Lisa’s New Song “Lalisa” Breaks Records

BLACKPINK member Lisa released her solo mini-album Lalisa last Friday, September 10. She is the third BLACKPINK member to release her solo work, which became an instant hit.

Her namesake single features a fast-paced, upbeat song. The music video is a lavish production  with 14 outfit changes, including one featuring her in a traditional Thai headdress, a nod to her heritage.

Her management company YG has shared that her single Lalisa has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube within two days of release. This is quite the feat, as Lisa has broken the record last held by Korean artiste PSY in a record two days! In 2013, PSY released his single “Gentleman” which achieved 100 million views in four days.

As well, after the release of her solo, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has increased by 1.2 million and currently has 66.3 million subscribers.

“Lalisa” MV

Source: Sing Tao, Yahoo

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  1. lol, i just watched a video lambasting at how poor the mv and the song was…. it’s okay but not at the same level as jeanie’s solo. that was the bomb!

    1. I have to agree. Jeanie’s song was good and catchy, this one is boring and a hot mess lol. I love Lisa way more than Jeanie but I couldn’t even finish the song

    2. Totally concur. Lisa’s solo debut is disappointing to say the least. She seems to be the most popular member on par with Jennie, but her song selection this time around is lackluster and boring. I’m surprised YG selected these for her. But on the other hand, I feel all the members’ solos weren’t on the same level as their group projects. Jennie’s favoritism is glaring though. They need to redistribute their resources a bit more.

  2. I guess most the hype was to do with the MV rather than the actual song because it doesnt sound anything distinctive at all.

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