BLACKPINK Jennie’s Bathtub Photo Reportedly Leaked by Hacker

Fans are concerned that BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s personal account is hacked after intimate photos of the star and BTS member V are leaked to the public. When the stars’ agency took no actions against the leaks, the hacker continued to cross the line and released a photo of Jennie in a bathtub. 

When the couple photos were first leaked, fans reacted by questioning the authenticity of the photos and whether they were photoshopped. However, the hacker appeared to be fueled by the attention and further leaked Jennie’s personal photos. 

In the latest leak, the hacker posted a photo of Jennie taking a bath in a bathtub and wrote, “Jennie may unfollow everyone, but the photos with V have already been exposed. It’s too late now. This is Jennie taking a bath in a bathtub.”

In a move to protect her privacy, Jennie blocked and unfollowed an influencer named Lee Joo Hyung in her personal Instagram page.  Suspected by many fans to be the hacker, Lee Joo Hyung  was Jennie’s  and also an acquaintance of V.  Shortly after, Jennie continued to wipe her follower list clean and unfollowed everyone.

Source: World Journal

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  1. Am I too old fashion? Too conversation? First of all if you are @ risk or there is a possibility that someone will hack into your account to leak your VERY private information. I’m not condoning the bad guy’s action at all, but why took the risk?

    1. Why took those kinds of pictures of yourself?
    2. Why upload them also?

    1. photos of Jeannie and V as well as bathtub photo were not uploaded anywhere. Her cloud account was hacked. Everything that is in your phone is backed up on the cloud. This information was ‘lost in translation’ as scandal goes on for weeks now as Jeannie and V refused to pay and hacker is releasing photos in slices.The theory who hacker is comes from fans. There was also a lot of discussions if this was only marketing trick by respective agencies having in mind the coincidence of album release. Difficult one to say what it is in reality.

      1. @ Dee
        I see. Thanks for the info. To be safe – I think people should not take that kind of pictures on cell phones, iPad… to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

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