Carlos Chan Scolded for Eating Messily and Spilling Customer’s Milk Tea

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Carlos Chan Scolded for Eating Messily and Spilling Customer’s Milk Tea

Yesterday, EEG artist Carlos Chan (陳家樂) filmed a commercial in which he acted as a “super worker,” playing the roles of a supermarket assistant, delivery guy, and waiter. Carlos attracted a group of women while filming at the street market. In the commercial, he showcased his charm by using his eyes to stare into the female customer’s and speedily swapped apples for another patron. However, he is not a “super worker” in real life and quite clumsy as well.

When he was working as a delivery boy at a Hong Kong café as his summer job, he crashed his bike while delivering takeout midway. “The milk tea spilled, and there was only half left, but at the time I was very dumb and did not think to go back to the restaurant to pour a new one,” Carlos shared. “I only gave the customer a half-spilled milk tea, and the customer called the customer to complain. The boss thought I drank it myself!”

The actor also shared another story in which a “super worker” yelled at him. Carlos said it happened during elementary school when he went to eat at a fast food chain with his mom. His mother left him for a second, and he was minding his own business eating when a lady who worked at the restaurant came up to him and said, “Child, don’t eat so messily, it’s wrong to be like this.”

Indeed, he was eating very messily, and starting crying upon hearing what the restaurant’s staff said. “Afterward, my mom came back and asked me what happened. I told her the lady scolded at me for eating dirtily, and my mom said, ‘That’s right! Her saying that about you is right!’ The worker came over to apologize to my mom for making me cry.”

However, Carlos’ mom did not accept her apology. “My mom said, ‘You are right! You should scold him! He is very dirty!’ After that time, I remembered not to create such a mess while eating.”

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Carlos Chan Scolded for Eating Messily and Spilling Customer’s Milk Tea

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