Andrew Yuen’s Girlfriend Doesn’t Mind Wedding is Postponed Indefinitely

Although Andrew Yuen (袁文傑) and Jackeline Cheung (張潔蓮) were supposed to tie the knot in December 2018, their wedding was indefinitely postponed after the actor’s mother passed away that same year. Dating for nine years, Jackeline does not mind there is no concrete timeframe for their marriage, and is happy as long as they are together.

Meeting at a stage play performance in 2011, the couple started dating six months afterward. Jackeline’s sister Cherry Cheung (張紫櫻) had introduced the couple, since Cherry and Andrew were coworkers when they both worked at ATV. Since Jackeline also worked in the industry, she and Andrew found a lot in common. Participating in Miss Hong Kong 1995, Jackeline subsequently worked at TVB, HKTV, and ATV hosting variety programs.

Complimenting Andrew for being a caring person, Jackeline remembers being constantly reminded to drink enough water and revealed that her eating habits have become significantly healthier because of her boyfriend’s habits.

The couple are very compatible due to both of their easygoing natures, and Andrew loves Jackeline’s kind nature the most. When Andrew’s mother’s health declined, the actor had wanted to get married to fulfill’s his mother’s wish, but she passed away before the wedding plans materialized.

“Andrew’s mother passed away in 2018, and he had a lot of things to take care of at that time. I gave him a lot of space and asked if he needed anything. We were supposed to get married back then, and I even tried on the wedding gowns already. That’s why everything felt twice as sad,” Jackeline recalled.

When the couple came around to discussing their wedding plans again, their pet cat also passed away last August. The series of unfortunate events kept pushing back their wedding plans. Not feeling disappointed, Jackeline expressed that she only wants to be there for Andrew and help him through his grief. “I think what matters most is that two people can happily be with each other. Simplicity is happiness. What will happen will eventually happen.”

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