Buddhism Stops Sire Ma from Attempting Suicide

Last year, Sire Ma’s (馬賽) image suffered a big blow when she was caught as the third party in Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) and wealthy businesswoman Laura Lee’s lesbian relationship. Sire’s image plummeted further as an intimate video of the 27-year-old dancing in lingerie spread virally on the Internet. It is unclear who had released the video, but Sire cried over mistrusting Ziqi in their former affair. Meanwhile, Ziqi and Laura teamed up to accuse her of being a materialistic and manipulative liar.

The intimate video lasted for 30 seconds and showed Sire dancing to music in sexy lingerie while touching herself. The song playing in the background was Doris Day’s “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps”, which was released in the 1950s. Sire appeared to be in a very high mood as she exhibited seductive moves for Wang Ziqi, who did not make an appearance in the video.

Since the lingerie video scandal, TVB has halted all of Sire’s upcoming work plans. At a press conference last week, Sire was in tears and admitted she took more intimate videos and photos of herself. It is speculated that Sire’s second explicit video and more than 100 hundred steamy photos may be spilled at any time.

Due to the pressure and suffering from depression, Sire also revealed she had once wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately she dismissed the negative thoughts under the persuasion of two Buddhist masters, and wears Buddhist prayer beads to maintain clear thoughts.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. she brought all these things upon herself cant really blame anyone tho….

    1. it’s the work of the devil! LOL. or it’s all of god’s plan?

      1. I think you have mixed up two different religions. LOL!!

    2. lol, since when did suicidal thoughts or attempts necessarily mean that one is blaming anyone? imo, she’s thinking of suiciding bcos of all the shame she feels and the dignity she’s lost-I guess it’s her way of thinking it’s ‘the best’ and easiest way to deal with all the humilation. Everyone makes mistakes…i can imagine why she’d think of suiciding. No matter which gender she’s attracted to, she’s still a woman, and unfortunately society has it tough on women keeping their image so-called ‘clean’ or else they’d be criticised and judged for practically the rest of their lives. Having your private photos exposed for the whole world to see,I think the humilation would feel equivalent to death arriving at the doorstep.

      Yeah she may have brought all this upon herself, but she didnt do these things in order to cause harm on anyone in the beginning. She, in fact no one, deserves to humilated like this. These were private matters to be left in private anyway.

      1. She’s the mistress and the humiliation is on her. Of course she sticks her nose in the wrong place at the wrong time. People like her has no suicidal thoughts because she’s a selfish b!tch. She will continue to lie. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    1. Agree, she needs to shut her mouth and close her legs. Silence is golden. Don’t bring Buddhism in.

  2. TvB is in a headache mode handling COFFEE AND SIRE issue back to back

  3. Buddhism allow premarital sex, homosexuality, breaking up other people’s family, greedy over monetary gains, and etc?

    1. please do not talk bad about other religion.i am sure you have your own religion and your religion teach you how to respect other religion.

      1. Not talking bad about a religion; you are misunderstanding it. My question is fair. Does that religion allow premarital sex, homosexuality, breaking up other people’s family, greedy over monetary gains, and etc? Because I don’t understand why anyone would dare to still bring their religion into discussion after committing those ‘sins’.

        My religion is to respect those that are not hypocrites.

    2. It seems that in this site the only religion one can pick on is Christianity.

      All other religions are off limits.

    3. How about the Christianity when they create cruel people who always remain their discrimination towards others?

      1. christianity create cruel people? you got that wrong, it’s the people who are cruel on their own accord maybe due to the many bad experiences encountered, or the sinful nature in them, but its good to follow God’s laws and not judge others, love the person but hate the sin, it’s not easy to be a christian haha

      2. If you say Islam creates cruel people who always remain their discrimination towards others, I might be inclined to agree until I remember it is the people who interprete these religions that got it all wrong, not the religion itself.

  4. It’s interesting how that gold-diggin mother of Sire’s didn’t even come forth to defend her daughter.

    1. Well, perhaps her mother, being not part of the entertainment industry i believe, knew best not to cause more noise out of this incident. Not all show of support has to be made public for the whole world to hear. She may have supported her daughter a billion times more effective behind closed doors/in private than had she come out with some words to the media.

      1. Yup, she did supported her daughter alright but for the wrong reasons. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  5. TVB fired Coffee, they should do the same with Sire. Sad that no one came out to speak up for Coffee while many came out to make BS comments to support Sire as what a wonderful actress she is. Seriously? Sure can’t act crap.

    1. I agree on the sire and coffee situation. but I think sire can act she just can’t control her personal life.

    2. This is because Sire is much more popular and valuable than Coffee. For Coffee, it was only after her incidence in the bathroom that people even knew who she was. TVB wanted to save their image and simply fired her.

      As for Sire, TVB invested a lot of time and effort for time to strive to success, for example, back in 2011 she was overwhelmed with so many job offers and within years of getting Most Improved Female Artiste she got promoted to supporting and leading roles.

      Not many people voiced out their opinions to support Coffee because they don’t know her too well, while Sire has the support from people like Wayne, Moses & even Myolie.

      Either way, I pity neither.

  6. Sire takes a part in this mess. It was her who stole the husbie of another and then messed up with wrong person. She can try many ways to ease the pain, but cant run away from this mess.

  7. No one should take videos and photos of this kind. Ignorant that it won’t haunt you some day. Poor girl. She should just lay low and let it run its course. Like the Edison scandal which is so bad..people still move on. It’ll be ok. Only thing is she did dampen her own career which was on the rise.

  8. This chick seem so sweet in dramas but holy crap !! more than 100 pics ??… i hope for her sake they arent as bad as Edison’s.

  9. Sigh, if only she had maintained such clear thoughts before doing what she did. I like to stress, what she did isn’t so terrible. It is not really what she did, although the media will crucify her for her actions. What is more important is who you’re doing what you did with. Learn who to trust, who to give your all to, who to seduce and how you seduce. Don’t be so stupid like Sire Ma.

  10. Peculiarly, often when $hit hits the fan, celebrities always bring up religion. It’s the same for Edison Chen. It’s as if by broadcasting the belief of a deity, they hope to erase issues in their past from the public eye. They’re “born again” devout followers who have sinned and will no longer sin again. For some people, that is the case – like Ada Choi for instance or Vanness Wu. But for others I highly suspect it’s nothing more than a show and publicity stunt.

    Funny how Ms. Virginia Lok made these accusations at Coffee Lam, yet for her own artist like Sire, she has nothing to comment. I believe this Ms. 620 has made herself quite a hypocrite with statements like these over the years.

    1. Because coffee is a nobody. No particular commercial interest attached to her name, no branding, no nothing. Sire is more well known, once tipped as the golden girl of TVB.

      Moreover, Sire’s situation is more dire. Coffee’s worst was sounds and she knowingly did it in a public toilet accessible by public. Sire.. we have yet to see the worst but right now, it is terrible and hers was a private video in a private home but was released to public.

      What can 620 say or not say? If she made any unsympathetic comment about Sire, then many may see her as not being a good sympathetic boss for an employee whose life is ruined by a callous evil ex lover. If she said something favourable, people will say she is ignoring the moral dilemma.

      So for once she remained absolutely silent. Which is better for Sire but even when 620 seemed to be like supporting you, her every word is like a dagger.

  11. When will these people learn that when you are a “public” figure – you should never let people have a chance to do these things to you (use your scandalous pictures or videos). Chances are your rivals or enemies will use them against you when they can.

  12. I’m curious that Virginia Lok didn’t guide Sire into Christianity for solace. She did so with Gigi Lai when Gigi Lai was down.

    1. don’t think virginia lok would invest her precious time in a nobody, gigi lai is a fadan and has a wealthy boyfriend / hubby

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