Andrew Yuen Reveals How He Met Girlfriend of 7 Years

In today’s digital age, where it’s growing increasingly hard to resist the temptation of sharing cute couple photos via social media and openly pronouncing the love for each other by acts of gift giving, actor Andrew Yuen (袁文傑) and his girlfriend of seven years, Jackeline Cheung (張潔蓮) showcase a very different side of dating on Kristal Tin’s (田蕊妮) new talk show, Through Thick and Thin <1+1的深情>.

Having been an ATV artiste previously before signing on with TVB, Andrew gained popularity after appearing on last year’s hit series, My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人>. However, as his popularity grew, Andrew’s private life was brought into spotlight, notably his seven-year relationship with TVB children’s program host, Jackeline Cheung. While their work paths never crossed in the past, the two were actually introduced to each other by Jackeline’s younger sister, who showed Andrew a photo of Jackeline prior to setting them up on a date.

Although the story of how the two met was a little secret, Andrew and Jackeline shyly shared this tidbit during Kristal’s program. However, the most shocking fact shared that night was that Andrew has never bought flowers for his girlfriend in all of the years they dated. Quietly mumbling, Andrew said, “I thought you said you didn’t want any.”

Pretending to be hurt, Jackeline quickly exclaimed, “What, who said I didn’t want them?!”

Coming to Andrew’s rescue, Kristal secretly came up with a plan for Andrew to prepare a surprise for his girlfriend while they were shooting an outdoor scene. While Kristal was making sure Jackeline was not paying attention, Andrew came up behind her and began belting out a lovely ballad to the song “Chase” <追> by Leslie Cheung (張國榮). Initially shocked, Jackeline began tearing up when Andrew brought out a beautiful bouquet of roses – the first in seven years.

After the song, Jackeline smiled, “Normally, if this was just us two, he wouldn’t even think about singing. There were things he would never do usually and to suddenly see him doing them now – it’s definitely very touching.”


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  1. So he never did this the last 7 years and now he’s doing it for the public? He probably would never do it if it wasn’t for the show. It’s the same thing as people who post on social media to let their bf’s, gf’s, spouses, kids, etc…know that they love them and how much they appreciate them can’t leave without them…I mean you see them everyday, probably live in the same house and sleep on the same bed, you can’t tell them directly in their face? Or is it only meaningful if the public know, and your significant others know that the public know?

    1. @kaykay408 yup that’s what I was thinking too when I read to the end. how can anyone think that’s sweet when it’s done for show only? it cheapens the gesture.

  2. I think it is admirable to do sing in front of the camera. For someone who finds it hard to be romantic, it would take a lot out of him to do this in front of a camera and an audience. Recently I have noticed Andrew playing a few extras in the same TVB series in the early 1990s. Didn’t have the looks and was just a beanstalk. No wonder he struggled badly at TVB early on.

    1. @jimmyszeto but he’s an actor. he’s in front of the camera all the time. him ‘acting’ is natural.

      if he did this without filming, just from wanting to express his love for her without the fanfare, THAT is much more sincere than doing it when there’s a camera filming him. he has the extra pressure to ‘look good.’ otherwise, he wouldn’t give a damn.

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