Bangkok’s Tavee Meeasang Wins Miss Friendship for MCI 2019

The swimsuit segment and Miss Friendship selection for 2019’s Miss Chinese International Pageant was held on March 1, 2019, with #1 Tavee Meeasang (鄭子怡) from Bangkok, Thailand taking home the Miss Friendship honor.

The 24-year-old told reporters that he was born in 1994, which was also the year Saesim Pornapa Sui (沈玉翎) became the first Bangkok representative to win the Miss Chinese International title. She was the inspiration that drove Tavee to audition for the pageant.

Tavee is an experienced news anchor, having covered a variety of different subjects for various television stations in the past eight years. Fit, friendly, and kind, the happy-go-lucky Tavee is the ideal winner for Miss Friendship. There has been some talk that Tavee had underwent plastic surgery, in particular her nose. When drilled with the question, the Thai news anchor merely said, “Secret! Hahaha!”

It’s a competitive race for Miss Chinese International this year. Although #5 Hera Chan (陳曉華) from Hong Kong—also 2018’s Miss Hong Kong winner—remains to be a hot favorite, #4 Stephanie Wang (王慧緩) from Hawaii, USA is a shining star. The Miss Vitality winner stood out during the swimsuit segment with her athletic built. #6 Javane Phang (彭嘉伊) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is also a hot favorite to win.

The 2019 Miss Chinese International Pageant finals will be held on Saturday, March 2nd.

Check out the 19 contestants below!

#1 Tavee Meeasang (鄭子怡), Miss Friendship, from Bangkok, Thailand

#2 Joanne Thai (蔡麗欣), Most Liked Talent Award, from Brisbane, Australia

#3 Ida Duan (段薏丹) from Chicago, USA

#4 Stephanie Wang (王慧媛), Miss Vitality, from Hawaii, USA

#5 Hera Chan (陳曉華), Miss Hong Kong

#6 Jovane Phang (彭嘉伊), from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#7 Lucy Nisuda (妮素達) from Laos

#8 Lisa He (賀灕灑) from London, UK

#9 Catherine Liang (梁瀅) from Los Angeles, USA

#10 Kitty Huang (黃夢晴) from Meizhou, China

#11 Finola Xie (謝曉穎), Miss Fit Figure, from Melbourne, Australia

#12 Ivy Hu (胡楠青) from Montreal, Canada

#13 Gina Wu (吳雅珠) from New York City, USA

#14 Maggie Huang (黃翠金) from San Francisco, USA

#15 Michelle Poa (潘明璇) from Singapore

#16 Sylva Zhu (朱彥雙) from Sydney, Australia

#17 Morgane Yeung (楊美麗) from Tahiti

#18 Summer Yang (楊昳譞) from Toronto, Canada

#19 Alice Lin (林昀佳) from Vancouver, Canada

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  1. Watched it live on tv and IMO I find most of the contestants gave a boring or mediocre performance in talent round, but one particularly stood out which is New York with her poise and smile when she did the fan dance and followed by Tahiti. NY interview answer was good too, I find the other contestants gave quite silly answers or not relevant answers to the questions. Vancouver gave the most stupid answer.

    Also i find the 3 host is such a mess.

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