Amy Yip’s Boyfriend of 26 Years Passes Away

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Amy Yip’s Boyfriend of 26 Years Passes Away

Recognized for her iconic performances in Category III films, 53-year-old Amy Yip (葉子楣) was one of the leading sex symbols of Hong Kong cinema in the early 1990s. Known for her unusually voluptuous figure, Amy attracted many suitors. In 1992, she began dating orthopedic surgeon, Lu Yizhao (呂鍚照), and acknowledged their relationship publicly. In 1997, she retired from the entertainment industry at only 32 years old. Though she was often spotted and noted to still look extremely fit for her age, Amy has adamantly rejected the idea of making a comeback and stressed her desire to maintain a more quiet and carefree lifestyle

Since 1992, the couple have been together for nearly 26 years. However, it was reported that due to his previously failed marriage, Lu Yizhao did not want to remarry. The couple continued to cohabit, but viewed one another as lifetime partners. Since Amy doesn’t want children, they decided not to have children.

Recently, it was reported that her longtime boyfriend has passed away. Lu Yizhao suffered from cardiovascular disease for several years. While on a flight to the United States last November, he suffered from a heart attack and died. His son from his previous marriage confirmed the news of his death. However, Amy has not yet responded to the matter.

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      She must be in great pain….

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      sounds like they had a great relationship. they say it’s hard to find a good relationship in entertainment but i say, it’s just simply hard to find a good relationship.

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