Can’t Rap? Kris Wu Releases Diss Track

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Can’t Rap? Kris Wu Releases Diss Track

Kris Wu (吴亦凡), one of China’s most popular young idols, has been invited back to judge the second season of The Rap of China <中国新说唱>, the revolutionary singing competition that catalyzed the popularity of Mandarin rap in China. It was the show that meme-ified the phrases “Do you have freestyle?” and “Skr”, both which were said by Kris on the show.

Despite his popularity and influence to young culture, the former EXO member isn’t free from criticism. His successful music career isn’t stopping netizens and other colleagues from criticizing Kris for being a poor rapper, with some saying, “He doesn’t even understand rap.”

Kris didn’t stay quiet. In response to the criticism and the spread of unfounded rumors, Kris released the diss track “Skr,” a 2 minutes and 44 second song written and produced by Kris. The rapper started off the song with the lyrics, “This time there’s no autotune [so] don’t come to me saying that it’s electronic music.”

He continues the track by saying that he won’t take any of the online criticism to heart because “[they’re] not on the same level.” Netizens are keyboard warriors that merely hide behind a screen and never take responsibility over their words. Some hate for the sake of hating, and many spin hateful words without attempting to understand the situation first.

Check out the diss track below:


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Can’t Rap? Kris Wu Releases Diss Track

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  • 8 comments to Can’t Rap? Kris Wu Releases Diss Track

    1. citygal says:

      Even when he was in EXO he was always known as a bad rapper.

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    2. michelle2805 says:

      he is a bad rapper ….he doesnt know how to rap T__T

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    3. msxie0714 says:

      Is he really that bad or just getting a bad rap?

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      • littlefish replied:

        @msxie0714 haha i see what you did there xD!

        So just had time to check out the video, at first I thought he was just answering/saying his inner thought, then I remembered the article and realise that this is the song, wow dude, speaking in a straight tone like reading a line is not rapping, stop embarrassing yourself!

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    4. lynn90 says:

      Kris didn’t take any criticism to heart but yet made a diss track? Haha, okay.

      I think the problem with Kris and many of the new mumbling rappers is, he perceives hip hop and rap to be like fashion, something you can wear, flash, show off, and become if you act hard enough. But hip hop and rap is much more than that. It’s about passion, hardships, deep lyrics, and life. It’s not how ghetto or arrogant you act or how many chains you wear, it’s about how kickass and badass you can use your voice, brain, and body language to connect to people. Everything is skin deep for Kris. That’s what makes him a bad rapper. He has no soul to rap. He’s just dropping words. Just because you collaborate with other rappers, release diss tracks, and mumble your words with a bad attitude doesn’t mean you know how to rap. Instead of wasting all of his energy looking mad, tough, and cocky like someone stole his money, he should focus that energy on becoming more genuine. He needs to be more authentic.

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      • littlefish replied:

        @lynn90 well said! Though actually rapping is a good start, because atm he’s just reading the lines like someone doing a speech at a ceremony >_> last I check we call these speeches and not rapping xD

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      • msxie0714 replied:

        @lynn90 What do you guys think of the amazing rocker/rapper Hua Chenyu:

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    5. lynn90 says:

      ^I like him. He’s different, unique, can sing, rap, compose, and play instruments. His voice is full of emotions, lyrics are thought provoking, and very entertaining to watch, personally. I’m not much of a rocker or rapper fan but definitely enjoy his performances.

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