What Dicky Cheung Owes His Wife

Dicky Cheung (張衛健) says he still owes his wife many things, and he’s going to pay them back slowly, sincerely, and with love.

In 2004, Dicky married Jess Zhang (張茜) after seven years of dating. Over the years, the couple have split their time between Hong Kong and Beijing, but even with the long distance and long flights, the couple have stayed together 18 years strong.

But life hasn’t always been perfect for the couple.

Guest starring in a recent episode of the Chinese reality show Familiar Taste 4 <>, Dicky decided to use this opportunity to surprise his wife with a gift that took 15 years in the making: a bridal veil which he had designed himself.

Words alone were not enough for Dicky to express his gratitude and love for his wife. Jess was there for Dicky when he was experience a career low. She was his biggest support when he had to file for bankruptcy. Dicky was at a tight financial situation when the two decided to get married, saying, “Wedding gowns can be really cheap. They can also be really experience. You only wear it once in a life—I had to make it meaningful.”

Just as Dicky was ready to drop the money for Jess’ bridal gown and accessories, Jess surprised Dicky by saying that she had already purchased a gown. It turns out that Jess had purchased a used gown online, saving Dicky from further financial distress. Dicky said, “That’s when I realize, wow, this girl is amazing.”

It’s been 15 years since their marriage, and Dicky still hasn’t forgotten Jess’ words. To give Jess a proper bridal gift, Dicky decided to design a bridal veil custom-made for Jess. Although Jess made fun of Dicky’s design, she broke down into tears as Dicky told viewers the significance of the veil. For the two of them, just sticking by each other is enough.

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com

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  1. The western philosophy is that nobody ever owes anyone anything. So the idea that a woman will sacrifice missing out on anything is never really considered a sacrifice at all. I think this is pretty disadvantageous to each other’s needs in general, because asking for anything or complaining will get you nowhere. You’re expected to accept the other person as is.

    Eastern philosophy is that a husband and wife are a complete codependent unit and sacrifice is a noble aspiration in marriages. Harmony is the utmost goal of any marriage. While this is great in theory, change is expected from both partners to ensure each other’s happiness. Or if one party sacrifices for the other, it’s anticipated that there will be returns. Most people don’t like change, however.

    I think Dicky would be surprised to find that lots of Western women don’t even care about things like rings, weddings, dresses, etc. Or they’ll even supply their own. The idea that he owes his wife anything is a very sentimental gesture, but would definitely get a lot of flak in Western society.

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