Brother Accuses Dicky Cheung for Withholding $20 Million

Henry Cheung (張衞彝), the younger brother and ex-manager of Dicky Cheung (張衛健), has called out for help. Henry, who has managed Dicky’s successful career for thirteen years, accused his brother for withholding his managerial and other commission fees, which amounts to over $20 million HKD.

Henry also claimed that Dicky had “put him under house arrest” and stopped him from seeing their mother. “I just want to retrieve the 20 percent commissions that I deserved! Dicky Cheung, you have a billion people who care for you. How come you won’t even let our mother see me? He is really terrifying!”

Taking All Assets

From 1993 to 2006, Henry worked as Dicky’s manager. It was said that the two brothers were quite close and established their own talent agency, In Vogue, together. Each brother shared half of the stock rights. “The contract said it was a 50-50 share, but we also made a verbal agreement that I would take 20 percent while he took 80,” said Henry.

In 2006, Henry was diagnosed with depression and it was his brief hospitalization that put an end to his work relationship with Dicky. Henry said, “On the second day at the hospital, [Dicky] took advantage of my dazed state from the medication and got me to sign a huge stack of documents. He then gave me a hand-written set of rules, and told me that he would transfer all of the company’s $40 million HKD assets to his own account.”

Dicky’s hand-written set of rules for Henry, which were all written in red, had six major points, which included the following highlights: passport is for family to keep, money is for family to handle, all assets should be transferred to Dicky, Henry should not “make any decisions, just give ideas,” routine check-ups with Dr. Ching, Dr. Lau, and Dr. Yip, in which the words “check-up” and “medication” were repeatedly emphasized. Dicky’s last point was titled “Drugs”, which had the subtitles “trust,” “urine test once a week,” and “police.”

Henry continued, “He then purchased a house [for me] at Monte Carlton and gave me $30,000 HKD each month for my living expenses. He also deducted $3,000 HKD of my insurance premium. Medical check-ups for my depression would cost at least $4,000 HKD a week. House utilities would cost another thousand. Last year, the ceiling almost crashed down and the floor was flooded. I had no money to fix it. What kind of life is this?” Henry also claimed that he did not have money to go see a dentist and had suffered fevers from his tooth aches.

Although Henry resides in the large Europa Garden estate, the property is under Dicky’s name. With his lack of funding, Henry is unable to properly keep up and manage the house, causing his house to resemble that of a hoarder’s.

Unable to See Their Mother

Dicky also forbade their mother to visit Henry, and as claimed by Henry, their mother had to “sneak” in order to visit him. Their mother was said to have visited Henry secretly between June and December of 2011. Her visits included taking Henry to the hospital for check-ups with Dr. Stephen Ng and going on small lunches date. She also took him to see the dentist.

“Mom saw the terrible conditions of my house and told me to move out immediately. She arranged a meeting with a property agent for me, but I was sick so I didn’t go. I was still stick on the second day, and on the third day, I called my mom to say to say that I was feeling better. She was stammering, and when I asked her what was wrong, she told me that Dicky came back.

“Mom had no choice but to tell Dicky that she had been seeing me. Dicky immediately went crazy. Mom also tried to convince Dicky to give me back my money. She later called me and told me to just accept 17% of the commissions, and I said of course. I wanted things to end as soon as possible! Dicky didn’t want mom to see me, and then she cried and hung up the phone. I tried to call her back but she wouldn’t pick up. It’s been fifteen months since I’ve last seen my mom.”

Henry’s eyes were brimmed with tears at the mention of his mother. “For the past two Lunar New Years, she would have her driver come to me and give me red envelopes! I think mom still misses me!”

A week after their mother left, Henry tried to call Dicky. However, it was his brother’s lawyer who responded across the line. “The lawyer said that his client didn’t want me to harass him any further and told me that I should contact his lawyers if I had any concerns about the house. Other than that, they would not hold responsibility for anything else! How can he treat his brother like this?”

He sighed, “Dicky does not care for me, but at least Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) once cared. When she was doing her concert in Australia, she called me and told me that she would pray for me. Three years ago, Miss Chiu (Dicky’s ex-manager) also lent me $60,000 HKD so I could study in Australia! But now, both of them would not receive my calls. I don’t know what Dicky told them!”

Henry has since notified Hong Kong’s Legal Aid Department in regards to his current situation.

Dicky’s Response

Currently in mainland China to shoot for the third season of Hero Sui and Tang Dynasties <隋唐英雄>, Dicky initially smiled when he met the reporters. However, the actor frowned once Henry’s name was mentioned. “I don’t think it is necessary for me respond!” exclaimed Dicky.

The reporter asked, “But he has been your manager for a long time!”

Dicky responded vaguely, “[He’s] not needed anymore! Once someone changes, everything else becomes different. I have nothing to comment about him.”

“You had a 80-20 split. Why wouldn’t you just give him the rest of his money, and why wouldn’t you let him see his mother?”

Dicky said again, “I really having nothing to comment about him.”

The reporter pressed on, “Are you not afraid that his depression would worsen?”

Dicky calmly said, “It doesn’t matter. He can say whatever he likes, and all I can say is that my conscience is clear!”

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  1. There are two sides to every story but I don’t think Henry is being all truthful in this matter.

    For example why would Dicky’s ex-manager give money to Henry to “study in Australia?” This makes it sound like Henry is inventing reasons to get money from people close to him and Dicky. Just my opinion.

    1. verbal agreement is only cheap talk, conscience is simply super monkey Magic

  2. i dont believe dicky is such a jerk. there is something wrong with his brother i think.

    1. Did anyone notice the clauses and the quotes put together sounds like Henry has some kind of drug related problems? Urine? Police? Checkup? Sounds like rehab for an abuser not for someone with depression. I’m glad Dicky didn’t comment. It would make him more of an ass if his brother wasn’t at all truthful. I support them to resolve it privately. Calling out to the media is pretty low.

  3. I was just rewatching Dicky Cheung in the Journey to West. He was by far the better monkey king compared to Benny Chan. Such a good actor! It makes me question Henry’s intentions. God who knows if he’s just making up all of this to cast a negative light on his brother and sell stories.

    1. Benny is no conparison to Dicky. Dicky is inspiring. Would be fascinating to see Dicky and Roger to Calibrate once again

  4. Unfortunately money plays a super important role in any types of relationships, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, children and parents, etc. Not many people can stay away from this important issue.

    1. I know what you mean sandcherry. It is just so sad how money oriented our world seems to be and with this bad economy, it can just get worse. Money can even tear family apart. My parents always taught my brothers and I to be there for each other and luckily, my siblings and I all have a decent character and do not value money over everything. We all know that our love and bond for each other is much more important.

      Based on the way that D-icky responded(if he truly said that), I have a feeling what his brother said may be at least partially true. I feel disappointed being a fan of D-icky for sooo many years and always looking up to him. I can’t believe that he would be treat his own brother like that. My late friend loved D-icky and he was his favorite actor so he would be really disappointed as well. I remember that there were reports how D-icky was generous when it came to money with his friends. Therefore, I really wonder what happened? Or did his brother do something that provoked him???

      One of my cousins gambled all of my other cousin’s(they are half brothers) and his wife’s money away,but my cousin has a good character so he forgave his brother. But sadly his wife did not… Money is an issue that is hard to avoid and tear a family, relationship,friendship,etc… apart if people are not careful.

      1. But his brother has depression . Maybe he is not suitable to manage his own money . Anyway , this is their family problem . We cant judge based only what his brother is saying . It is not fair for Dicky .

      2. True but based on D-icky’s response as I mentioned and IF he truly did say that, then what his brother said may partially be true. I am not saying all of it is since we all know how the tabloids are. They put in more salt and pepper than we think. In spite of the money, he should at least provide a decent place for his brother to live or at least repair it. It is true that this article is one sided, but D-icky should explain and give his side of the story. But instead, he just did not say anything which may make what his brother said more credible.

      3. Dicky’s brother had depression, but he did not have Alzheimer. He could still manage his own money, may be not all. I believe that what his brother said was at least partially true. Money is a very sinful issue and can ruin any types of relationships.

      4. Maybe he dont want to respond to the tabloids so that the tabloids wont make any story out of what he has said . Well , we didnt know how bad was the house till someone really visit that house.

  5. I know one family where the son (and his wife) conned/robbed his own 80+ yo mother of her entire life savings and then abandoned her. The mother filed a police report and has not seen the son since.

    1. Thanks for sharing but that is sooo sad to hear. How can a son do that this his own mom??? It is so hearbreaking that money and even power can tear even blood apart… Very devastating indeed.

      1. Very sad, indeed. The last incident was just before Chinese New Year (2011), where the son (and his wife) robbed the mother of her funeral savings. Then, they told her that they will bring the money (and jewels) back after Chinese New Year when she demanded that they bring everything back. But, the mother never heard from them again. Only people with “no conscience” would be so evil !!!

      2. Gees, funeral savings and they still took it. Greed knows no end.

      3. Oh my gosh, they took her funeral savings?? There is truly no limit to greed. That is so tragic that something like money can make people do such evil things…

  6. I never like this Dicky, he’s a real ****.

    I believe all that Henry said, Dicky is torturous and cunning.

  7. To confirm Henry’s words are easy, just go to visit his house and his life condition.

    I rmb long ago, Henry and D-icky did a common interview and in that one, Henry said that D-icky paid for his study, hired him as manager when he was unemployed. How can D-icky change that fast from a brother that care for family to a heartless brother? At that moment, D-icky was even more famous than now.

    1. I don’t remember that but people can change before you know it. However, not trying to say that Dicky is like that just saying in general. Based on what I know about Dicky, he is not like that so I really wonder why his brother would say all these things if he did. It would be really messed up for the tabloids to suddenly just make this all up. Dicky and his family can sue them.

    2. I hope that he steps up and clarifies everything or else it will make him look really bad.

      1. From his responses, look like he dun want to clarify anything.

      2. I got a feeling he doesn’t want to badmouth his brother.

    3. Don’t forget the other half can change a man’s thinking and relationship very easily. We don’t know what kind of woman Dicky’s wife is.

      1. From what I heard about his wife before, she seemed like a sweet girl that is not a gold digger or a big spender. I remember how many would make their boyfriends but this and that for them but not her. She said for D-icky to save his money and spend it himself since he worked hard for it. She never buys brand name stuff and her sister who has a French husband and lives in Frànce would but buy some brand name clothing for her. Also, Henry had a good relationship with D-icky’s wife too even before they got married. Therefore, I hope his wife is not responsible.

  8. What’s even more sad is that their private family affairs are revealed to the whole world, I hope they’ll settle it privately. It’s not out business to comment on their family matters

  9. He did say dicky gives him 30k HKD a mth. That’s pretty a lot of money right..

    1. yeah I thought his brother sounded ungrateful. for me, i judge a person by the people he’s associated with. I like the big 4 crew and they seem genuine to me and by association, i can’t imagine dicky being too much of an un-filial son.

    2. yeah I thought his brother sounded ungrateful. for me, i judge a person by the people he’s associated with. I like the big 4 crew and they seem genuine to me and by association, i can’t imagine d-icky being too much of an un-filial son.

  10. I remember reading in newspapers Dicky was the top earner years back at one tine so what is 20 million to him?

    The amount he earned that time was really huge!

  11. Dicky and his two brothers had no father growing up. They were pretty poor and dicky entered tvb and it was Leslie cheung that made Dicky famous. Since then he supported the whole family such as earning money for his two brothers to go to school . Recently dicky s mom came out and publicly stated that Dicky was the rock of the whole family all these years ( Ming PaoNewspaper) because he supported everyone financially and physically. His brother gambles and his mom said dicky is definately not what his bro said he is. I personally think his brother is just exploiting dicky for money like Ada Choi ‘s mother and 張學友 brother .

  12. I dont trust his brother.. Hope Dicky sue his assets.

  13. I dont trust his brother.. Hope D_icky sue his assets.

  14. Since the word drugs was mentioned my bets is this brother is a drug addict and Dicky got fed up and told him to leave. I will believe Dicky in this.

  15. Dicky grew up poor with his two brothers and mother since his father left. Dicky became successful because of Leslie Cheung. He paid for his brothers’ education and everything. His mother recently came out and said Dicky was the rock of the whole family when growing up and asked the public not to believe what the media says (according to Ming PAo Newspaper). He also gives his bros $30000 bucks a month? I think his brother is just exploiting Dicky for money similar to cases with Ada Choi’s mother and Jacky Cheung’s brother.

  16. There are always two sides to a coin. Whatever it is, I hope his issues with his brother can be solved soon.

  17. Family matters is always something very hard to manage and in most cases when theres money involved it makes things more complicated. We’re not the people involved so its really hard to judge and we wouldn’t know if its true or not. In my opinion, family matters shouldnt be made to public. We’re all grown ups and if theres a problem with something then the adults should get it taken care of between each other. And if you’re caring for your family, you probably wouldnt go out and make an announcement about the issue. If Dicky wasnt famous, would his brother go out and tell the world about this? I dont think so.

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