BLACKPINK Accused of Disrespecting China in Social Media Blunder

BLACKPINK’s Born Pink concert in Macau has been full of drama. Angelababy‘s attendance caused controversy, as she was accused of supporting South Korean entertainment and being “unpatriotic to China.” Fights even broke out between several fans at the concert. Netizens are now accusing BLACKPINK of disrespecting China after their official account committed a social media blunder.

Thanking “Macanese BLINKS” or fans for the sellout shows, the official account post offended many Chinese netizens. A Chinese influencer wrote that Macanese refers to those who grew up in Macau with Portuguese heritage, who make up a very small portion of the population and do not represent Macau. They accused BLACKPINK’s management of purposefully not referring to Macau fans as Chinese, and for supporting the western agenda.

The controversy quickly gained traction as comments on Weibo broke 100 million. “Don’t joke–what is Macanese? Is it so hard to type Chinese? If you can’t, then we’ll teach you!” and “So many of the attendees weren’t even from Macau; many fans from other Chinese cities also attended.” Many supporters called for the Chinese government to continue their ban on South Korean entertainment. “If you want to expand in China, then you need to respect us and the facts!”

The official BLACKPINK Weibo has since quietly changed “Macanese” to “Macau” in their post, and has not made any further comments. Netizens continue to flame the original post.

Despite its stops in Hong Kong and Macau, BLACKPINK’s world tour has not scheduled any concerts in Mainland China this year.

Above: BLACKPINK’s official account revised their post to reflect “Macau BLINKS.”

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Angelababy Criticized for Attending BLACKPINK’s Concert

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    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if they hold concerts there should it be easy to get the license and the situation controversial free. It’s too big a market to ignore.

  1. It’s understandable to be patriotic but this is getting out of hand.
    These netizens, do they only study local, involve in only local entertainment, eat, sleep, wear, use all things made in their country? Earn money from only their local who have no whatsoever relationship with the foreigners?

  2. What’s the deal with all these recent news articles about Chinese netizen comments? I thought this was a celebrity news site, not a political one. The news source is not even from a Korean or Chinese-based media company and the Angelababy article is from a Taiwan media outlet. Yeah, not suspicious at all.
    I’m seeing a lot of anger directed at China, the country, as a result. I don’t see how this is different from all the rubbish that’s being said on Twitter which are constanly demanding whoever or whatever be cancelled. A complete s**t stirring article, which says nothing about the celebrities in question.

    1. @Cee The article points out the social media blunder made by BLACKPINK in addressing their fans in Macau. It is a PR misstep, and the comments did break over 100 million on Weibo. The political climate does impact trends in entertainment, especially content coming from China. Our coverage does not intend to reflect any anti-China or pro-China sentiment, but offer a glimpse into what others are saying about trending topics.

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