Why Dicky Cheung Doesn’t Want to Be a Dad: “I’m not Mature Enough”

Dicky Cheung (張衛健) is best known playing smart and witty characters and would always strive to bring fresh ideas to his audiences. Approaching his career and personal life with the same principle, Dicky finds creative ways ways to freshen up his 16-year marriage. In 2004, Dicky and actress Jess Zhang (張茜) tied the knot in a private ceremony and though they often live separately due to Dicky’s work schedule, their marriage is as strong as ever.

Although Dicky and his wife recently appeared in a reality show together, Dicky does not think it will happen often, “I don’t like it. I’ve been invited many times and I felt obligated to go after declining so many times. Filming together once or twice is fine. We rarely film programs together and only gave an interview together once.”

With a marriage that spans over 16 years, Dicky keeps their relationship fresh by constantly surprising his wife with small gestures. He believes the most important aspect is learning not take the relationship for granted, “When your wife is cooking, don’t take her for granted. Thank her and kiss her. Once you take her for granted, you will lose the sparks in the relationship. Even for simple things such as when she gets me food, I will thank her.”

Continuing sharing his advice, Dicky said, “Just because we have been married for many years, it doesn’t mean we don’t go out on dates. In fact, I often give her small surprises. When I go out, I buy things for her. I would buy flowers for her. Sometimes I write notes and pass them to her.”

Although the couple does not have any children, Dicky is not eager to have them, “I do not have any desire. I am already several decades old, but I don’t think I have matured enough. I am still very childish and in front of my wife, I am even more like a child.”

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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