Cecilia Cheung Dates Middle-Aged Man

After ex-husband Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) reconciled his romance with Faye Wong (王菲), Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) decided to move on with her life as well. She accepted Singaporean restaurateur, Martin, who has been pursuing her for six months. Although Martin treats Cecilia’s sons Lucas and Quintus very well, Lucas still misses his real father and does like Cecilia’s new boyfriend.

Martin Treats Cecilia’s Sons Well

Martin2On October 11, 40-year-old Martin picked up Cecilia at Singapore’s Changi Airport after her flight from Hong Kong. After taking a break inside Cecilia’s $20 million HKD home, the couple drove Lucas and Quintus out for lunch at a Thai restaurant.

Throughout the meal, Martin served Cecilia and Quintus attentively with their favorite foods. However, the more rebellious 7-year-old Lucas ignored Martin and turned his back away, focusing on playing iPad games instead.

Martin and Cecilia were seen wearing the same matching watches, indicating their close relationship. After finishing their lunch, Martin put his hand familiarly on Cecilia’s back as they boarded his car.

Later that night at 7 p.m., Cecilia headed out again with Martin after settling her sons at home. They dined at Martin’s restaurant, Tong Ah (東亞), and chatted animatedly throughout the meal. Normally loving to smoke and drink alcohol, Cecilia stayed sober and only drank tea that night.

Cecilia Met Martin at Restaurant

Several months ago, Cecilia met Martin at his restaurant, where she is a frequent customer. An insider spilled, “After Cecilia found out Martin goes to the same church, they had more things to talk about. At first, Cecilia treated Martin as a normal friend and agreed to meet together at church or for lunch.

“Cecilia has many pursuers over the last two years, but she was not interested in any of the men. She still had someone inside her heart. Last month when she realized it was impossible to get back together with Nicholas Tse, she decided to accept Martin. She felt that he is mature and takes care of her sons.”

Martin realized the key to Cecilia’s heart is to treat her sons Lucas and Quintus well. On his days off, Martin will take the boys out to theme parks and buy their favorite toys. Despite his efforts, Lucas has not come to accept this new “uncle”, whom Lucas feels has stolen his mommy away.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow!, this is the first article (on HK celebs) in which they really had gone out of their way to point that the dude is old (he is the same age as Kenneth Ma).

    I guess they do that because CeCe is involved. LOL!!

  2. >>>”Cecilia has many pursuers over the last two years, but she was not interested in any of the men. She still had someone inside her heart. Last month when she realized it was impossible to get back together with Nicholas Tse, she decided to accept Martin. She felt that he is mature and takes care of her sons.”

    She’s damned either way.

    (1) So perhaps she didn’t date before bec of her 2 sons = they were 2 young and needed mom time. (read: she’s still hung up over Nic)

    (2) She was trying to get other bits of her life together, and was tired juggling parenting/career/daily life challenges. (read: she’s still not over Nic)

    (3) She dates and works (read: she’s a bad mom for neglecting her parenting duties).

    (4) She has friends she confides in (read: OMG. she’s is badmouthing Nic, she needs to bottle all dirty linen up, go slowly crazy and then we can label her officially “crazy, depressed and suicidal, unfit mother”).

    (5) She finds someone who accepts her, Nic’s kid baggage et al = out comes her history of yesteryr with Edison from all the naysayers and Nic fans.

    (6) She moves on (read: she’s desperate, she’s making Nic jealous, she’s taking the kids far and making life difficult. To SG – a mere 3h flight away from HK?!? With more privacy, safety and a way better bilingual education system? Wow that’s almost the Antarctic in distance.)

    Way to go! Yea!

    1. Yeah. And mind you, the travel distance from HK to SG is the same as HK to Beijing.

  3. you called that middle age man?..looks like they are about same age…

  4. Terrible translations throughout this aritcle.

    Cecilia is already in her mid to late 30’s, and this dude is only 40 and you call him middle-aged? You made it sound like the guy was much older than Cecilia by calling him that.

    and why place so much emphasis on dollar figure.. After taking a break in Cecilia’s 20 million HKD house.. did you really had to include the 20 million dollar figure? how do you know EXACTLY that it’s worth 20 million HKD? LOL. What a joke!

    1. I know, she is also in her 30s now and with 2 kids right? hahaa LOL…n when i read that he is 40 and you call him middled age? hahaa LOL… funny really i mean if she’s in her teens or 20s ok but at her age? haha LOL…

      1. LOL, no she doesn’t, I’ve seen her in person and she looks her age.

  5. It’s not Cecilia who’s not willing to move on, it’s the reporters -.-

    let her be!!

  6. Lol, again. Like everyone has pointed out. And Jaynestars also can do better with more worth reading articles than this type of media bull 🙂

  7. pleeeze no more news about Cecilia. Sick of her. It’s her life. Leave her alone.

  8. Hey, that restaurant is next to my office! I hung out there a couple of times but didn’t see them

      1. @jayne,

        The restaurant is quite new in the area but very hyped up. They sell tasty and completely overpriced burgers (around usd20 each). The interiors are very funky though and the whole place turns very loud at night. Only suitable for families in the day.

      2. He doesn’t own that Thai place they dined at

        If he owns Tong Ah … that’s established old style kopi-tiam (old coffeshop style) with rave reviews. Good bfast kaya toast/coffee with great tzi-char (cooked on the spot dishes).
        They have modernized gone a little funkier to keep up with being in the revival Keong Siak Street area in SG.

        Just dig up any food reviews on them from popular food review masters in SG:
        Hungry Go Where, or even the more generic

        Any Singaporean should be able to pinpoint (even without seeing or tasting) what kind of nostaligic yesteryr place they’re talking about:
        old school, neighborhood style with fairly solid staples.

        I doubt he’s super rich(then again with hawkers and people very established in the restaurant business you never know – they often drive Mercs and have bungalows in the prime SG districts sometimes)but I doubt he’s poor and out to cheat her either.

        As for kids = don’t most kids these days from 6 – > 16 have their noses glued on their iphones or ipads when it is boring adult conversations outside?
        They have also read alot into that!

      3. Jayne, It’s a really small restaurant. Not a place to go to avoid prying eyes for sure.

    1. you work in the day, they are there at night

      hopefully, martin is not a con man, but am pretty sure he has seen her *** photos on the internet..

      better to stay single and focus attention on her kids

  9. Isn’t middle aged like 60 nowadays? Anyhow, Cecelia will do well with a mature partner who knows how to take care of her and her kids. I wish her the best!

    1. Couldn’t agree more on the definition of middle aged in tandem with the social nsorm nowadays. Calling a 40 y.o man middle aged is simply umm… unexpected. I am not a fan of Cecilia or Nicholas for that matter but I have a feeling that this piece of news is aimed at Cecelia going for much older partner just like her ex-husband hooking up with Faye.

      Nothing wrong with either one of them settling down with partner of their choice irrespective of the age gap *Shrugged

    2. who lives to the age of 120 nowadays? 80+ is the tops, so i go with 40 too for middle age, check out in source, martin looks rather ‘ah pek’

      maybe martin is good with words, but it is best to listen n observe a child’s intuition, her son lucas must be having a bad feeling about this martin (not talking to him), so she should be wary as well

      moreover, kids grow up very fast and this is the best for a mum to bond with her children

      maybe she thought, oh nic and edi are fairly good looking guys and it didn’t turn out well, so she can trust herself with this less than ‘average looking man’.. HUGE MISTAKE, best to let go and be single, don’t need to prove to nic or to the world anything

      another point to take note, her kid don’t even want to talk to him (martin), this guy is very thick skin, he (martin) is really desperate, am listing out the things cecelia chung can offer.. money, body, being with someone famous, connections etc, or maybe he is just bored, so he found something interesting to do + (insurance package), good deal for a leftover man like him

      luke 16 : 18
      “Any man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery; and the man who marries a divorce who commits adultery”

    3. luke 16 : 18
      “Any man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery; and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery”

      1. And how do you know her son feels bad?

        Kind of creeping me out when I saw the Luke’s – people should be happy – divorce is not a sin so marriage and re-marriage.

        I do not object people have their belief in regions. I hate to people bring God/Gods to discuss some normal social issue, are all the gospels/bible correctly written, have the churches always right? Recently, I saw a lot of artists and people claimed to be Christians and live as a Christians, turn out a lot were hypocrites

      2. @ ikv, sad to know that you don’t have any true christians friends

        we humans are born with ‘sin’ in us, sometimes God puts trials in our lives to test us, some people succeed and some people fail

        luke would be happy if nic is around, that’s becos it’s his dad, eg no matter how well grandparents take care of the grandkids, the grandkids would look forward to be with the parents at the end of the day

      3. lucas would be happy if nic is aound, bcos it’s his dad, eg no matter how the grandparents take care of the grandkids, the grandkids would look forward to being with the parents at the end of the day

      4. I actual graduated from one of the top Christian universities in US. I do have belief so do many people around me. But besides belief, I have my views on different issues. I do not really like the ideas to bring God to everywhere, in every social context just to attack other people’s opinion.

      5. you are a graduate from one of the top uni in us and you do not know God or your time of visitation?

  10. This old man is too old for cecilia. She deserve a better one

  11. I think the same thing as you. This guy has nothing to lose from a desserted divorced woman with two boys. Think of wealth, sex and life insurance, we can’t say more! Cecilia has to be cautious!

  12. Jaynestar news are not reliable. I know this guy, his name is not Martin to begin with! Jayne, time to review on your writers information and news!

  13. I read in the newspaper about this new relationship. But, that article said the guy’s name is Earn Chan and in the fashion line. So, different from what’s said in this article.

  14. After reading this news, I am now expecting another article with the title “Nicholas Tse marrying the middle aged Faye Wong”
    First of all, Cecelia Cheung is no spring chicken anymore so dating a forty year old man shouldn’t be news. I”m more surprised that a man in his forties would date a woman with baggage. Most men in their forties would rather date hot women in their peak twenties ex. Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai, etc…

  15. I think this news article give a more accurate report of the relationship


    The tone of the news is way more positive than the ihktv one.


    “She reportedly got to know Chen in church earlier this year, after which he started to woo her for six months before winning her heart last month.”

    “Chen had been bonding with Quintus and Lucas by taking them on outings to Universal Studios Singapore and water parks, a Hong Kong publication, Sudden Weekly, reported.”

    “Chen is a well-known figure in the local fashion and subculture scene. He is good friends with celebrities such as K-pop superstar G-Dragon.”

  16. That guy is called Earn Chen. not Martin. He started Sg’s potato head club. he was once a partner of Surrender boutique@raffles hotel, mbs, and an outlet in Shang hai.

    Hope this is a lead to more findings.

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