Carol Cheng Comforts Yoyo Chen for Faring Poorly on “Top Sales”

New to online selling, Yoyo performed below par and broke down.

Impressing viewers with her voice acting and winning the champion title in Dub of War <好聲好戲> , actress Yoyo Chen’s (陳自瑤) popularity spiked after the program. However, the actress failed to replicate the same outstanding performance when invited by TVB Chief Creative Officer Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) recently on new variety program Top Sales <識貨>, and teared up backstage after criticism from the judges.

Critiqued for Poor Performance

A new elimination-format reality show inspired by the popularity of online live selling, Top Sales challenges eight artistes to sell products on the program, after which the judging panel would comment on their performances.

As it was her first such attempt, Yoyo fared poorly. Unfamiliar with how to push products since she has no previous experience, Yoyo later complained that she had not known what tasks she would be given until she went on air. “I didn’t know anything. It was impromptu, and really not easy,” She laughingly added, “After knowing what I had to do, I wondered if I had been ‘cheated’ by accepting this job?”

Harshly criticized by judges, Yoyo got emotional and broke down about what she felt was a poor attempt during a backstage interview. “I didn’t feel like such a failure even when acting.

Seeing her unhappiness, veteran host Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) started consoling her and lent her support.  Carol said that being pinpointed by judges for an impromptu performance is not easy to handle. After a frustrated scream, Yoyo quickly got the better of her emotions and added that she believed she can overcome the online selling obstacles, as the two encouraged and affirmed themselves that “pretty women can do it.”

Netizens left encouraging comments for the actress. “Yoyo is a serious worker, and has standards for herself. That’s worthy of our support! Maybe she can treat it as a game show and just have fun as usual.” Another said, “Don’t cry–you can do it. Just be natural and we will definitely support you as women!”

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  1. This is where tvb fails at managing their artistes and just throws them into the lake. Hello???? Yoyo is an actor and celebrity, not a salesperson. Why should she go on some random show and try and impress judges for selling things… Makes no sense at all. Feels bad for Yoyo.

  2. I’m not sure how you can throw someone into something unprepared and expect them to do well. It’s then a pretty low blow to criticize them for something they were neither informed of or prepared for. It’s just a public setup.

    1. @tatsumakijim
      Exactly and there is why these shows are meaningless… it reminds me of throwing scripts on the actors on the filming day and telling them to memorize it on the spot. How is that even possible?

  3. What a joke of a program. Artists either are very trusting or can’t say no to invitations to appear on these shows. Maybe Yoyo will now get all particulars of the next job before accepting it.

  4. Is this another Wong Cho Lam reality show he created??? Agreed, to all the posts above as well ^^^ What a crap show it is. I’ve actually seen Yoyo’s fb posts of stuff she promotes and she’s totally fine when prepped. Most real life sales people have to do their hw before selling the stuff too…

  5. Let’s create a new star by awarding a winner of dubbing competition and then destroy her immediately by throwing her into another random reality show straight afterwards! ‘Wong Cho Lam’

  6. Didn’t watch this variety program since it does not appeal to me. Some variety programs set out to entertain viewers because it is funny, some educational, some with the purpose of seeking talent, etc. What is this trying to achieve? Encourage/train their artists to have an extra income?
    They should have season 2 of Dub of War rather than Top Sales which seems so meaningless.

  7. What kind of garbage show is this lmao, what’s even remotely interesting in actors trying to sell things like those crappy GO SHOP???

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