Bosco Wong’s “Third Party” Confronted and Infuriated Myolie Wu?

Different versions of the “real reason” behind “Boscolie’s” breakup continue to surface each day!  The latest tabloid report claimed that Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) flirtatious habit, instead of outright cheating, resulted in his breakup with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). Misled by Bosco’s flirtatious manner, a past female costar, dubbed as the “third party,” reportedly confronted Myolie in May. This infuriated Myolie to finally call things off with Bosco!

“Third Party” Misunderstanding?

An insider revealed that Bosco had been overly playful with a mainland Chinese actress during filming. The woman, self-proclaiming herself to be the “third party,” arrived at Bosco’s home. Bosco claimed that he was not involved with the woman, but his flirtatious attitude with her may have given her the wrong impression. Myolie had allegedly tolerated his past flirtatious attitude for many years, which gave her a sense of insecurity. When the “third party” confronted her, it was the last straw.

At the same time, it was understood that Myolie also had other male pursuers interested in her. While filming mainland drama, Jin Yu Man Tang <金玉滿堂> in Suzhou, China, Myolie was reportedly aggressively pursued by Taiwanese actor, Eric Huang (黃少褀). Reflecting upon her many years of insecurity while dating Bosco due to his flirtatious habits, the confrontation with Bosco’s “third party,” and the appearance of Eric Huang, Myolie allegedly decided to end her relationship with Bosco.

When Myolie asked to break up, Bosco treated it as a period for the pair to cool off and reflect on the situation. He thought that time will prove his innocence, in which he was not involved with the “third party.” Myolie filmed in mainland China for the first half of the year and did not return to Hong Kong until June, while Bosco headed to China to film The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人> in May.  This year, “Boscolie” had spent little time together, maintaining their relationship primarily through long distance phone calls.

Bosco Was Flirtatious, But Did Not Cheat?

Due to the circumstances, Bosco stated that there was no “third party” leading to the breakup. However, Myolie may not have trusted Bosco’s explanation, which explained why in Myolie’s post-breakup interview, she said, “Since he and I have already broken up, I cannot respond on his behalf. I can only represent myself: I was not involved with a third party on my end.”

Due to Myolie’s ambiguous reply and Bosco’s guilt-ridden promise to continue to protect Myolie after their breakup, he became the target of infidelity reports. The pair had a mutual agreement to not publicly reveal the reason for the breakup, further fueling the spread of increasingly wild speculations.

It was understood that the “third party” was one of Bosco’s past mainland Chinese costars. The woman often text messaged Bosco and asked him out. Due to his playful personality, Bosco did respond to one of her invitations to go out, while accompanied by other production staff members.

An insider stated, “I only know that they (Bosco and Myolie) argued over a mainland actress. The woman self-proclaimed herself to be Bosco’s girlfriend and wanted to have a showdown with Myolie. Of course, Myolie was shaking in anger! We asked Bosco, but he said that he does not know the woman well. He explained to Myolie, but at that moment, she did not listen to what he said.”

Bosco and Myolie did not reveal the identity of the mainland actress to their friends. Bosco’s past mainland costars include Growing Through Life’s <摘星之旅>Vionn Song (宋汶霏), Great Love Expert’s <大愛之達人> Zhao Ke (趙柯), and The Woman Above the Bread Tree’s Liu Yan (柳岩) and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣). Although Bosco was rumored with his mainland assistant, Chan Siu Lam (陳小琳), he continued to use her when he filmed in mainland.

The insider revealed that Bosco possessed a playful attitude, but was able to rein in the situation when necessary. When he went to nightclubs, he often preferred to drink. If women were to cluster around him, Bosco would not outright reject them, but he would not carry things further once leaving the nightclub.

Bosco Reluctant to Break Up

Myolie asked to break up in May, while Bosco continued to insist that there was no “third party.” While filming The Woman Above the Bread Tree, he was depressed and abandoned his normal habit of socializing, often hiding away in his hotel room instead.

It was understood that when Bosco returned to Hong Kong last week, he intended to clear the air with Myolie once again. However, news of their breakup had leaked to the public, in which Myolie wished to formally announce that their relationship had ended. He went along with Myolie’s wishes, but Bosco stated that he wished to reconcile with Myolie and prove himself over time.

With both Myolie and Bosco still crying before the press while responding to questions about their breakup, it was apparent that both continued to shed tears of fresh hurt over the end of their 8-year relationship.


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Jayne: This version of the breakup story has its believable parts. If Bosco did not cheat on Myolie and it was a big misunderstanding, perhaps there is still hope that he can prove himself to be trusted once again. Trust is to be earned by Bosco, but Myolie must be willing to open up her heart again. I hope he doesn’t wait too long to try to reconcile, or else with time, the mutual feelings will be dulled.

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    1. Doubt the media would not bother them, though I agree with you. The HK entertainment industry thrives on this type of stuff and the dirtier, uglier and messiest stuff are what readers want. I’m kind of bored to see this topic come up every f-ing day………….

      1. Boscolie can’t keep any secrets :\ Just refer back to when they “死都5认“ (won’t admit they’re going out) the reporters bothered them for 7 years straight!! The media won’t stop no matter what…
        I wish they would just leave them alone and let them have some space until they decide to tell us.

      2. TVBaddict,
        If Bosco were intent on reconciling with Myolie, he can continue to send her text messages. He was infamous for sending her 600 text messages when pursuing her; so he should be a skilled text messager.

      3. Jayne,
        Haha like what 620 said… Bosco will have to pursue her from the beginning again 🙂

    2. Boscolie news is getting boring, Myolie look like an older sister to Bosco

  1. I wish them all the best… seems that there are lots of breakups during this period of time of the year.. hollywood celebs esp. bad fengshui. perhaps…

    1. Wait, didn’t Myolie invest in Bosco’s restaurant in Malaysia? What’s gonna happen to that? o.O
      I know Myolie said that their relationship is not as bad as the media is claiming it to be, but is she still gona invest?
      If so, maybe their love can spark again through a meeting or something haha…
      Wishful thinking.

      1. As far as I know I don’t think she has invested yet.Bosco said before that she seems interested but has not invested in his restaurant.

        I’m just thinking now that they had broken up is Myolie selling away her super hot sexy red Mercedes SLK350 or is she going to give back a check to Bosco?What about the other apartment unit that Bosco gave to her?Christian Louboutin’s heels and diamonds?Is she returning it all back to him?

      2. Haha and what about those earrings Myolie gave Bosco???? D:

  2. Well, it is too dangerous for Bosco to have flirtatious habits. Moreover, it would easily mislead other females that he is serious with them.

    Perhaps Bosco has to change his personality if he wants to keep a steady girl friend. No many women can take his playful behaviours.

    1. too late. Myolie is very hurt and she better not going back to him again when better guys is chasing her.

  3. I prefer Eric Huang. Bosco is too flirtatious and makes Myolie hurt.

    1. you made a good point.

      Bosco needs a very open minded g/f who can tolerate his flirtatiously wild personality. So, Myolie is not his cup of tea (of sexual thirst) over long term….

      1. no man or woman can be so open minded to share that special someone …..

  4. I think this is a very likely scenario too. It fits all their stories, and that’s probably why 620 and Bosco’s friend spoke out in radio interviews to support him.

  5. I think this story is very believable. Myolie seems to not be sure herself, sounds bitter toward “Third party”. Bosco seems to be denying, not necessarily lying, so maybe both sides are telling the truth. He has a habit of being flirty, which he evidently stopped when Myolie broke up with him, so if he can really use time to prove that he doesn’t have that flirtatiousness anymore and really matures to the man Myolie needs and the truth is revealed from that one “third party” being a cheap girl throwing herself at Bosco, Boscolie will still have a chance. I know Bosco’s flirty attitude did her wrong in the past but it’s true that he really really loves her and is willing to change for her.
    Aside from that, I still ship to Boscolie, but I would also ship to Eric and Myolie if it were ever true, though i doubt it 😛

    1. You don’t need to ship here and there.

      All you need to believe is to trust BOSCO with full faith and wish Bosco to be able to find a better love nest elsewhere.

      Myolie is not his cup of tea to cure Bosco’s sexual illness over long-term.

      1. Goodness you are such an insensitive jerk. YOU are the only one saying she’s not Bosco’s cup of tea. How the hell would you know what he wants? Cause to me he really wants her back and is willing to wait for her. I dont know what the hell you’re reading.
        And don’t go telling me what I need to do. I can do whatever I want. I do give Bosco the benefit of the doubt in this case and wish BOTH OF THEM, not just Bosco, happiness, whether with each other or with someone else. Whatever makes them happy because it’s THEIR CHOICE not mine or yours.
        Aside from that, you must be single, because if you think that it is okay for a guy to be flirtatious all the time then no girl in their right mind would go steady with you.

    2. i never ship boscolie. in this case i ship eric and myolie better

      1. You will ship to Myolie and whoever she might end up with. I know for sure you will never ship for Bosco or Myolie. If the headline says Bosco and Myolie gets together I know for sure you will be screaming and kicking “”NO!!!NO!!WHY!!!WHY MYOLIE!…

      2. LOOOOOL true that KD…
        And probably spam the whole page with Bosco hate messages.

  6. anyone know if the source of this article is reliable? I like this article though, because it isn’t making any ridiculous claims or dragging in anyone in particular and has a very impartial standing, not blaming Bosco or Myolie.

  7. Being flirtatious is a handsome man’s natural quality. It’s the quality that makes all females addicted to love him. But if THESE females can’t tolerate this quality then don’t go after handsome guy!!!!

    1. It could be quite true. I should say that most handsome guys like to take advantage of his handsome faces and flirt with other females to prove that they are popular among females.

      1. Yeah, it’s fine for a guy to flirt, so long as he knows how to turn it off when he has a girlfriend. You don’t flirt with someone else if you have a girlfriend. It shows commitment to be able to stick with someone.

      2. Not all guys can do it though, especially those popular and good-looking siu sangs. It is not easy to say no to those beautiful girls. Even those married ones, such as Benny Chan, Joe Ma and Gallen Lo, failed to do it.

  8. All the best to both of them!

    Hope Bosco change his bad habits if he really do love Myolie otherwise leave her alone so she can move on to some1 who is better n give her sense of security.

    1. Yes. Your statement has already shown very distinctively that both are not cup of tea to each other.

      What he wants may not be suitable to him… make sense?

  9. Not really a fan of either but I hope that they will get back together. To have lasted 8 years is no joke, esp when both have numerous chances of falling into temptation and getting their photos taken with so called third parties. So far, no photos and just plain allegations? More like sensational reports are to be blamed for the sudden break. Yes, they might have had their bad days and misunderstandings, but then again isn’t that typical of most relationships? To have had problems since some time back, and yet being able to sustain and not throw in the towels, spoke volumes of their affection towards each other. Most would just collapse under pressure.

    Light flirting is quite healthy imho, but if your partner can’t accept that, settle at compromising. Totally changing oneself completely might result in frustration and losing one’s identity that might ironically be one of the factors your partner was drawn to you in the first place. All true loves deserve a second chance, celebrity or not.

    1. I think Chilam had similar problems before he got married. He is another handsome guy popular among females. That is why his current wife, Anita Yuen, had to keep a good eye on him all the time.

      1. I think the solution is:

        If you want to marry a handsome guy, you may have to take certain risks. If you know you are a woman who cannot take any risks, get a ordinary-looking guys. Handsome guys are always too dangerous and too risky.

      2. Yea, tough to be a yummilicious celebrity.. And even tougher to be one that has to juggle between work, play and family, scandal free!

      3. @sandcherry
        Tbh I really don’t find Bosco to be handsome. IMO out of all the first line siu sangs he is the most average looking one. His purplish lips is another disadvantage where it gives ppl the impression that he is one hell of a heavy smoker.

      4. LOL, have to say your solution is flawed i.e don’t follow it 🙂

        More variables to consider like money, personality etc.

        Not all guys cheat this is a misconception.

      5. Bosco may not be the handsomest one among all top siu sangs, but he is good looking and outspoken among females. I find him good looking myself, active, lively and can do sweet-talking. Most girls take this kind of guys.

        Of course, money is another important issue. Bosco is making more and more money now, and he seems to be quite ambitious and has a good business mind. How can he not be popular among females?!

        Also I don’t think Bosco wanted to settle down yet with a marriage until maybe now!

  10. I like this report as it gives hope this two will get back together again! Fairy tale ending, haha

  11. Oh and by saying light flirting is ok, I don’t mean anything in the sexual context. There is a fine line drawn between complimenting, teasing, and outright blatant flirting.

  12. Perhaps this happens frequently with this couple, except they never admitted their relationship before so they couldn’t announce a break up? Maybe this is just another rift in their relationship, because as people have said, this is not the first time Bosco has been flirty/unfaithful/rumored.

  13. After 8 years together, Myolie should know Bosco is just being playful. He won’t do anything to jeopardise their relationship. Myolie should be more confident of herself, she’s the only woman in Bosco’s life. Time will tell. Guess all of us have to be patience as well.

    1. Maybe it’s the first time a mainland woman go all that way to get her bf that made her insecurities all these years explode

    2. Problem is he “jepardiZED”

      Once you have a track record, its hard to erase for the woman.

    3. If women are so easily be confidence and feel secured or satisfied with their husband, then this world would not have so many breakups or divorces, rite?

      1. from what i have read of your posts, in your world, it’s always the women’s fault? c’mon, you can’t be real.

    4. Yes I’m sure Myolie knows that Bosco is very playful around females but there is a BOTTOM line. She can only take so much of his flirtatious behaviour and after many years of enduring the pain, she has decided enough is enough. She might appear strong on the outside but even the strongest woman will breakdown when it comes to love.

  14. The supposed mainland actress is proactive to pursue him LOL. But I’m not surprised because there’s an issue about mainland woman rushing to marry HK guys in HK now.

    1. HK women also start to look for Chinese men.

      Ppl from where isnt important, important that they can go to last step and be together in the same house forever.

    2. Agree it’s not about the country… but just wondering… how do girls chase a guy?

      I think I must have missed something, I have never tried/ succeeded in chasing a guy. I fared much better when guys chase me. But of course if you sit and wait, you can’t choose the guy you like to chase you.

      So I am always in awe of girls who successfully chase the guy of their fancy.

      Just a light hearted comment.)

      1. Must be bold and not shy? If this mainland actress is real she’s really bold

        Mainland actress: Hey I want your bf. Look i sms him hundred times and go out once(although with production crew)

        Myolie: WTF! I had enough of this insecurity! Break up!

        Bosco: I don’t even know her well! She’s the one keep sms me! I still want you!

      2. Fox, now I know how start relationship. not bad anyway.

      3. It’s quite weird but very interesting to know how you start a relationship? is it with male or female? Not bad anyway!

  15. IMO Bosco does not look man. Among actors of TVB his looking is just average some time bad 🙂
    Him Law is good looking. Raymond looks most handsome

    1. “Good looking or not” in guys is very subjective. Females are very aggressive these days and they don’t care if the guys have already had girlfriends (even wives). New actresses will become more popular by getting attached to some hot siu sangs!

    2. Agressive mainland actress will care more about fame or some might misleaded and took the guy’s flirtatious nature as ‘liking her’ LOK

  16. If misunderstandings are true, there are chance for them to be back. Good that :). 8 years, not that easy to forget for both.

  17. Anita Yuen said “As long as he uses a condom when he cheats” shocking state of things isn’t it. Chilam has been plagued with 3rd party rumors throughout their long relationship. Perhaps the prerequisite to marrying a good looking siu sang is “open one eye, close one eye” sigh.

    1. Anita might keep close eye because of their son. Chilam also had rumour with Charmaine and Anita come to set to invesyigate right? LOL

      1. Yeah, it’s not just Bosco sadly. He’s already “well behaved” for a Siu Sang considering he still loves her and does a lot of things for her despite his habits. I mean look at all the male celebrity husbands, they’ve mostly all cheated except maybe Frankie Lam.

      2. oh i didn’t know that. Man, there really are no innocent siu sang husbands. They all either cheated or have rumors of cheating. I wonder if all of them did indeed cheat though… the media likes to make up stuff to sell their papers and magazines, and they don’t care how much they hurt the couple and their relationship.

      3. Roger Kwok and Bobby Au Yeung are good non cheating husbands.
        I believe the rumor with Frankie was true, because there were even voice recordings!

      4. Joe Ma caught vacation with his secret lover in Thailand years before Rose

      5. Someone cute like Chilam must made Anita close one eye and put an invisible lash on him LOL. I heard he play a playboy pilot in TITS2 LOL

      6. Michael Tao and Sonija, is it true about their affair?

  18. Frankie Lam has a notorious affair with the lady who played “Kelly” in Witness Insecurity that almost led to the demise of his relationship with kenix. Pictures were taken of their liaison.

    Chilam was rumoured with charmaine and also Singapore actress Ann Kok, not to mention the gazillion others in China and Taiwan.

    Seriously, most good looking and popular Siu Sangs make bad husbands… best to go for the reliable ones.

    1. I thought the actress who played Kelly was involved with Joey Leung?

      1. Joey Leung cheated with Queenie Chu behind his wife. Who is Kelly?

      2. Kelly is the name of the character Queenie Chu played in WI.

      3. @ vivien

        Not wife. Girlfriend only. Joey and Margaret were not married yet at the time.

      1. If it is true this is terrible. But I suspect maybe this isn’t the case. There are always angry ex wives as much as domineering current wife. I wouldn’t judge Gallen harshly until anyone makes any statement.

      2. That article is from november of last year… if anything was going to be said, it should have been said already… I think it’s already water under the bridge for all involved.

        I guess it goes to show what kind of star power Gallen had?

      1. Michael Miu just flirting. Nothing substantial.

        Let’s not lump flirting with full on adulteress relationship. Every man and woman flirt. The question is will they go a step further?

      2. oei, you belong to which planet? what gals take note and learn from her? what you write is a reflection of yourself. u have shown yourself to be a one big fat MCP!!!! 😡 and WHY must we gals subject ourselves to this? har? har? har? why? why? why? you know the meaning of RELATIONSHIP???? go google if u don’t know. WHATEVER relationship, it takes all parties to make it work. it is NOT a ONE-WAY street. now, grow up.

      3. It seems that Tony is leaving in another planet where the girls there are obligated to forgive all their other half’s misdoings. The male chauvinist is taking a toll on his head I would say. I really do pity your partner 🙂

      4. This wasn’t true. The reason that Jamie Chik was crying was because her mom(?) was sick and she passed away a few days later.

      5. Tony, I supposed you also expect women to stay quiet and men can still get concubines and hoohaha to their heart’s desire? While women are expected to stay chaste? First of all, in growing times, women prove to be just as capable, if not MORE capable than men. If that woman tolerates cheating, she is either weak or doesn’t love him in the first place. Myolie, and the rest of us girls supporting her, are strong independent women who will not tolerate such actions. Learning to be a weak woman just sends us back to how we were in dynastic china. Go find a new hobby instead of degrading women, you sexist ignorant pig.

      6. No, he didnt flirt. One of his parents passed away that time. Thats why Jamie was crying.

      7. That is another case of the media using a photo for the wrong reasons and the wrong context… Miu did NOT flirt at all.. During that time, his mom(Jamie’s mother in law) was severely ill and was going to pass away so Jamie was really sad… I really wonder how forgiving Jamie would be if Miu did flirt or whatever.

      8. Speaking of all this, I remember how Felix’s wife was accused of flirting with one of her customers since she worked for an insurance company. However, I don’t think it was true and Felix defended his wife and said that her job required her to interact with her customers.. Therefore, you can see how the press would overexaggerate a lot of things…

      9. Tony,
        You seem to be really male dominated and BS towards females. I feel sorry for your future partner. If your wife/gf cheated on you, would you forgive her??? It would be really BS if you said NO, but then again you always expect the girls to forgive the guys for cheating.I personally just want to be fair and feel that both and the guy and girl should be forgiving depending on the case. I don’t think it is right for the girls to blast the guys constantly either and vice versa. Lets be fair here…

    2. I believe there was attraction between Chi Lam and Charmaine but I don’t think they took it to another level. I always have this feeling Charmaine was madly in love with Chilam who unfortunately was with someone else and so was not meant to be.

      Frankie Lam… I do believe Kenix knocked some sense into him and fought for their relationship. Kenix is not a woman you want to go against.

      1. Wasn’t there a story that out of revenge against frankie, kenix had an affair w/ chilam when they were in mainland?

        Oh well, it seems like everybody is happy now. I think kids really helped change their priorities. Like Alex fong, chilam and frankie probably curbed their flirting a bit.

  19. As 620 revealed to us all, Bosco had a fling in the past, so he violated Myolie’s trust in the past. Based on Myolie’s own experience growing up, trust is going to be a key thing for her, and it is the one thing she didn’t have with Bosco. She might love him very much, but if she can’t trust him, then there is really no point to the relationship as she’ll always be uneasy with him far away.

    The fact that he continued to be a flirt while away from her and while understanding her character – AND while already on a second chance – proves that he wasn’t willing to change to help make the girl he supposedly is deeply in love with happy. If he’s more interested in his own happiness than hers, then I think there really is no hope for them to get back together.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. I know you have a mancrush on Bosco, but time and time again he’s stuck with Myolie. And truth be told, neither of them are that good to make their emotional stress this believable. And why would Bosco be “granted” with release? Why doesn’t he just break up with her if her doesn’t want to be with her? Your reasoning is so illogical. They wouldn’t have even gotten together in the first place, with Bosco as the person to court Myolie if Bosco didn’t want to be restricted.

  20. From the start this relationship is doomed. It’s very impressive that they could last for 8 years. I really respect that bold attemp of even trying.
    Both Bosco and myolie are blooming in their career. Are they any lasting couple in entertainment world that has both party which are very successful celebrity? I can think of two, Brad Pitt and Jolie and Beckham couple. And in both relationship, the woman is more dominant. And if the man is dominant, we get the Cruise couple. See what happen to them?
    Same goes to HK entertainment. We look at Jacky Cheung and wife, Lau Ching Wan and wife. They could still be together because one party choose to resign from entertainment. Ooo, another example, nicholas and cecilia. It failed because neither one is willing to step out from the limelight.
    Myolie, is she willing to sacrifice her career over Bosco? Or is she strong enough to tame him?

  21. I seriously hope Boscolie will get back together. If it is just flirtatious behaviour and not outright cheating, then lets hope time will heal the scars.

    Gess, that Mainland girls is scary!

  22. this story sounds believable. my heart is with Myolie so whomever she ends up with, that’s where my best wishes lies. 😉

    1. and your partner (if you have one) is okay with this mentality of yours? good luck.

    2. his partner must be plastic blown up doll. That’s how she takes his abuse. LOL

    3. Well, if your partner is a celebrity, Yes, you have to suck up all the jealousy and rumours, no personal time together and is not any normal dating couple.
      But too bad Myolie is also a celebrity herself…
      We cant compare Bosco and Myolie to us public people. Entertainment world is a lot different 🙂

      1. Imagine those hollywood series where you have such exposed scenes they call love scenes. I suppose you must understand it is an occupation.

    4. Learn to speak english properly. “No matter how infidelity he is”?? And that would ONLY be true if Bosco was a rich tycoon in like the 1920’s China. But evidently, he’s not. He ASKED Myolie to be his girlfriend. THEY have official status. When he gives her that status, he should be ready to give up all the other girls he “loves” because he’s decided she’s the only one he will love for that time. Since he saw her as a marriage partner, that means he should be ready to have her as the ONLY one he will love for the rest of his life.

    5. And it’s not being selfish, and she didn’t ask. It comes with the commitment of a relationship. I would be so shocked if you had a girlfriend/wife. If you do, please tell her that I’m so sorry.

    6. lol….just ignore Tony. He/she has been like that since day 1.. I always thought Tony is just here for some fun. I don’t think he’s like that as he said in real.

  23. I too believe in this version of the break up a lot more than the others. Although there may not have been a third party, I’m sure there was someone that made Myolie so mad that she had to break things off with Bosco. Hopefully Myolie can finally cool off after some time and forgive him; Bosco needs to earn this trust back though.

    As long as there is hope, then nothing is for certain. Add oil you two!

  24. Whether its flirting or actually having an affair its really how the other partner deems betrayal? Its also how the woman wants to fight for her man or not (in the case of Anita Yuen and Kennix). I do hope Myolie will forgive Bosco and reconcile but its really whether Myolie wants to stay with Bosco at the end of the day.

    1. After having to put up with a flirtatios man for long 8 years, Myolie would definitely feel tired and exhausted by it. And having a 3rd party confronted her was definitely the last straw, I can imagine it’s not a very pleasant encounter ….

  25. HongKong paparazi makes those HongKie male stars sound like some sleaze balls who can’t keep their hands off anything that wears skirt!

  26. I think it will be a tough fight for Bosco. Probably myolie has given up hope. Anyways all the best bosco

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