BLACKPINK’s Jennie to make Marvel Debut?

Following her acting debut in HBO series The Idol, BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim is reportedly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a role as a K-pop star!

Rumors first started swirling since January this year that the BLACKPINK rapper will be joining the cast of Marvel. While official news is still lacking, insider sources had revealed that the Marvel production team was planning to produce the first ever Asian superhero-themed film, with Jennie taking up the position of Luna Snow, a character created for 2018 mobile game Marvel Fight Future.

Netizens are already excitedly discussing Jennie’s next acting move, meanwhile it is said that her agency YG Entertainment had been in talks with Marvel Studios for nearly a year, and Jennie has also expressed her strong interest in the project.

What We Know

First introduced in the 1950s, other characters in Asian team Agents of Atlas also includes agent Jimmy Woo, Lin Lie (Sword Master), Silk (Cindy Moon), Shang-Chi, Ami Han (White Fox) and Brawn (Amadeus Cho).

Orphaned girl Seol Hee becomes a K-pop singer to get the finances she needs for supporting her grandmother. She meets with an attack during one performance, and ends up being abducted when trying to protect her fans. Locked up in a high-tech storage freezer, she unwittingly realizes superhuman powers to manipulate ice and snow and defeats her assailants. Dubbed Luna Show by the press, the superhero uses her newfound cryokinetic abilities to defend the Pacific Rim and protect the rest of humanity.

Source: HK01, Marvel

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  1. @joycek uhm i think the first sentence needs to be proofread because the error is too inappropriate to not change. You can delete my comment once changed lol

    1. oh dear. I’ve made corrections to the first line 😡 Thanks for the alerts!

      1. I hope her acting is not as cringe worthy as her singing and dancing. Heaven help us all.

    1. Because rose actually love singing and making music lol. Ppl who can’t make music, has to go onto film and movies or they will become irrelevant by 30. Unless their voices are amazing!

  2. My favourite gal in Blackpink is LIsa… But I feel she is really under supported. Her fame is her own hardwork. Jennie and Rose is heavily promoted by the management…. Likely because Lisa is not Korean… She would be a better Marvel character then Jennie. And she is so much more popular in US then Jennie.

  3. I just happen to know her because a lot of guys seem to be infatuated with her. I think she was chosen for her roles because she speaks English. In all BP members, I like Lisa the most, I think she’s the type girls like.

  4. In universe, the Asians-only team of Agent of Atlas’s history was retroactively changed to begin in the 1950s. But, comic publication wise, it’s actually quite a recent formation. The original AOA team only has 1 Asian i.e Jimmy Woo. I love the ‘Agent of Atlas’ comic that was published in 2007. I was excited when I found out there will be new AOA comics but was disappointed that the team members have changed to all Asians. I don’t see the need of it. But, Asian Americans might think differently.

    1. Correction: Sorry wrong info. The Agent of Altas’ history was retroactively changed to begin in the 1950s, but, Asian-only team was formed later.

    2. I feel that things have carried a bit too far to be inclusive. Not sure about marvel (Marvel, DC and X-Men have so many universe that they confuse me).
      And if one questions if it’s getting a bit too much (e.g
      Why did a role in the movie adaption gets played by an Asian when the role is originally a Caucasian), netizens will come after the person for not being supportive or worse, labelled as a racist.

      1. Like the current Netflix Cleopatra… there is a huge uproar a black actress was chosen to take on the role. Who knows one day we may get a white guy playing Nelson Mandela…

      2. @BearBear

        Yes, I think it has been carried a bit too far and it has 2 standards. Minorities can play Caucasian roles, but, a Caucasian cannot played an originally non-white role. People even complained about James Franco playing Fidel Castro when the actor does resemble the real life person, only his ethnicity is different.


        I think casting a black actress as Anne Boleyn is even worse. But they can get away with it because they didn’t say it’s a documentary.

      3. @kidd there was another program on Henry VIII and his wives? Documentary or not, if it’s adapted from a source, the cast should be as it is, more so if it’s historical character. I can understand if it’s some local musical in the theatre hall, e.g. there’s difficulty to get a Chinese to play musical Mulan in say, Peru or South Africa. Other than that, stick to the original. It’s not an issue of being inclusive but to be factual.

  5. I wish Jisoo got the character, even though she has the most minor English skills out of the 4 because she’s the only one who took acting before her debut. I don’t think Marvel expects Luna Snow to have perfect English and they’re more into variations now.

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