Artists Remember Sir Run Run Shaw’s Legacy

TVB and Shaw Brothers Film Studio founder Sir Run Run Shaw (邵逸夫) planted the seeds of an eventual entertainment empire that created Hong Kong’s most popular movie exports and groomed many unknowns into international superstars. Working diligently since his teens, Shaw has steadily turned his visions into reality and proved his staying power regardless of wars or a volatile economy. Although his death on January 7, 2014 marked the end of a brilliant life, his legacy will be forever remembered by all who have benefited from his compassion and leadership. Several of Hong Kong’s top artists recalled their fond memories of Uncle Six recently, and revealed the admirable work ethics that led to his success.

Joining TVB in 1971, Liza Wang (汪明荃) quickly rose to stardom and became the living mascot of the TV station. To her however, Shaw is the true symbol of both TVB and the Hong Kong entertainment industry. “I have great respect for Uncle Six; he was the spiritual leader of this industry. He made a lot of contributions to Hong Kong… and has done many charity works to help the needy….”

Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) called Shaw a legend and praised his independent and hard-working attitude. “My impression of Uncle Six is that he was a very hard-working boss. He came into work early and had no hint of arrogance…. Two years ago when he was attending an Anniversary show, everyone came up to assist him down some steps but he pushed us all aside and refused any help.”

As one of the world’s biggest stars, Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) has never forgotten his TVB roots. He sees Shaw as a dedicated business man who did not hesitate to mingle with anyone, regardless of status. “Once he and I attended a foreign film festival together. He surprisingly took the initiative and walked up to me to chat. He was a very kind, very nice man….”

EEG executive Ng Yu (吳雨), who was formerly TVB’s Director of Productions, finds Shaw a rare gem in the entertainment industry. Ng spoke of his appreciation for Shaw’s enthusiasm as well as for his fair treatment towards the behind-the-scenes crew. “He never intervened in creative matters and allowed producers to do as they wished. He would give suggestions. He felt that Justice Bao <包青天> was a good series and proposed its purchase. Even though he was very busy, he still made time every day to sample films and television programs from around the world….”

Angie Chiu (趙雅芝) agrees that Shaw was the perfect boss. Known to study and practice ways to achieve longevity, Shaw would often share health tips with his employees. Angie recalled that the mogul would advise others to take up Qigong and commit to physical exercise. Despite his obsession with health, Shaw was realistic about the effects of his methods. Actress Lam Kin Ming (林建明) once asked him to discuss the benefits of consuming bird’s nest, to which he replied that the bird’s nest has no nourishing value at all and questioned why it is so expensive.

Since news broke of Sir Run Run Shaw’s passing, many current and former TVB artists and employees have flocked to social media to share their condolences and to remember his upstanding character. Even though he may not have had the opportunity to speak to each of them during his lifetime, he would probably find peace in knowing that so many have benefited because of his small acts of kindness. His legacy will be carried on through his impressive library of works, and will remain in the hearts of everyone who had grown up watching him smile from his seat at TVB’s formal events.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I wonder did Sir Run Run ever made any comments when Lydia Shum died?

    Anyway 106 is a loooooooong life and from what I’ve read, a very fruitful life. One would wish for such a life. RIP Sir!

    1. How old are you honestly? because you still quite ignorant on real life and about chinese culture,chinese way of doing business and so on. Have you watch this video?
      If havent then watch all of it and if you are smart then you can know why TVB can stay strong until now and forever.
      Honestly you are still so ignorant typing about what what competition,quality and that. DUH! Still alot more you have to learnt. Doing business especially for chinese, not everything about money. Dont think if you have money then you can create chaos into the industry. Sore loser like HKTV ricky and you dont dream on. TVB will stay forever and EVER!

      1. Wow, another big and die hard TVB fan. It is ok to be a fan but there is no need to put Ricky, HKTV or anyone else or any other station down. TVB will stay but whether they are going to stay in the top or remain successful or not is a different story,especially when the 2 other new stations that got their license emerge.

      2. I mean for the cantanose drama industry another Mr.Ignorant. Duh! Sure TVB will remain top even until the day you die. Wanna bet? Sure you not dare.

      3. @Hetieshou
        Hehe, btw dun sad ah Sore loser like yHKTV ricky and you became a loser and trying to create chaos and beat TVB. Losers are always a loser. There is only winner or loser in this world. No aint in between.

      4. Boy you are soooo close mixed and disillusional. I guess everyone should let you live in that little world of yours because you cannot handle the real world.

      5. Meant to say close minded.. Time will tell what the future holds for TVB or any company. Do nit act like you can predict the future.

      6. Mr Ignorant only you are living in denial and thinking TVB will not remain successful until you die. But its ok sore loser like you where dare to make a bet.Not that i can predict future just that smarter than your ignorant brain. Let wait till the day you die we will know it. Dun cry a river if until the day you die also TVB can remain so successful. ^^

      7. You really need to watch your dirty mouth before you get you butt kicked out of here!

      8. Lol, you cannot able to cover up ur no brainer unless tvb can become not successful before you are dead.haha

  2. Sir Run Run chose this unusual name because he used to run alot during the producing & distributing the asian movies to cinemas in asia (singapore, malaysia etc).. and no wonder this name has keep him so healthy until 106 …so blessed

    1. That’s not true. Run Run is an English translation of his original Chinese name Ren Leng. It was addressed in the TV tribute for him. All his brothers have the “Run” in their English names as well.

  3. Although it is always sad to hear of people passing away, people should see the light in his passing, as he truly lived a great life and no doubt made history. His great work and efforts still remains and although physically he’s no longer present, Ii’m sure he continues to live on in many people’s memories & hearts!

    It’s so nice to see many former and current tvb artists and staff sending their blessings on social media/interviews etc. and from every status level in the entertainment industry, sharing their pictures taken with him and of their encounter experiences with Shaw. Shaw was definitely one very respected figure! REST IN PEACE.

    1. TVB’s special retrospective on Uncle Six was pretty well done. My mom and I were watching it together and it definitely brought back alot of memories of the Shaw Brothers era for her (and alot of memories of early TVB for me). Uncle Six was an amazing man no doubt and absolutely deserves all the respect he has gotten…his legacy will definitely continue to live on.

    2. Thanks. I were touched watching it. TVB forever and EVER!

  4. RIP Sir Run Run. Hong Kong cinema/entertainment won’t be the same without you. your hard work and talent will definitely be treasured.

  5. can anyone tell me who is the old lady who at the end of every grand TVB anniversary events, she will always at the end be called up the stage to pour champagne? she is not Fong Yat Wa…who is she? she looks like a rich stern woman in age of 70s…. I always wonder who she is

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