Dicky Cheung’s Long Distance Marriage

Dicky Cheung (張衛健) married his wife Jess Zhang (張茜) in a private ceremony in 2004. Including the time they were dating, they have been together for 18 years. A little known fact is that they live separately in two different cities: Hong Kong and Beijing and have a successful “long-distance” marriage!

Dicky was recently invited as a guest to variety show Familiar Taste <熟悉的味道> and clarified the situation, “The reason why we live separately is because I do not want Jess to give up her life for me. I understand that her mother is mostly based in Beijing, all of her friends are in Beijing, and her life is in Beijing! I don’t want her to give up everything just for me.”

He emphasized that they never spend more than a month apart, and he often flies to Beijing to be with his wife. Their relationship style has worked well because of the trust they place in each other. “Even though we are so far apart, we both know where the other person is and what she is doing for the day.”

The couple talks on the phone often, and they made a promise to never lie to each other which helps strengthen the trust.

Throughout their marriage, there have rarely been rumors of cheating. Even when the paparazzi reported that Dicky had cheated with a news anchor before his marriage, both he and his wife never bothered to comment. Dicky posted a photo of himself and his wife five days later, quietly answering all rumors without words.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Not popular opinion, but…maybe the secret to their long-lasting marriage IS the long distance haha. When you’re away from your partner for a period of time, seeing them again makes the heart grow fonder. But it also allows the individual to have a life outside of that partner which removes resentment from waiting on them all the time at home.

    Although sometimes that can go the opposite direction and not seeing them enough increases sense of loneliness & makes couple more prone to seek out attention elsewhere. But that’s only if the couple in question don’t put effort into maintaining the relationship, I think. Lots of LDR couples have very strong bonds because they put in effort to videochat, skype, talk on phone, etc. with each other.

    1. @coralie pretty much what you said lol! The distance is the secret xD some people just can’t be together with someone all the time and they need a bit of room just for themselves. However, it does need to stop once you have kids, because it’s not fair for one party to constantly stuck with kids without supports from their partner

  2. My husband and I live LD as well. My husband who is a pharmacist can’t find a job in the city that is full-time plus he makes maximum salary there. My family lives in Toronto but the house I got with husband is outskirts of the city and plus I work also there. A lot of people question why we don’t live together. Questions continuously coming up is why he doesn’t get a job here or why I can’t get a job there. Like Dicky said trust is major key to maintain sanity lol. We never argue due to our time is limited, the only time we argue is because of my MIL otherwise we live a happy and peaceful life lol. Luckily I am planning both of us retire in 20 years so we have gone through six years like this hopefully the 20 years go by soon or I win lottery tomorrow.

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