Mavis Fan on Why It’s Easy to Love, But Difficult for Couples to Stay Together

In the music industry for two decades, Taiwanese singer/ actress Mavis Fan (范曉萱) recently starred in Netflix series, Nowhere Man <罪夢者>. Although her character takes on an unbridled and passionate affair with Jacob Wang (王柏傑), Mavis’ take on real-life relationships is much more practical. Her past mistakes have led her to become more reflective in relationships.

Singer Lawrence Chou (周俊偉) had dated Mavis for many years, and helped her through depression when she was plagued by constant suicidal thoughts. He was afraid to leave her side because whenever Mavis saw a knife, she would think of slashing her wrists or want to jump to her death from her home balcony.

Although the couple promised that they would love each other forever, their relationship eventually ended. After their breakup, Mavis released a book and shared her thoughts and analysis on dating and the concept of love.

Stating that it’s easy to love, but difficult for couples to stay together, Mavis explained, “You need to really think it through, how to tolerate and get along with each other for the long term. If you’re unhappy together, then it’s honestly better and more free to just be by yourself!”

Mavis said everyone needs to go through various tests in order to learn, and only through these obstacles does one begin to understand themselves.

Learning from her failed relationships in the past, Mavis finally understands that she is someone who jumps to conclusions too quickly and would become too emotionally involved. Knowing that her emotions are her weakness, Mavis hopes to find a partner who is understanding and able to offer her emotional support. “When I’m having emotional issues, I hope he can help me resolve them and not only offer consolation. Problems need to be faced and resolved, so pure comfort to [temporarily] soothe my emotions are not helpful.”

Source: Yahoo HK

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