Andrew Yuen Postpones Wedding With Girlfriend of 7 Years

After actor Andrew Yuen‘s (袁文傑) popularity skyrocketed following the broadcast of his drama My Unfair Lady <不懂撒娇的女人> in 2017, he announced he would be wedding his longtime girlfriend Jackeline Cheung (張潔蓮) by the end of 2018. Although his career looked bright and his love life was going well, a series of unfortunate events led to the indefinite postponement of their wedding.

On top of his beloved cat being diagnosed with lymphoma, his mom suddenly passed away from an illness in late October, putting the pair’s plans on hold. Originally set to register their marriage and hold their banquet on December 15th of last year, they had to cancel the celebration and scratch their idea of taking wedding pictures in Europe. However, Andrew said, “My girlfriend is very understanding – she didn’t say too much.”

Despite the setback, the pair’s seven-year relationship is still as strong as glue, and they already act like a married couple. The six-foot-two actor gives most of his income to Jackeline, allowing her to hold the financial power in the relationship, and giving off a “warm man” image that is deeply rooted in the hearts of people.

Even Jackeline fell for his charms, the first time she saw him she was instantly attracted by his tall stature and looks of a local “Korean oppa.” At the time, Jackeline was hosting a children’s program at TVB and Andrew was still working at ATV, so she asked her younger sister and Andrew’s colleague, Cherry Cheung (張紫櫻), to be their matchmaker. Cherry showed the actor a picture of her sister and he agreed to a date, successfully starting their relationship.

However, he did not always have such good luck in his personal life and work life. Before he jumped ships to TVB, the “male god” was known as ATV’s number one actor, but his workload was still lacking. For many years, he did not have any representative works and he was not famous. During that time, he was interested in ATV’s 1998 Miss Asia runner up and Miss Photogenic, Michelle Wong (黃敏燁). He put all his efforts into pursuing her but she only regarded him as a low-level admirer. Despite the major blow, the actor has managed to have a fairly smooth-sailing life after joining TVB in 2016.

Source: Eastweek

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