Brigitte Lin Divorced at 63 Years Old; Couldn’t Stand Husband’s Constant Cheating in 24-Year Marriage

Brigitte Lin (林青霞) is regarded as an icon of Chinese cinema. The superstar made her name during Hong Kong cinema’s golden age and was one of the most sought-after actresses at the height of her career. Although Brigitte eventually retired after her seemingly-happy marriage, it came as a sudden shock to many that the 63-year-old recently got divorced.

In 1994, Brigitte married Hong Kong billionaire, Michael Ying (邢李㷧). The couple has two daughters, born in 1996 and 2001 respectively. After being married for 24 years, it came as a shock when rumors of the couple’s divorce surfaced. The news leaked during a casual social gathering, when a friend of the couple proclaimed that they are divorced and that Brigitte received $2 billion HKD in alimony.

When the news spread, an insider allegedly stepped forward and clarified that Brigitte only received $1 billion HKD in alimony and has been living on her own since the divorce. Though single now, Brigitte continues to maintain an active social life and often hosts mahjong meetups and gatherings with her friends.

Although the divorce speculations have not been confirmed directly by either party, netizens are convinced that the rumors may hold some truth due, in part, to Brigitte’s wide social network in the entertainment circle.

Furthermore, it is reported that the reason for divorce is due to Michael’s infidelity throughout the years and multiple extramarital affairs that resulted in illegitimate children. Though aware of his cheating, Brigitte chose to remain for the sake of her children. However, now that they are all grown, Brigitte has decided to finally extract herself from the painful marriage and live the true life she wants.

Source: HK01

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  1. always thought that she only love Chin Han. Shocking news why would any man want to cheat on her…

      1. @elizabeth
        i agree, after watching the documentary of her life:

        the love of her life is probably chin han. what a dramatic life, she had such a blossoming career but not so much luck in life. difficult to image a beautiful woman like her had such a tumultuous love life. i guess in a way, divorce could be a relief for her. i hope she found peace with it and relief from what people say.

  2. Brigitte Lin looks really fantastic for 63. Good for her to dump thr cheating scumbag out of her life. At least she woke up out of her como and sent Mr Hot Pants packing. She should have gotten another billion dollars. After all, she willingly gave up her A list career to be a wife to Mr Fire Pants, and a mother to his children. Well, some women stay for the sake of the children the ironic thing is the children know that mommy is not happy. They are sometimes too timid to say anything. At least they are all out of a unhappy home. Has anyone noticed that these men who are serial, sexual fiends are mostly very rich poweful men who are the main breadwinner in the home? They have this idea that as long as they provide for the wife and the family, they can hump a camel if they want to. Won’t surprise me if some of them did, lol,lol. It is also programmed into the wives heads, (particularly in Asia), that the wife should ignore the husband’s discretion if he is giving her and the children all the material comforts that his money can buy. There are so many kind, wonderful, caring loving gods in taiwan, Mainland and especially Hong Kong that cheat so badly on their spouses, and some even control rhem and beat them. Many men who cheat on their spouses also physically and verbally abuse the wives. That is a fact. Women have their pride too, and they say nothing, especially if it is a high profile marriage, or the husband is rich , and, or famous. They also stick with it because despite public appearence, they are robbed of their self esteem, and some of them lack other financial resources. They also fear that due to their husbands’ power and cash, they will lose custody of any minor children, and their husbands’ will blackball them in society. It is a hellish situation to be in. I hope more of these women around the world will gather the strenth to leave these scumslimes, and not suffer anymore than they have to. I pray that more than anything for one particular wife who is so brainwashed by her hubby since very young that I think she will stay for life. Even if she leaves, her family feel so indebted to her husband, who they think can do no wrong, or who will tell her, (even if they know privately he is a monster), she is the wife and will get his billions so ignore what ever he does. When the women cheat, they are cast aside by society, even their own family disown them. They are considered harlots. It is like men are okay to cheat, not women. What a hypocritical world we live in, controlled by men. What a strange world we live in. Go live your life Brigette, you are still beautiful, inside and out. Throw those shackles off and don’t look back.

    1. @kmfayb I agree.

      Have you ever read about South Korean actress Go Hyun Jung? She was married to vice chairman and CEO of Shinsegae Group and grandson of Samsung founder. The in laws looked down on her. After they got divorced, she lost complete custody of her two children. Up to now (15 years), she isn’t allowed to see/meet them.

      Two years after the divorce, Shinsegae even passed down a ruling stating that none of its department stores would be allowed to display any Go-related material, including any of her product endorsements.

      As common people, marrying into billionaire family really isn’t easy.

      1. @windy

        I had read about that a while ago. It is frustrating when these women give up their careers to be a loving full time wife, and mother only to be treated with such blatant disregard and disrespect. I agree with @janet72 that it is pitiful not to be able to see her own kids. How low can this Korean CEO go. He has stripped Go Hyun Jung of everything. I have seen the devastation that can happen to a woman after a breakup or divorce from a powerful, rich man, especially if the woman in question is not on the same power or money level as the man. He will reap what he sow. His day of reckoning will come. I bet all these other powerful cheaters and sexual harassers thought they would get away scotch free forever. His karma will come. Glad Brigette got out with enough money to look after herself and the children. She deserves every penny, even if she had to pay with him trampling her self worth and her ability to be a wife and a woman.

      2. @kmfayb I actually read somewhere that he didn’t want to get divorce but finally agree to let her go to be free.
        He has married again, with daughter of some top executive and learned from his mistake, moving out from his parents house. Come on, in laws who don’t like their daughter in law but living together in the same house is disaster waiting to happen. What’s supposed to be home probably feel like prison.

        But the case also happen when common guy married billionaire heiress. Samsung granddaughter is said to kill herself in New York cause her father disagree with her boyfriend and instead plan to marry her to someone else.

  3. Shame on him for cheating on Brigitte. She is amazing. It is his loss. She has her own money and she doesn’t need him at all if he is going to treat her like that.

  4. Sad to hear this and she did the right thing dumb the cheater. It seems like so many cheating and divorced going on lately. I’m sure she can still can earn more money if she goes back in acting or open up a small business? She used to look like Cecilia Cheung when she in her young age?

    1. @cutie777
      i thought she and cecilia look alike too when she was very young but her looks really changed when she hit late 20s. just look like a different face. where as cecilia seem to just look like a more mature of her former self.

      1. @m0m0 okay good I thought I’m the only one who thinks they look alike. Cecilia is mixed not sure about Bridget if she’s mixed or not she could be who knows.

  5. Not surprising to hear that beautiful actresses marrying billionaires would get cheated on.
    It would be so surprising if, the billionaire did not cheat.

    No matter how beautiful a woman is, they will grow old and there will be new girls of different generations coming up. I believe Brigitte Lin is already such a famous and rich person herself, she could’ve marry somebody else other than an ugly person but really rich.

    1. @davy marrying a good looking guy is worrying. marrying a millionaire or billionaire is equally worrying because there will be women wanting to be near him. it is difficult to find one who stays loyal…maybe Cathy Tsui is one lucky woman to have Martin.

      a young and beautiful woman may have caught the rich man’s eye…but while she grows old, he is still able to attract younger women. Lin Chin hsia was a superstar in her heydays and yet she gave it up to marry this fella. she must have suffered a great deal with his philandering ways. now that her girls have grown up, it’s time to find a new life. she still has the beauty.

      1. @janet72 Cathy Tsui, Gigi Lai, and Michelle Reis so far I know they’re lucky one since their husband haven’t cheated on them yet. At least Bridget and her ex husband last for a while unlike Isabella Leong give birth to 3 sons then it ends just like that.

      2. @cutie777 cathy tsui and michelle have to keep their husbands on a tight leash. michelle’s husband had an affair with her while married. cathy’s hubby is still very eligible. Isabella’s case is so sad. after 3 boys, they still broke up.

    2. @davy So what you’re saying is you (and all other men) would definitely 100% cheat too if you had a billion dollars? Good to know you think all men are essentially trash.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly
        I have the biggest fortune to not be a billionaire. I can’t claim how good and special I would be if I am one. One would never know how they will truly turn out like, until they have walked miles into other people shoes. If beautiful people try to please you each and every seconds, maybe you will escape 9/10 being the good person you want to be but it’s still very possible to make a mistake at anytime.
        I’m not saying “everyone” will be bad if they belong to a stereotypical group, but any normal person with senses, we should just know it ourselves and be aware of those possible things that can happen.

        People do like trash today, they will eat trash as long as it can make them full, so the trashier, the better.

  6. Why would anyone think she has a hard life? On the contrary I felt otherwise. She was having an affair with a married Chin Han for more than 10 years and caused his marriage to break up. In the end she left him and married a billionaire and get to enjoy the life of a rich tai tai for 24 years plus she is 1bil or 2bil richer with the alimony. Not forgetting she left the entertainment at the age of 39 when she got married (considered the tail-end of her career ESP for female stars). Considering the heartache she has caused Chin Han’s wife, I would say karma has been exceptionally good to her lol.

    1. @nigel Exactly!! I thought that was what I heard too. She had an affair w/a married guy like anyone should pity that? Come on not to say the dude who cheated on his wife wasn’t wrong. BOTH WRONG!!

      1. @wm2017 yup it takes 2 to tango. Guess at that time she was young, foolish & in love. People do crazy things when in love. She probably sober up after that and that’s why she retired & got married at 39. After all, there isn’t many roles for an ageing beauty in Asia. Plus the dude was a good catch (life of a rich tai tai). Who wouldn’t fall for it??

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