Bernice Liu On Dealing With Rough Times

Winner of the 2001 Miss Chinese International pageant, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), is well-known for her relationships with Hawick Lau (劉愷威), Moses Chan (陳豪) and Alastair Lam (林忠豪). Rumored to have dumped Moses for the rich businessman, Alastair, Bernice faced constant negative gossip for a long time. Through a recent interview, she recalled her troubled days and spoke up for herself.

Two years ago, Bernice suffered an injury in her back while filming for Show Me the Happy <依家有喜> and had to immediately undergo a major surgery. While Bernice was recovering in the hospital, she also had to constantly deal with negative rumors. Bernice admitted she had felt unjust at the time. “My parents flew to Hong Kong to see me, and did not let me read the news. Many of the reports were fabricated and I couldn’t do anything about them.” Asked why reporters wrote about her that way, Bernice replied, “Because I left [TVB] and did not sign a contract!”

When the negative tabloids continued, Bernice filed a legal letter to issue a complaint. “Everyone has a bottom line. After I filed the letter, the words they used in the articles were less harsh.” With her body injured and career unstable, times were rough for Bernice. “During that time, I really saw through. I knew who my true friends were. In the past, my career was always a priority and I thought my family would accommodate me every time. Now I have learned to position myself. Career is not unimportant, but I won’t be giving it my all like before.”

In terms of how Bernice was rumored to have dumped Moses for money, she said, “I thought it was very odd when our breakup was suddenly made public. Even people on the streets were thinking, ‘What? When had they admitted dating in the first place?’ In 2008, the media already announced that we broke up, so I don’t know why they brought back the topic in 2011. What value does it have? Who did it? I think the world is very odd! Good thing I have God by my side.”

Commenting on rumors that she was a gold digger, Bernice said, “To me, I don’t think I am! I don’t need to do that; I know how many [assets] I have on hand. In my second year in Hong Kong, I’ve already purchased an apartment.”

When Moses and Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) marriage was announced, many netizens wrote offensive comments towards Bernice, stating that it was her loss. “I didn’t see those comments. Netizens from mainland China are quite different. The comments I saw were nicely written!” Bernice further exclaimed that she would not feel awkward around Moses in the future, because they are still friends. “I can do it, but I don’t know if he can.”

While in mainland, Bernice said that she has not run into ex-boyfriend, Hawick Lau. Asked if she currently has pursuers, Bernice admitted she does. “I don’t think I should be too anxious right now. I’m not that young anymore, and I really love children. But [relationships] are not to be treated anxiously.” In the future when Bernice does find her Mr. Right, she expressed she will make it public once it is stable.

Currently, Bernice spends nine months filming in mainland China each year. Asked if she is tedious with her schedule, Bernice replied, “When I first started, I was really nervous, because I have a sensitive digestive system. It’s getting a lot better now. I’ve experienced snowing weather as well as extreme heat.” Bernice revealed that although she possesses a Hong Kong ID, she is not a permanent resident. “I haven’t been in Hong Kong before 1997, and so I can not apply for a Home Return Permit.”

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  1. Wow, I did not recognize her in that picture above. She must have at least done something to her jaw, if not the rest of her face. And LOL at her not-so-subtle jab at Moses. Neither of them admitted dating, but it was basically an open secret just like Myolie and Bosco.

    1. I also could not recognize Bernice in that picture.

      If you click in the article, the pictures of her don’t look as different.

      She lost a little weight and looks a little older than before. I miss her VOH look the most 🙁

    2. There was an article on Jayne’s website some time ago regarding “Bernice Liu Accused of Plastic Surgery to Slim Jaw Line”. This explains why Bernice looks different in the above photo.

    3. Yes, sadly, Bernice no longer looks like Bernice.. 🙁

  2. ” Bernice further exclaimed that she would not feel awkward around Moses in the future, because they are still friends. “I can do it, but I don’t know if he can.” ”

    This does not sound like they are still friends. lol

      1. If Bernice’s breakup with Moses was done mutually by both parties, there is no reason why we have to hate Moses. Dating is not something which should last forever.

      2. oh not about this dating.
        I just dont like him in general for no reason.
        So you dont have to hate him, just me not liking him ;).

      3. Sorry, sophia. I misunderstood you.

        It just seems that a lot of people hate Moses Chan because of his breakup with Bernice Liu and the quick hook-up with Aimee Chan. As a result, lots of people hate Moses and in particular Aimee.

      4. Not just with dating but even marriage is not a guarantee for life. You can love someone one moment but hate them the next.

      5. I don’t like Moses acting, but he sees to treat Aimee Chan sweetly.

      6. No problem sandcherry. I think Aimee Chan is very pretty has nice legs. And I really like Bernice.

    1. It doesn’t seem that she and Moses are still friends.

  3. Funny how when most people read about celebs all they seem to notice or care about is their appearance and whether or not they had surgery. I mean I don’t see the big deal, it’s not something that should be frowned upon. Maybe just me but i pay more attention to the material instead of apperance. Look at what happened to Joey, out of the circle for years and still gets judged for her looks.

    On the other hand it’s great to see Bernice rising again, I quite liked her in a couple of her series.

    1. joey was rumoured returning to hk for testing water for her comeback but her testing water visit backfired when her people criticized she hasn’t aged gracefully and may have had obvious knife work on her face.

      1. Like you said these are just rumors so therefore only speculations. All her other pictures looked natural, those couple ones were just a bad picture. Nothing is wrong with her, she just went there to visit and still everyone can’t give her a break. It’s no wonder she left in the first place.

    1. She does and I think she had some jaw surgery or something because her face shape/structure looks really different from before.

      1. Can u tell me which celebrity does not have plastic surgerie”s”/injection”s” on her face?

      2. bernie looks as natural as serena li. They both have very minimal plastic surgeries…..

      3. I still feel there are a number of them that have not had any plastic surgery. But of course they are in the minority. It does not matter if they do, but what I hate most is that they still lie through their teeth even when it is sooo obvious… What do they think we are, blind and stupid???

  4. I seriously think she shaved her jaws… there is absolutely no possibility that her jaws slim in that shape and form due to weight loss.

    1. so painful…

      and i’ve heard that your jaw would more vulnerable after such treatment.

      1. Of course since jaw surgery is one of the most major kinds of PS that you can do. Another is the nose…

  5. think she shaved her jaws too. most probably. because her jawline makes her look too different!

  6. I didn’t know/had forgotten that Hawick and Bernice dated in the past. Must have been during VOH, they had a good rapport.

    Don’t understand why stans have to be such witches. Good for your idol that he got married so why do you have to drag his ex into it?!

    1. I think so too… Before, all we see of her is kind of not fat but just meaty you know but above whatever it is she did, she looks slimmer and prettier. The media always brings up old stories, the dude is married now leave her alone. haha
      wow, she really dated Hawick Lau?? all along I thought it was just a rumor?

      1. Harwick Lau helped Bernice a lot in acting and in particular Cantonese. They dated for a while.

    2. I actually thought she was prettier before the surgery. She had a distinct look and a pretty smile. Now, she’s like thousands of other girls…:(

      1. I agree!! Now she is starting to look like those Korean actresses that all have the same type of look.She has lost her uniqueness…

  7. Omygosh is that really Bernice??? What did she do she looks so much beta before

  8. Not sure if she did PS, but she lost a lot of fats on her face, which changed her looks. So many artists experienced that. Her jaw is just more defined now.

    1. fat loss my foot. what kind of ‘fat loss’ can change a square shaped jaw bone to a thin oval one?

      1. Apparently, YOU do not know everything.

        I know people whose jaws are more defined after wearing braces due to the loss in weight. So, it is possible.

      2. apparently you’re saying someone’s jawbone structure can shrink after weight loss? i’m more inclined to believe on the jaw shaving theory 😛

      3. You ever heard of triple chins and such? You don’t really see their jaws ya know. But after they lose weight. Ugh there is the jaw. Must be magic to you.

      4. you saying bernice has triple chin before? really she was indeed bigger size than average hk artiste but her jaw has always been defined as squarish shape why now after long time silence she suddenly comes out with much thinner and more oval like jaw?

      5. Ugh anyone with a clear mind knows I was not saying Bernice has triple chins. I was giving you an example as to how you came up with all that, you have a great imagination. And you clearly still can’t comprehend the English language so therefore… Ima just let you be 🙂

  9. I could only say it’s destiny between Bernice & Moses. It might be a blessings in disguise for Bernice. Who knows she might be meeting a better guy later.

    1. agree. it also let bernice see moses true colours and how he wouldn’t stick out for her when she was in trouble with the untrue allegations from the press. all moses did was keep silent and play innocent victim possibly instructed by tvb since bernice no longer tvb fanily. bernice did seem to forgive the instance but hinted that the event let her show who are her true friends. if moses was true to her, even when they have broken up for years and has no relation, he could’ve stepped forward and just deny all the accusations at bernice as a human being to another human being and and a gentleman to a hurt woman! but guess tvb has the stronger pull and has his money.

      1. “I can do it, but I don’t know if he can.” deep meaning bernice.

      2. one of the reason i dont like him. And I just dont like him in general. He just cant act.

      3. have to agree that he can’t act. and despise him for play puppy eyes and sad face when bernice was unable to defend herself from hk press. a good ex and good man won’t be that selfish and just let someone he used to date drown in trouble

  10. LOL to those comments that losing Moses is a big loss to Bernice … Moses is not that good of a catch … Bernice will find someone much worthy

    1. omg totally agree. I guess he has $$$. Money is very important but not EVERYTHING.

    2. agree. how he reacted and play victim while bernice was being framed by hk press gives himself away. no loss to bernice

      1. yeah I used to like him a little bit when he wasn’t famous. He is someone who is very fake to me. And no i don’t know him but thats how I feel. He acts/pretends to be easy going, acts dumb like dont know anything, always smile and stuff but he is super smart. He is TVB king isnt he?

    1. she is westernized chinese no? born and raise in canada.

  11. Probably injections. I seriously dont see people lining up to get their bones popped, cracked and molded and repeatedly doing that to keep it in form… sounds painful.

    1. I am sure something must have done to Bernice’s jaws to make it less square. Plastic surgery techniques are so advanced now. Perhaps it can be done easily without any trimming.

      1. I have been told no matter which technique they use, there is still some kind of pain ranging from mild to extreme depending on the person’s sensitivity. When there is pain it also comes with danger. I mean… you know those lasik hair removal things.. yeah those things hurt too. It feels like a flaming rubber band snapping at you. And that lasik thing is only for the skin. Imagine plastic surgery with all those tools on your delicate face (those tiny bones) Yeah, I just don’t think every artist waits in line for those things. I do believe in injections though since they seem to be the LEAST painful, sound wise.

  12. She just looks really thin to me. It’s noticeable in her neck, shoulder and one arm that’s showing. Even her eyes look bigger. Weight loss is not impossible, especially the dramatic kind that only comes with aging and losing one’s youth. I mean she still looks young, but much more mature than before.

    1. her face structure changed. not just weight loss. possibly plastic surgery

  13. Seriously, I start to feel bored what we call “a good friend after break-up” ^_^ hahaha whether it does happen or not, they will always say they are still in good terms/good friends/..

  14. sorry,y’all but I have never really liked Bernice’s acting..she reminds me of a high play where most acting are quite contrite.
    When she left Moses for Alastair,I grew prejudiced against her. The news then was that Moses was heartbroken. He didn’t even know that she was 2-timing him..
    A very happy that he found hs true happiness with Aimee.

    1. News now is quite different… she was ill and couldn’t defend herself back then. She’s come out to give her side of the story now, and Moses has always refused to say anything one way or another. Who is telling the truth? No one knows for sure…

      1. moses never bothered to explain anything about bernice and remain tight lipped and play victim while bernice was unable to defend herself. until now when bernice come out to defend herself, moses still remain tight lipped. no wonder bernice said she knew who are her real friends during the ordeal.

    2. Agree. At least Moses did not say anything bad about Bernice, from beginning to end. Do you expect Moses to defend her if she dated Alastair when she was still with Moses?

      1. The way I see Moses is that he was such a nice gentleman and did not say anything bad about Bernice even he was heartbroken. He waited until Bernice disclosed the truth about their relationship. He did not date any girl while people still thought they were together. He was a very nice guy.

      2. The relationship was already long dead before that… she never two timed him. Moses never said anything because he decided to play the victim to garner points with netizens.

        He was public about his relationship with Bernice, always denying. Bernice was very popular as well, and he didn’t want the netizens to dislike him for dumping her… so they kept quiet about the breakup.

        When she started seeing someone else, he used that to promote himself as the unluckly lover.

        How different Moses has been with Aimee this time around… very public etc. An interesting change no?

        I’ve read the interviews from Bernice and others around her and I actually believe Bernice’s side of things. Moses has never said anything to discredit her, maybe because he doesn’t want to lie as too many people know the truth.

        I like both of them, Moses is one of my favourite actors tbh (more so in comedic roles :P), and I think he’s not the type of guy to lie to the public, which is why he keeps silent on the whole Bernice affair. Better to keep people guessing 🙂

        That said, I am glad Moses has found Aimee as they really seem genuinely in love. It’s a shame Aimee has been attacked so much by netizens for her relationship with Moses though. I’m glad he’s stood beside her – hope they have a happy future with their children.

      3. Sorry – BIG error in the second paragraph above – it should be “he was NEVER public”

  15. Her star status is very low, wont even recognized in the next 1 to 3 years. She needs a jump start in her career FAST!

    1. ” wont even recognized in the next 1 to 3 years.”

      If what you’re saying is true, then why was Bernice Liu awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal? Now, this medal was awarded to those Canadians who were nominated and “is to “honour SIGNIFICANT contributions and achievements by Canadians”. And when my friend was in new york state, one of the stores in Chinatown, NYC had her poster and she also had a meet&greet as well. And according to her personal website, she was inducted to France’s Commanderie du Bontemps and she passed wset levels 1, 2, & 3.

      with all these achievements, I wouldn’t say her status is very low, but not as great/overwhelming as the other fadans in TVB.

      1. I was surprised to learn that Bernice Liu was awarded Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. I thought Linda Chung would deserve it more due to her popularity. Well, anyway, I don’t know the guidelines for a person to get that kind of award.

        Does anyone know?

      2. Her function at NYC Chinatown jewelery store was 50-75 people, it was very small crowd.

        She is not making money on huge endorsements few years back. She is not in the news that often.

      3. Her function at NYC Chinatown jewelery store was 50-75 people, it was very small crowd.

        She is not making money on huge endorsements few years back. She is not in the news that often.

        ^ was her function well-publicized? If it wasn’t, then of course it won’t be a large crowd. ._. The only poster that had that info was at that store in Chinatown (according to my friend)..

        “She is not in the news that often.”.. as in being reported on? or as a spokeperson?

      4. No. Just Posters. Not even highly publicizes if she is on TVB.

        Im saying I dont see her on TV ads in Hong Kong anymore, very little news on the entertainment front. She is a low status years now.

      5. If it’s just posters, the number of people showing up won’t be that big. And as for tv ads, well I wouldn’t know that since I don’t live in Asia (thank goodness I don’t) nor watch tv. But it seems that Bernice Liu doesn’t mind and that she enjoys her current life instead of being chased down by hk paparazzi..
        And when she is in the news, it’s usually about her dating this person.. :3

      6. Bernice Liu did make good money when she was in a relationship with Moses Chan. She was reported as the 2nd highest paid actress in TVB, due to endorsements, shows, promotions, etc., just after Charmaine Sheh.

      7. Oh wow great good for her !!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats !!!!!!!!

  16. Bernice Liu only got more popular after her relationship with Mose Chan, and she got highly promoted by TVB thereafter. She made a lot of money by attending promotions and shows with Moses Chan as a couple. She knew that she would have to give up all these opportunities if she told the media the truth right after the breakup.

    1. Haha you and me usually agree on most things but this one. You are Team Moses. I am Team Bernice. Haha.

      1. I used to like Bernice, until I learned more about her taking Moses as her “spare” choice.

        Anyway I prefer Aimee to Bernice as Moses’ wife. Bernice has a very strong personality and is too self-centred while Aimee is very sweet and good to Moses Chan. As a matter of fact, I did not like Moses in most of his roles, especially in those comedic ones.

        I like him as a person more than as an actor.

    2. Check your facts. Bernice was already popular with her Princess role in VOH. I don’t think Moses was as popular in the same year (2002/2003). So stop saying that Bernice was heavily promoted after they started dating.

      1. Bernice was popular as a newbie (a CBC acting an ancient Princess’s role which was something new to the audience) only in VOH, not as a actress.

        Bernice Liu got her first awards in “Love Bond” — Astro Drama Awards for My Favourite Character and Astro Drama Awards for My Favourite Couple (shared with Moses Chan). She never got any TVB awards.

        Moses Chan was awarded by TVB:
        2002: 「Most Improved Actor 」(Where the Legend Begins – Chou Pei)
        2004: 「Favourite Character」(War and Beauty – Kong Wu)
        2007: 「Most Favourite Male Character in Drama」(Heart of Greed – Tong Chi On/ Dak Dak Dei)
        2007: 「Best Actor in a Leading Role」(Heart of Greed – Tong Chi On/ Dak Dak Dei)
        2010: 「Best Performance of the Year」

        From the above information, we can easily tell who is more popular.

      2. I found the above information on their awards from Wikipedia. However, when I tried to search more detailed information regarding Astro awards winners from 2005 to 2006, I could not find Bernice’s name. “Love Bond” was aired in Hong Kong in 2005. Does anyone know the exact details?

      3. @sandcherry

        Well, I certainly don’t think awards are accurate measures of artistes’ popularity, especially TVB awards. And no, she got popular after VOH because till today many remember her as “princess” more than her character in Love Bond. IMO VOH was a hit and that helped her a great deal on the popularity scale.

      4. She impressed people in VOH because of her CBC’s Cantonese only, plus she was a brand new actress who could not speak Cantonese but had to act an ancient drama series.

      5. Well, Bernice Liu is not a bad actress. Her Cantonese has improved so much over the years. I am sure that she worked very hard on it.

    3. Bernice has always been popular since her debut, Moses took years to achieve the status he has today.

    4. Bernice got popular after the airing of “Love Bond” 心花放, and Moses was her co-star in this drama series. “Virtues of Harmony” was only a sitcom, debuts for Bernice Liu. Her acting was very green and her Cantonese was funny in VOH I and II.

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