BLACKPINK Unseats Spice Girls as Top-Grossing Girl Group on Tour

Rising to global fame, K-pop girl group BLACKPINK headlined music festival Coachella this year with a high-energy performance — becoming the first Asian act to do the honors. Holding their own, the K-pop group is currently in the midst of their second world tour Born Pink, but already rewriting a record set by the legendary Spice Girls!

Earns 100 Billion Won in 2 Months




Recent figures released by US statistics firm Touring Data stated that the girl group comprising members Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé, has visited 18 cities and held 26 shows within a two-month period from October to December 2022 on their “Born Pink” world tour.

Raking in USD7.8 million (104.5 billion won) from a whopping 366,000 tickets sold, they demolished the record previously set by Spice Girls (104.2 billion) for “Spice World 2019” tour, clinching the highest-earning single tour by any female musical act!

Making their debut in 2016, the 4 members were aged between 19 to 21 back then.





Source: HK01

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  1. One talentless, overrated group outgrossing another talentless, overrated group. That is okay, they are in the same category. It would have been an insult of extreme proportions if this fluff artist group was compared to Destiny’s Child.

  2. To manage Blackpink girls in comparison to Spice Divas are alpha and omega.. Blackpink regardless of their differences always stay tight as a Group… Spice Girls have afew Divas who have cat fights that destroy what they had.

    1. Catfish have nothing to do with talent, or in these groups’ cases, lack thereof. Many talented groups who could sing and dance also had World War III category catfights.

      1. Not sure where your claim that they don’t have talent comes from? They were specially selected from tonnes of girls who slaved from night to day practicing dancing and singing. Kpop training is no joke. Maybe you should check properly before applying generalised labels.

  3. I really don’t know how popular they are in the west but I think it is mostly because Asian countries are getting richer

  4. I think some members of Spice Girls had talent. Is it as talented as some groups? Prob not, but they all had their own individual appeal. Same for Blackpink.

  5. A few of their songs are quite ok but never enough to put in my listening track.
    I just hope the group that I like will not be disbanded, there are so many boy and girl groups in SK.

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