[Breakup Files] Benjamin Yuen and Jennifer Shum Break Up

Despite the marriage rumors, A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> star Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) announced on social media that he has broken up with his girlfriend of three years, Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢).

Benjamin and the 2012 Miss Photogenic winner started their romance sometime around 2014, and confirmed their relationship in August 2015. Benjamin reportedly told his friends that he saw Jennifer as a marriage partner, and planned on marrying her in about two to three years.

But that plan didn’t go through. Benjamin had to put his private life aside after hitting big with this year’s A Fist Within Four Walls. Even Jennifer said she wouldn’t mind waiting for Benjamin, saying that his career came first.

It was, nonetheless, a shock when the couple announced their split through social media this past weekend. Their announcements came only a few days after sharing a selfie they took with close friend Tracy Chu (朱千雪), who recently had her graduate school commencement.

In a statement posted on Weibo, Benjamin said, “I think back to October 2013, a simple ’happy birthday’ got us to know each other, and we immediately clicked. But both of our careers are on the screen, and she didn’t want to affect my career, so we tried to keep a low profile […] The many months of separating and reuniting again gave us both a great deal of pain, and I couldn’t give her the trust and hope she wanted. That is why we’ve decided to part ways! I hope our friends can give us some space. I hope you (Jennifer Shum) can find the ideal partner of your heart. Wish you health, and happiness forever.”

Jennifer gave a much shorter response on Instagram, saying, “The most important thing in a relationship is trust and security. If these things no longer exist, [I] don’t know how it can be maintained. [I’ve] made a decision today, and although it is not the most ideal ending, it is something that must be faced…” Jennifer then unfollowed Benjamin on Instagram.

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Oh gosh! Thats shocking news!!!! They seemed like such a lovely couple. Really thought they were in a stable relationship and would be the next to get married! Shame it didnt work out between them.

    From Ben’s statement that he “could not give her the trust and hope she wanted” it seems that Jennifer has had insecurity issues with their relationship. I guess she has every right to be since he’s so handsome, smart, charismatic, etc. any girl can easily fall for him. He’s so well liked by everyone.

    But nevertheless she seems to be quite upset to have unfollowed Ben on her instagram and I’ve noticed she’s deleted all her photos of Ben in her instagram account (she missed 1 pic) whereas Ben still has some photos of them together in his instagram account.

    I think no matter what, they will eventually find their true love, it just wasnt meant to be! Sigh…………

    1. @shimmerstars Ehh Ben is alright. He’s decent looking, but can’t vouch for his acting skills.

      But this is quite a shock still. They did appear to be in a very loving, stable relationship.

      I took stock of what both parties stated with their public announcement. Looks like Jennifer couldn’t trust Benjamin. And he seems content in that case to let her go.

      Sorry, but if I told my partner that I don’t feel like secure or trusting of him, I fully expect him to put more effort into making me feel at ease. If he decides that that’s grounds for a break up, then that tells me more about how much he values this relationship and my own insecurities. He even says he wishes her the best & to find a more compatible partner in the future – that is definitely not something someone who is in love would say!

      1. @coralie Correct. Seems Ben also gets bored of her. The rest are just excuses. If he really cares about her, there are so many things to build up confidence and sense of securities. And in this era, no one really cares if you are single or attached. You still can be popular as an actor.

    2. @shimmerstars Ben is only alright to me.. he doesn’t do anything for me.

      but this is a shocker as really thought they had a stable relationship. Still young..just need to move on.

      1. @happybi
        For me either. He’s always been average, acting or looks wise. Still didn’t get the hype w/that fistful series I only like Phillip Ng and Moon Lau in there and Grace Chan of course. Honestly, I don’t even know who this girl is except for Ms. HK. Has she been in any series?

    3. @shimmerstars It is shocking. Both of them were happy together at Tracy’s graduation, which was a few days ago.

      From Jennifer’s response, it is not the ending that she wants. There are insecurity and trust problems, but Ben isn’t fighting for her. His career is on the rise though.

  2. based on what jennifer mentioned, it seems like benjamin’s rising star as 牙佬 became so popular that jennifer lost a sense of security. his role is very well liked by girls as he is a hero. it’s so sad when they were so happy before this drama.

    1. @janet72

      If they were happy just a few days ago then something may have triggered this insecurity. And I don’t think it’s just because he got more popular. She must have seen something that made her not trust him. Eg. An overly friendly text message from a female.

      It’s sad that he chose to let her go and not try to work things out. It shows that she loves him more than he loves her.

      Hope she can find happiness soon.

      1. @1nit they could have put on a show during Tracy’s graduation. But it’s sad that he didn’t put in any effort to assure her when they see each other as marriage partners.
        if this is the case, then it’s better to let go now that wait till after getting married.

  3. I am quite shock but i shouldnt be as some celebrities get famous and break up with the other half.

  4. The sad truth is that Ben has grown tired of her and is unwilling to give up the forest for a tree. Women sadly are always on the losing end when a relationship ends while the men simply move on to the next (greener) pasture. He sounds like a jerk and it’s a good thing they broke up now than after marriage.

  5. I don’t think it’s that shocking to me dated for 3 years? It’s just like beginning I mean look at Linda, Myolie and Shirley this ladies are more shocking dated for a very long time then they all suddenly announced break up. Especially Linda she’s the shocking one. The good thing is Jennifer she’s not pregnant so they have nothing to worry about. I don’t know it’s me or what but I think Jennifer looked older then Benjamin.

  6. You guys make it sound like every relationship is expected to last. Fact of the matter is, people break up all the time. They tried it for 3 years, and it didn’t work out, so they broke up amicably. There doesn’t always have to be a good guy and a bad guy in the breakup. Both parties were probably looking for different things.

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