and Wang Anyu’s Are Each Other’s Sunshine in “Falling Into You”

Starring Gina Jin Chen (金晨) and Wang Anyu (王安宇), sports romance Falling Into You <熾道> will be ending its broadcast on October 28. Since its release last month, Falling Into You immediately claimed fourth place on the trending dramas list. Despite initial criticisms on the filters, the sunshine-filled romance still managed to keep viewers greatly entertained.

Falling Into You is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Twentine. It tells a romantic story between 19-year-old aspiring high jumper Duan Yucheng (Wang Anyu) and 27-year-old athletics assistant Luo Na (Jin Chen). Growing up in a fishing village on a small island, Yucheng strives to not let his circumstances limit his dreams, as he works hard to improve his high jumping skills.

Knowing he would need some guidance, he seeks well-known trainer Luo Na for help and enrolls into her university. Despite their squabbles, Yucheng and Luo Na grow increasingly supportive of each other. Mutual understanding and romantic sparks eventually flare up.

Similar to their onscreen characters, Jin Chen and Anyu also have an 8-year-age gap in real life. They were also cast due to possessing the same aura as their respective roles.  Jin Chen expressed she had great chemistry with Anyu and felt she eased into the role fairly quickly, because he was like a Samoyed with  bright, crescent eyes and wide smiles.

Viewers could not agree more. They bit back their laughter when Anyu cried and pleaded to Jin Chen in a scene. They commented, “He looks like a pitiful little drenched puppy;” “His character sometimes feels immature, but he is so cute when he cries because he looks like a Samoyed;” and “They make it too easy to ship a younger puppy-like man and a strong, mature woman as a couple.”

“Falling Into You” Trailer

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I wonder when the China Censorship will restrict this Older woman/young man genre? China do have this habit of over producing new dramas with specific genre… From Reborn, Super rich man with poor girl, Materialism, Ancient Palace dramas, Boylove, now Noona/Dongsaeng… Each time when the genre gets repeated too often, the China Censorship board will close in on them.

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