Amusing BTS of Dilireba and Vengo Gao in “Eternal Love of Dream”

Hilarious behind-the-scenes video becomes a viral hit online.

Viewers of Chinese fantasy drama Eternal Love of Dream <三生三世枕上書> have been falling in love with the pairing of Dilraba Dilmurat’s (迪麗熱巴) character Bai Fengjiu and Vengo Gao’s (高偉光) Dong Hua emperor.

Dilireba Thought Vengo Gao Won’t Be Able to Carry Her

With the two actors’ close onscreen interactions setting off netizen discussions, a recent episode showing an intimate scene after the two characters got drunk also evoked much interest. However, behind this romantic scene were many hilarious outtakes, compiled in a behind-the-scenes video widely viewed on the Internet.

A recent plot development showed the two descending to earth, with Gao manifesting as heavenly emperor Song Xuanren and Dilireba transforming into Bai Fengjiu, or Xiaojiu, who is tasked to help the former overcome a calamity. The two do not have any recollection of their respective past lives. Under a spontaneous encounter, Song Xuanren exposes Xiaojiu’s ploy of dressing up as a male. Attracted to her looks, he even bestows her the title of “Ninth Beauty” so as to enjoy the pleasure of her companionship.

In one scene, Xiaojiu is drinking alone while Song Xuanren comes over. After passing her a gift, he swoops Xiaojiu up in a princess-style embrace and carries her into her room in a romantic scene. However, behind the cameras was another story, as Dilireba had “warned” the director and prepared Vengo mentally prior to filming that “he won’t be able to carry” her. While the actor appeared undaunted by the “challenge”, he had to exert much of his physical strength once the cameras started rolling so as to make the scene appear romantic. Seemingly snapped of energy after that, he admitted “All the perspiration’s out after applying so much energy.”

Dilireba’s Growling Stomach Causes Outtakes

The same scene ended with Song Xuanren and Xiaojiu’s interactions in her room. With the latter having finished her drink, Song Xuanren gazes intently at Xiaojiu and tells her gently, “No matter who held your thoughts before this, from now on the only person that can be in your heart is me. Let me stay tonight, alright?” He proceeded to kiss and undress her shirt collar, leaving actress Dilireba’s cheeks flushed red.

In a separate kissing scene, Vengo had immersed himself in the romantic vibes required, but Dilireba got distracted by the sounds of her own growling stomach, resulting in a no-good take and causing those on set to burst out laughing.

Known for being a food lover, 27-year-old Dilireba often brings along a huge bundle of snacks to the filming set, with her food-loving habits even earning her the reputation of “Fat Di” (胖迪).

Besides airing in China, Eternal Love of Dream is also available to Hong Kong viewers in both paid and free versions on the ViuTV platform.

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  1. The paragraph about the mortal realm arc is pretty wrong in this article. Dijun’s mortal self doesn’t remember his past life, but Feng Jiu knows who she is and is trying to help Dijun complete his calamity. Emperor Song doesn’t expose she’s dressing up as a boy, she exposes herself because she knows she needs to become his romantic interest in this life.
    The BTS is particularly funny because back in Eternal love, there was a BTS where Vengo couldn’t pick up Reba, or was struggling to. So history has hilariously repeated itself

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