Andrew Yuen Reflects on Mother’s Passing

Actor Andrew Yuen (袁文傑) originally had plans to wed his girlfriend of seven years, Jackeline Cheung (張潔蓮) in 2018, saying that he didn’t want to “keep his family waiting”. However, the recent death of his mother may postpone the couple’s wedding plans.

On November 9, the 47-year-old published a sentimental post on Weibo of his mother’s demise. Posting a black and white photo of his mother carrying him when he was still a toddler, Andrew wrote in a rueful tone, “A photo from nearly a century ago…at that time little brother was still in my mother’s belly. Looking at mom’s old photo makes me emotional. She would have had a much different life if she had taken a different path back then. Once, she could have spent part of her life in England. There was also a talent scout who followed her up to the tram but got rejected politely. After some time, she became pregnant with me. If not for her, I wouldn’t be here today!”

Revealing his mother’s suffering and illness, he wrote, “My mother had been ill since my brother and I were still in primary school. Every time she was taken ill it would be debilitating, but she has never thought of stopping and would always insist on doing things personally.”

Andrew’s mother had suffered a fall two years ago on the streets, and a checkup then revealed a pessimistic prognosis of her illness. Though she received treatment enthusiastically, she didn’t see an improvement in her situation: ”Due to her age, and a fall two years ago, her subsequent checkup gave us some mental preparation about her condition. After that she would sometimes get better, sometimes worse, it turned out to be a downward spiral. Though mother persevered in her treatment, [we’re] uncertain where her treatment went wrong. And now, everything has come to a stop.”

Andrew ponders the life his mother would have had if not for her children, “I knew she had a short but very painful struggle [before her passing]. After having struggled nearly her entire life, she had to face this fate. If it wasn’t for me, [she] might have a very different chapter, and a healthier life.”

Rising into the limelight after My Unfair Lady  <不懂撒娇的女人> was aired last year, Andrew’s foray into the industry started with the fourth TVB actor training class, in which he emerged 6th out of 22 students. He became a model after graduating; and signed on with Asian Television (ATV)  in 1995. Hovering over his girlfriend at 6 feet 2 inches, Andrew is a cat lover who often shares about animals on social media.


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