BLACKPINK Makes Fashion Statement in Coachella 2023 Performance

BLACKPINK’s stellar performance was one of the highlights at Coachella 2023, the annual music festival in California which celebrates a wide range of music genres. As always, the group’s fashion ensembles were equally eye catching as they performed to screaming crowds.

One of the best BLACKPINK looks were the custom pink corset outfits from Mugler designed by Casey Cadwallader. Each outfit shimmered in beautiful rhinestone patterns and had daring cut outs, which showed off each member’s personality and fit figure. However, Jennie’s outfit was the most revealing with high cut outs in the side bodice.

In another ensemble, Jennie looked equally stunning. This time she wore a white cut-out top designed by Mugler, a brand that recently did a collaboration with fashion house H&M, and paired it with a skirt by David Koma.

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  1. These girls are like barbie dolls lol. Ignore their music, sometimes you can just watch them because they are like barbie dolls dancing lol. At least, to me, that’s Lisa lol. Have you seen her latest video with TaeYang? Such simple outfit but she looks so stunning lawl. I wouldn’t buy or wear any of these clothes, but they certainly can reach/showcase their products to a wide range of audiences

  2. I guess I don’t get fashion but BP has wore prettier clothes. These make them look like Oriental dolls and I am using that word b/c I don’t think the clothes are nice. They have nice figures, they can do better.

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