Amigo Chui Has Rival in Winning Natalie Tong’s Love?

Amigo Chui’s (崔建邦) career hit an all-time low following the onslaught of numerous negative rumors, including the 2009 beating of ex-girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong, cheating on Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) on numerous occasions, and driving during a license suspension. Last year, Amigo bit back his pride and was demoted to a TVB production assistant. It was rumored that prior to former TVB executive, Stephen Chan’s (陳志雲) departure from the company, he helped secure on-camera hosting opportunities for Amigo once again.

During Amigo’s career lowpoint, former girlfriend, Natalie Tong continued to remain by his side to offer her support, sparking frequent reconciliation rumors. Earlier, Amigo, his mother, and Natalie were spotted sharing a Lunar New Year dinner at a restaurant together. Amigo declared his intention to once again pursue Natalie once his career was stablized. 

With Amigo successfully resurrecting his hosting career once again, Natalie however was spotted spending increasingly more time with androgynous former DJ, Vera. It was speculated that once deeply injured in her love relationship with Amigo, Natalie may have changed her sexuality preferences. Last night at 10 PM, Natalie was spotted with Vera in Happy Valley. Both women wore caps to avoid public scrutiny and ate dinner together at a restaurant, while sharing heartfelt conversations for over an hour.

The “masculine” Vera stepped outside the restaurant for a cigarette break, often scouting left and right to watch out for Natalie. Discovering the reporter’s prescent, Vera quickly alerted Natalie, after which the pair paid for their dining bill and left the establishment. Natalie deliberately pulled down the visor of her cap and drove away in her car. 

Fighting for Natalie’s Love

Although it was exposed that Amigo Chui had cheated on Natalie Tong on numerous occasions, he still treasured his love relationship with her. With his mother in tow and inviting Natalie to a Lunar New Year dinner, Amigo’s reconciliation intentions were apparent. Although Natalie loved Amigo loyally for many years, the emergence of close friend Vera may pose as a serious challenge to Amigo. It was unclear who will emerge as the final victor to Natalie’s heart!


Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: Who will win Natalie’s heart? It has been Amigo all these years; Amigo never left Natalie’s heart despite his career and image hitting the slumps last year. Last year, allegedly Natalie may have even spent the night at Amigo’s house, while claiming it was a normal thing for friends to do.

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  1. This may sound rude but Natalie looks very pretty there, too good for either. I can’t deal with such a complicated relationship such as Amigo. But to turn gay for a close friend seems out of the question to me too. I mean, are there really no other options? I mean, she can totally bag one of the newer male actors or something. But maybe personality? Its more likely that guys think she’s unavailable because the media has always portrayed her as being loyal and still unable to get over Amigo so they don’t approach?

  2. I’m so sick of HK media insinuating whenever an actress break up/reject by a guy she change her sexual preference and become a “lesbian”…it is so ignorant! They report the samething on Mandy Wong.

  3. So when a girl is seen with a guy, they must be dating? And now, when a girl is seen with a girl, they are lesbians?
    That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  4. Aiya when a girl/guy “supposedly” or true breaks up with GF/BF and seen with the opposite sex the media says they are dating but when the media is unable to get shots with them and the opposite sex they will use the lesbian card eg Mandy Wong

  5. wow, they have nothing on her, just eating dinner and the media can still accuse her of being a lesbian. hk media is seriously messed up.

  6. THIS GOnna be rude…but who’s that BIG SIZE WOMAN there??? omg… Amigo shouldn’t feel threatened by her.. even if natalie choose this Vera woman over him…Amigo can always find better half anytime he want..

    1. She is Vera but seriously how is she competition for Amigo, LOL.

      This article is totally BS, why only girls that gets hurt turns lesbian? Can’t they find something more believable?

      Why didn’t they come up with something like: got exposed by plastic doll in bed, cried a river and turned gay with Mr. *** 🙂

  7. Natalie looks great! Though…a bit too think in the shoulders and arms. :T

  8. I recognize Vera, she was a DJ for RTHK. She’s more known as 拿拿淋.

  9. If I were Natalie, I would not go back to Amigo. He has a very complicated personality. If he hit other women, he would do same to me.

    Natalie is getting popular and her acting has improved quite a bit in the last two years. She should concentrate on her career now, and looks for the other half later. Besides, there are many men who are a lot better than Amigo.

  10. lol. seriously.
    heartbreak with a guy = turns lesbian?
    it doesnt work that way la.

    but i agree with some of the commentors.
    she’s too good for either.
    esp someone who hits his gf.
    thats low.

  11. okay natalie is so pretty and nice, she can go heaps better than amigo.

  12. Once a cheater, always a cheater! Esp since he has not been punished severely like got infected with STD or got dumped for good..

  13. I don’t think Natalie is dating Vera, probably just real good friends. I never really liked Amigo due to his character. If the rumours are true, I hope Vera wins!

  14. lesbian rumors. Amigo heartbroken, but who cares about him anyway.

  15. Never knew what she saw in Amigo. He’s a cheater, short, below average looking, and have no career.

  16. This cheated on Natlie “several times” – really? Doesn’t deserve her.

  17. Natalie is so pretty!!!
    If they are back together again, hope he treats her well this time around!

  18. so pretty!. love her dress and matching color nail polish, look very elegant. She deserve someone better than amigo. Wah, that vera look like chinese version of Rosie o donnell, even for lesbian should choose more handsome one like kd lang or ellen type.

  19. I only like her being together with Stephen Wong Ka Lok. Rather than these two.

  20. It is quite ridiculous to be seeing this type of new stories in HK media again and again. I am sure everyone has male as well as female “friends” and Natalie is no exception. So, how can this be twisted into a lesbian story?

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