Andy Yang’s Rankings Overpower Yang Mi

Successes in recent dramas have propelled Andy Yang (楊紫) to become one of the top actresses in China. In the latest Power Star rankings, which measure celebrities’ popularity levels through Baidu and social media search trends, Andy overpowered Yang Mi (楊冪) who has consistently been in first place, and even managed to push her and Dilraba Dilmurat (also known as Dilireba 迪麗熱巴) out of the top three spots.

Yang Mi and Dilireba dropped down to fourth and fifth places behind actresses Zanila Zhao (趙麗穎) and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), who came in second and third places respectively.

Similar results are also appearing on other well-known celebrity rankings in which reinforces Andy’s stable status and establishes her as one of the top actresses of the new generation.

Breaking out in the mainstream market with her performance in Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉燼如霜>, Andy continued to reap success with her role in Go Go Squid <親愛的熱愛的>. She received significant love and attention, as reflected in the overall high ratings and the consistent dominance for both dramas. The most recent work of hers, My Mowgli Boy < 我的莫格利男孩> also achieved a large following, with her portrayal of a domineering character creating mass discussions and her CEO outfits becoming the most searched words.

Another factor that contributed to this result is likely because Yang Mi and Dilreba’s recent projects failed to attract viewers. To add on, Andy has also overtaken Yang Mi’s magical disposition of bringing success to male co-stars and boosting their popularity levels.


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  1. So lame, it’s not necessary to be number 1. (I am not any of their fans, so no personal feelings involved, just my honest opinion)

  2. These results are constantly changing every week. When another hit drama comes out, the rankings will change. Very normal in the entertainment industry

    1. @nobooo lol you make it seem like Yang Mi is THE best actress ever Asia. Fun facts she very popular hence why her dramas ( some mediocre) are watched by many. She knows It too which is why

    2. @nobooo she chose to focus on acting rather than her ex married life or spending more time with her daughter cuz one day her popularity will fade and those roles will stop coming.

  3. Not that familiar with China actresses, but no. 2s look seems very girl next door and doesnt seem to hold star power.

  4. Never understand how Andy Yang got so popular. Her beauty is meh, look more plastic surgery than natural beauty, and if someone wants to tell me her face is natural, please check on the articles that mention how her face bloated up and down like she got Botox and recently photo of her entering a plastic surgery place. Her drama might be popular but her acting is meh and I couldn’t finish anything she’s in >_>

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