Among 35 Men, Him Law and Benjamin Yuen Willingly Posed Nude for Rich Businessman?

The nude photo case involving 61-year-old wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing (劉定成), in which he was accused of coercing 3 male actors into taking nude photos, has grown increasingly scandalous. Aside from the 3 male actors, known as “Mr. A, B, and C” who were coerced, there were allegedly 35 actors and police officers who willingly took partial or fully nude photos for Mr. Lau. Him Law (羅仲謙), Bryon Pang (彭冠期), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), as well as many former Mr. Hong Kong participants were on the rumored list!

Mr. Lau An Avid Photo Collector for 16 Years

Apparently, the wealthy Mr. Lau possessed a long-time penchant for photos of nude muscular men, with a fetish for police officers. In 1995, during a police investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Lau possessed more than 1,000 photos of uniformed personnel: police officers, firefighters, customs officers,  and airport personnel. In some of the photos, the police officers wore their cop uniforms and underwear briefs below. Some photos were completely nude.

Mr. Lau carefully marked each photo with the subject’s name, age, police officer number, height, and even the size of the man’s fully erect member in some instances!

Despite the authorities discovering Mr. Lau’s private photo collection 16 years ago, this did not deter the pursuit of his hobby. Over the years, Mr. Lau continued to spend vast sums of money to have men willingly pose for these racy photos.

In 2008, one of the subjects of Mr. Lau’s nude photos called the Hong Kong Police Department and filed a complaint. Searching Mr. Lau’s house, more than 60,000 photos were unearthed, with numerous recognizable male actors in the collection!

Last year, when Mr. Lau demanded the police department to return his private photo collection to him, the authorities pressed official charges against him, for indecent assault and criminal intimidation.

Mr. Lau Promised Fame and Money for Nude Photos

In yesterday’s court hearing, one of the male actors, known as Mr. B, testified that he was coerced into taking the nude photos. Mr. Lau owned an apparel business and asked Mr. B to model in some photos in an apartment in the Happy Valley district. The apartment was furnished with many clothes and leather shoes.

As the photo shoot progressed, Mr. Lau asked Mr. B to increasingly shed more skin. After going topless, Mr. B then changed into a thong. Mr. Lau requested Mr. B to take fully nude photos, stating that many actors have done so. In Mr. Lau’s photo album, there were numerous famous actors.

Mr. Lau said to Mr. B that he knew senior level management in the entertainment industry and would introduce them to him. Mr. B agreed to strip fully nude. In the court testimony, Mr. B said, “My mentality at the time was to quickly take the photos and leave. Wearing a thong was already my limit. Since I have allowed the defendant to take many photos, I agreed to do so.”

Mr. Lau then attempted to touch Mr. B in the genital area. Mr. B said, “Whether intentionally or not, he (Mr. Lau) started touching my genitals. He made me feel very uncomfortable and humiliated!”

During the cross examination, Mr. Lau’s lawyer questioned whether Mr. B had attempted to seduce Mr. Lau with his suggestive poses, Mr. B insisted emotionally, “I am not gay!”

35 Actors and Policemen Willingly Took Nude Photos

It was reported that 35 men willingly took partial or fully nude photos for Mr. Lau. The list included many names which bore the same names as male actors, in which 8 were former Mr. Hong Kong participants, as well as policemen.

Him Law  and TVB actor, Stanley Cheung from When Heaven Burns <天與地> were on the list of 35 willing men. The Mr. Hong Kong men included Bryon Pang, Benjamin Yuen, Lam Cheuk Fung, Wu Chi Wai, Lee Sin Hang, Leo Lee, Sin Chung Wai, and Leung Man Lung. In addition, Cheung Wing Hong, who was under Andy Lau’s management company, was also on the list.

In one photo shoot, Mr. Lau reportedly offered $60,000 HKD to a male subject in the exchange for nude photos. Mr. Lau promised that the photos were only for his private viewing pleasure.

Matthew Ko Shows Common Sense

Although not on the list of 35 men, Matthew Ko was initially linked to the nude photo case. Matthew said that he was unaware of the details of the case. Asked if he knew Lau Ding Sing, Matthew initially said, “Maybe he is a friend of friend.”

Afterward, Matthew stated, “I do not know him (Mr. Lau). However, many people approach me in the same manner. I know what they want. Of course, I will not agree to do so, especially when it came to taking photos! If someone promised to introduce me to friends, I will now bring my manager with me!”

Benjamin Yuen’s Brief Response

When asked if he knew Mr. Lau, Benjamin at first denied that he was involved in the nude photo case. Benjamin said that he did not know Mr. Lau. When asked if Benjamin had assisted with the police investigation last year, Benjamin paused and thought carefully before responding, “Mmmm…no.”

Him Law Worked for Upright Money

Next Magazine alluded that Him Law met Mr. Lau in 2003, when Him was working as a lifeguard prior to entering the entertainment industry. Next Magazine noted that Mr. Lau promised to introduce the right connections in the entertainment industry, making entry easier. However, Him denied that he took fully nude photos, stating that he earned money in an upright manner.

Sources: Next Magazine #1158 via,

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Jayne: Perhaps it was due to the large number of Mr. Hong Kong men implicated in Mr. Lau’s nude photo case that made TVB decide to halt the competition this year. In March, the press started covering Mr. Lau’s case more prominently, due to the May court hearing.

Three weeks ago, TVB announced the cancellation of the Mr. Hong Kong competition this year. Now, I believe the decision was made due to Mr. Lau’s case and the possible negative publicity over Mr. Hong Kong participants. I am not surprised in some past contestants did pose in photos for Mr. Lau, especially if they are partially nude photos in thongs. 

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  1. I am astounded by Mr. Lau’s vast photo collection. He makes Edison Chen appear to be a novice collector.

    1. Move over Edison.

      Here is someone worse than you…

  2. 1. is Mr Lau gay? Because he sounds like one by his vast collection of men’s nude pictures

    2. is the writer trying to suggest he has tried to engage in sexual favours with these men, by using the photos as intimidation and threat?

    3. if the pictures were consensual, even if slight coercion as the guys have a right to stay or walk out, doesn’t the charge mean it does not hold water?

    4. is it illegal in HK to keep pornographic stuff?

    5. when can I see those pictures?!

    No. 5 is kidding. But 1 to 4 are legitimate questions. And at some point the identity of the witnesses must be revealed because

    a. accused has a right to face accuser
    b. criminal trials are public forums and since it does not involve children or rape, it should be public, so why special treatment to them but not to ordinary folks?

    1. Yeah, I was wondering too. If all is consensual, what is there to charge?

    2. He’s definitely gay, which guy would touch other guy’s genital area if he isn’t gay? lol..

      1. Mr. Lau should move to Japan where he join Issei Sagawa doing what he loves.

    3. I am not a guy but I suppose that guys will feel victimized as well.

      This is creepy and scary!

      Are they really preying on guys/ girls for sexual favors… using fame, promotion, money or favors to pressurize the involved parties…

      I don’t understand… if a guy is forced, he should not be showing any physical reaction right…

      If he shows that he likes it… how is he being forced against his will?

    1. Agreed. This must be real reason why Mr HK cancelled this year. Of course TVB will know earlier about this kind of thing

      1. Yeah I agree. Well connected Jayne!!! This Mr Lau is a pervert!!! Hope they lock him up before he destroy more innocent silly boys!!!

  3. “However, Him denied that he took fully nude photos, stating that he earned money in an upright manner.”

    Yeah right, what is “in an upright manner”?? 😉

    1. upright manner means he’s not selling his nude body to some old men for money or fame

      1. Haha, yeah i know the real meaning in that sentence. I’m juz asking a cheeky question.. if u know what i mean. 😀 LOL

    2. As in he was standing upright in the tiniest thong when he was taking the photo?

      1. Borrowing a phrase in the same story, what i meant was — “the man’s fully erect member”. When it is in that state, it is “in an upright manner”.

    3. Him Him is a smart one – it may be true that he did not have fully nude photos taken, does not mean that he did not have partially naked photos taken of him!

  4. I’m glad that Matthew ko knows what is right.

    Don’t know if this is true but I don’t understand why would some celebritities would do just to get famous. Is it really that inportant, sometimes it wouldn’t even work.

    1. yes, i agree. i actually think Matthew Ko is one of the cutest Mr. HK’s and wasn’t he the first one? But hes so demoted by TVB, always minor roles. hum….not good

      1. i think that his acting skills have improved over the years. yes i would like to see him in a bigger role, which he has been getting lately. i guess he is still young.

        yeah he was the first

  5. that’s the price to become famous! Pervert old gay man.

  6. This case reminds me of the movie ‘Bishonen’ where Daniel Wu poses in uniform and topless for a photographer played by Joe Junior iirc. I think that character might be based on Mr.Lau.

  7. This is truly disgusting. This nasty old perv should be in jail. If these photos were female stars the public would be outraged already.

  8. LOL, so Mr/Miss HK competition is just a tool for TVB too find the right boys and gals for rich businessmen?

    Hmmm kinda make sense, hehe

  9. wow the media has a list of 35 names. that sounds real! maybe provocative pictures were taken like a nude but with a towel covering privates or something… if these photos got leaked out, it will shatter the careers of these men. esp the more ‘well-knowned’ ones like him law, benjamin yuen .. the other names i don’t really know.

    if this happened to men/male artists, its more believable that it would have definitely happened to women/female actresses because its even harder for women to find equal success…. even worse, they might have to sleep around too.

    sad but true.

    1. disagree. The ones with big companies and famous names such as him law and Benjamin will be saved whether true or not. Filmko saved Him from beating accusation before and TVB will save Benjamin because he’s in primotion line. It’s the less well knowns without backup that will suffer

      1. Him’s company has released official statement stating he has no relation in this matter.

  10. What’s the big deal? They were all consenting adults. The actors did so because there was a benefit for them too. Own it and don’t blame other people.

    1. True, if there’s a demand, there’ll be supply and vice versa

    1. nothing like sex trafficking. these guys aren’t slaves, they’re just idiots. should’ve consulted their manager/agents before doing something like this.

  11. They seem so eager to get into the entertainment business. But the industry haven’t produce many quality movies or miniseries. It is all fast money. I’m old fashion and I’ve always like to live the lifestyle of the farmers. My great grandparents were farmers and they worked hard. Few years ago I met this lady and she ran an accounting business from her farm home. Her mom bought food(chickens) from the Hutterite people very good quality and very affordable. This lady drove an old van at the time. I mean she have money and check out the farm land and the so many cow heads on her land. She doesn’t need to work and yet she work but very enjoyable especially from her own home. Why the rich get richer and poor is just get less and not as wise. I strongly agreed on their work ethnic and their spending ethnic. Thumbs up!

  12. I am so confuse. What exactly is he being charged with or has done thats illegal. The only thing I can figure out is sexual harassment but would the police go through this extend for such a case.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get it either. It’s not like Mr. Lau was pointing a gun at their heads and demanded them to strip, LOL. He promised fame and money i.e. an exchange of good & services.

      But since this kind of deals got exposed to the public Mr. Lau will be sacrificed to protect the integrity of the entertainment circle in HK, LOL.

      Fans will once again support their idols since they are so innocent, haha…

  13. I’m speechless. I don’t ever want to see those pictures…please don’t let them leak.

    1. Well, nobody will force u to look if u don’t want to.

      But for the rest of us honest people, we are definitely curious. It’s like the “salty pig hand” case again. Every guy at tvb will be suspected!

      I think most of the implicated men probably took the racy photos, just not all were fully nude. Didn’t Benjamin yuen do category 3 movies before Mr. Hk? And maybe the gay man that Him Him said was harassing him on the phone was in fact, Mr. Lau. Hmm… for some reason, I think Vincent Wong may be another possible “model”.

      1. It was not mentioned that all the 35 men involved were young. I remember reading in the past about the policemen, some of them were not young then. Therefore some of the celebrities might not be that young anymore. Perhaps Wu Fung is also on the list.

      2. When these pics get leaked they also make it to Chinese news websites, and I’m always there reading news.

  14. Totally not surprise lol ! Not to mention his name one of our M’sia gay actor is also being kept for years to the Hong Kong wealthy businessman.

  15. Nude, Rape – Half of the recent news are about these 2 words. What happen with the ent. industry now? Time of revealing?

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  17. “As the photo shoot progressed, Mr. Lau asked Mr. B to increasingly shed more skin”

    This statement is hilarious and I’ve been rolling on the floor laughing! Is Mr B some sort of monitor lizard?

    Some of these translations really make my day! We all need a good laugh now and then, especially in this oh-so-messed-up world.

  18. How come Edison Chen did not volunteer to pose for this one?

  19. Don’t care,I wanna see those pictures! give them to me!

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