Cecilia Cheung Doesn’t Love Nicholas Tse Anymore; Complains He is an Irresponsible Father

As congratulations poured in over Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Faye Wong (王菲) reuniting their love after an 11-year separation, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) has been secretly crying. Cecilia admitted that she has made many mistakes in her past relationship, but complained that Nicholas has been an irresponsible father and spent little time with their two sons since their divorce in 2011.

During the height of their marriage crisis in June 2011, Cecilia spilled that Nicholas “rarely pays attention to their sons” and “pretends that the children are transparent”. At the time, Cecilia believed that Nicholas wanted Cecilia to have children to “bind” her. Five years after their divorce, Nicholas continues to pay little attention to their sons, Lucas and Quintus, ages 7 and 4, and rarely visits them after Cecilia moved to Singapore to provide a better environment for the boys to grow up in.

Cecilia Has No More Feelings Towards Nicholas

Cecilia confided her feelings towards Nicholas in her former boss, China Star Entertainment’s Tiffany Chan (陳嵐). Feeling sorry for Cecilia, Tiffany revealed, “I asked whether she was crying so much because she still loved Nicholas? She said no, but she felt hurt over her two sons. [Nicholas] does not care about his sons at all; he saw the boys on very few occasions this year. Cecilia welcomes him to see the boys anytime, but he always said he is too busy with work. He rarely asks to see the boys, so Cecilia felt that this man is no longer worth loving.”

Tiffany criticized that Nicholas did not even spend his own birthday celebrating with Lucas and Quintus, giving the boys little fatherly love in a divorced family.

Cecilia Admits Past Mistakes

Tiffany also added, “Cecilia said she made many mistakes in her love life and career. If she can go back, perhaps history would be rewritten.” Tiffany wholly sympathizes with Cecilia and hopes to give her career a boost by casting her as the deity, Nezha, in an upcoming film version of Investiture of the Gods <封神榜>.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What on earth is wrong with this woman? Everytime he has news of a new woman in his life, comes all this drama.

      1. Didn’t she decide to break up with him? And wasn’t she greedy for money so she took the kids?

    1. Cecilia is sour grape!! She said that because she is jealous and want Nic to look bad as a father.

    2. Since she’s box office poison, this is all she can do to practice her acting.

      Whingeing and whining……I hope she doesn’t poison the boys’ minds about their father.

      1. “I hope she doesn’t poison the boys’ minds about their father.”

        Agreed! 😀 🙁 LOL!

      2. Yup, he’s no good but she’s a mother and much worst. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    3. Because she has yet to move on. It’s always like that after a break up. She’ll be in a good place when she finds someone new.

    4. Why the drama?

      She speaks the truth when asked her opinion.

      There’s no way the dude can rise up his career or expand his businesses IF there was no one around to take care of the daily lives of those 2 young kids.

      1. Agree. Cecilia is the woman behind NICs success as the saying goes, in silence despite divorced.

      2. Ya, I hope NT and Faye would not last. Why did he marry Cecelia C since he could not let go of his old love. Why marry have kids and yet so irresponsible. I pity CC, shes lumbered with the 2 kids while the silly father had a swinging time. Saw faye 20 times and not seeing sons at all. Shouldn’t be called joint custody. I hope CC would be able to drop him and even let the children forget about him.

      3. I hope deep down Nic Tse can still find that love he once had for Cecilia and they might mature with time and reconcile soon in the future once NT and Faye affair ends. I remember NT saying once that Cecilia more important to him than even his boys and that he still loves her despite the divorce – so lets hope that love will rekindle. I dont hope that CC will forget him or badmouth NT or forget their father but I wish NT and CC be able to reconcile one day – is this too wishful thinking? Just my wish….no offence intended to anyone…

      4. Absolutely agree with you! I think CC should get the joint custody with Nick instead of full custody so that she can find time for her own career, start a new relationship and move on!

    5. She started the whole misery as an Irresponsible partner. What more can she ask.

    6. This woman always create drama when Nic with any woman. Haizzz Drama Queen

    7. I thought she wanted to have the two kids because she has nothing left so nic agreed to let them stay with her? I thought she went away because she wanted to hide from Nic and his parents? I remember reading articles about not letting the two kids seeing their grandparents and father

  2. Didn’t this man stuck by her during her photos scandal with Edison. He stay with her through all that for his kids.

    1. HE would have looked bad too, if he dumped her right away.

      Isn’t it cleverer to look the good loving bigger person, accepting and supportive …. and stick it out for a while longer before divorcing?

      People buy into packaging so easily. I have an evil 3rd eye that often see otherwise.

  3. wasn’t she going to ship her sons to canada, and only settled on singapore after nic offered her some incentives? if she really wanted her sons to see nic regularly, she would not move away so far.

  4. who can help me understand how nicholas got famous? Terrible blanked face acting and a poser for what is trendy. Say what you will able Cecilia but she could at least act.

      1. i had to give some thought to your comment…and you know what you are right

    1. i don’t understand either. i never thought that he was handsome ever…. in fact, i’ve aliways liked cecilia.

  5. I feel sorry for her. I think she’s lying when she said she has no more feelings for Nic. For her to find someone that love her and her two sons is hard especially her involvement in the sex scandal. She will have to live with that all her life. She’s obviously jealous of Nic and Faye getting back together. She should just focus in raising her kids and forget about the show biz. I bet she can live with the alimony from her ex husband without having to work anymore.

    1. “I asked whether she was crying so much because she still loved Nicholas? She said no, but she felt hurt over her two sons. [Nicholas] does not care about his sons at all; he saw the boys on very few occasions this year. Cecilia welcomes him to see the boys anytime, but he always said he is too busy with work. He rarely asks to see the boys, so Cecilia felt that this man is no longer worth loving.”

      Don’t see her feeling sorry for anybody. Nick is irresponsible and she is responsible, she should settle down in one place and make it easy for him and his parents to see the kids. She should go the extra mile and bring the kids to them. Be open minded. Why even bother adding salt and pepper to him. She has a thing for bad boys. He’s a bad boy but comparing to Edison, he’s much better. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. Poor CC. She may be a good mother but if a guy does not love you truly he would not bother to make much effort on your behalf or even for the children of your union. Sad fact of life.
      It would be better to just keep quiet, preserve whatever pride and dignity she still has and bring up her children properly. When they grow up the will be wise enough to know who is a better parent to them. She should realize that whatever dumb thing she does (like cozying up to that Edison after the scandal) or say will only bounce back to her in the worst possible way.
      Whereas Faye has always been cool as a cucumber, very much like Nic.

  6. i just feel very sorry for Cecilia Cheung to actually have to move to Singapore and have a better life with the boys as they grow up!!! >.< but as she says that she has no feelings with Nicholas anymore i think she kind of jealous about Nicholas and Faye getting together again!!!!!

  7. Wouldn’t she be a little old to play Nezha?

    I know actresses are often cast as Nezha in past production, but, Cecilia is in her 30s now and Nezha is supposed to be a 3 year old kid.

    1. @Kidd

      Well Brad Pitt did play a very, very old man, and went all the way to a brand new-born baby, lol. Just saying

  8. I can’t understand Cecilia. There’s nothing much you could do or control over your ex-husband. Yes, those are his flesh and blood but if he doesnt want to visit, what can you do? You could only do your best to play the role as both mother and father. Do not hang on hopes for this man anymore, move on.

    1. Ya,we hope she could forget her awful past and move on.She was unlucky to have the idiot Edison filming her in her relationship. Also hope she is given a second chance to meet a very good man.

  9. I understand why Ceci is upset and offended. Well, it is hard to accept that your husband comes back to his ex. It means for all the time he is with you, he still loves his ex the most and you are merely the replacement. It is hurtful, even after many years. In fact, when you really love someone, just seeing him happily go out with someone else, you will feel hurt. It is unavoidable. Actually I dont think Ceci is drama queen in this case but deep inside, she is jealous.

  10. maybe she’s upset because Nic rarely sees the kids yet he flew to beijing 20 times in 6 months amidst his busy schedule to meet with Faye. If i was cecilia i would be upsets too

    1. Agreed, if Nicholas Tse has time to fly to Beijing for snookie, he has time to fly to Singapore to spend time with his sons (instead of dumping all the childcare on Cecilia Cheung by lying about not having time to do so).

  11. still jealous lol is she the irresponsible mother? like she brought her sons to Canada and then singpore? they frequently travel around and skipping school?? lol

    1. isn’t it simpler for Cecilia to just LEAVE the kids with her maid instead of lugging them around with her for work, for choosing schools/ new lifestyle in Vancouver??

      afterall kids cramp your partying and dating freedom.

  12. When Nic and Cecilia were married, they seem like a good couple. They were always showing such sweet public affection towards each other, which is so rare in the Chinese society, especially for a celeb couple. She would even visit him on his movie sets, bringing lunchboxes which she prepared herself and cooking on set for him at times . I really like them as a couple and I have nothing against them as individuals.

    Unfortunately, divorce happens and it makes us sad that it does. Both of them have made some horrible mistakes as spouses and as parents. Nic appears to be moving on and I think Cecilia should do the same. Nic should dedicate time and attention in his two adorable boys, just saying.

    Cecilia on the other hand needs to stop throwing down so much drama every time it appears that Nic is involved with a new woman, or there is gossip of him with a new woman. Her antics are getting tiresome, boorish and childish. She should concentrate firstly on her two sons, and then carve out a new life for herself, whether it be in her career, her love life, or both.

    I wonder if she is bipolar sometimes, based on her behaviour at times, a lot of times.

    I wish Cecilia and Nic happiness in their future.

  13. Is she high on something whenever she start raving about her ex-husband? She was the one who yanked the children away from Hong Kong (obviously to spite Nicholas and his parents)and now she has the nerve to said that Nicholas never spend time with the children. She might love a gypsy life but please spare the mad wandering (from Canada to Singapore)for the sake of the children. The apple does not fall far from the apple tree. Look at her own messed up family (father, mother and brother) and do you think she can be a good guide for the growing up children.

    1. Interesting.

      But what do you think of the Tses, thet they’re not “messed up”? Hardly dysfunctional? The Tses may be better at keeping up high profile appearances and packaging wealth even when there is none …but they’re no less dysfuntional.

      Parents who lock their kids as money machines to EEG because of their own financial problems …

      Stories about the revolving door during Jennifer’s schooldays run in Vancouver. One bf in, the other out. The family uprooted, and left her to the care of the aging grandma.

      I can see why she left Vancouver = it’s a mini HK, and has lousy infrastructure,with an even shittier education system for kids … not to mention it’s a butt-aching 13h ride from HK.

  14. Cecilia Cheung is just jealous about the Nic and Faye’s relationship. She is a SUPER DRAMA QUEEN and big fat liar (when she was crying that Nic is giving enough attention to his kids by being an irresponsible dad. Hello, why on earth does she need to cry over this kind of thing..

    she was crying becoz she can’t let go of her past. she hopes to reconcile with Nic by taking custody of their children. Trust me, she wants the kids for her purpose to get back to Nic. I guess she will just dreamt bat this.

    and maybe one of the reason why Nic doesn’t wanna visit their kids is becoz he doesn’t wanna see Cecilia as he doesn’t wanna give her a hope that they can reconcile their relationship (remember of one the article when Nic visited Cecilia’s house just to see the kids and HK paparazzi thought that they will reconcile soon)

  15. Wow. I always see comments made on her “dramaqueen”ways but this really prove it all….. Don’t fight like this. Don’t tear your kids up and I’d hate to see their reactions when they’re older and come across these news.

  16. Uhh….Am I reading this differently from everyone else? From what I’m reading, the one that is doing all the bashing is this Tiffany person to the press and not Cecilia herself. Unless Cecilia said these in any recent interviews or else they are just fabrication by the awesome HK press.

    1. Yea I agree, either the press is making things up again or this Tiffany person is trying to stir up drama to promote her upcoming movie. Some people keep questioning why Ceci happens to create drama whenever Nic is rumoured with a female, well maybe the media is just trying to drum things up so that they can squeeze a response out from her.

      1. I mean you see variety show hosts adopt a certain character/persona – it makes them more memorable to the audience. Likewise, the media will try to paint you in a certain light and these things can stick after once or twice. Any news thereafter can easily be twisted to fit that image. Not to say that everything they report must be false though.

  17. even IF Cecilia herself had said he wasn’t a great dad …. what’s wrong with that? facts hurt???

    any supportive Nic fan questioning if Faye is a fab mom? she left her kid’s primary day to day care to Li Ya Peng

  18. I believe Cecilia, nicholas is abandoning his child just like how his father abandon him, especially now that he have faye

  19. Why are people saying nic stay by cecilia during the scandal, aint that the reason he divorce her

  20. Why is she calling him an “irresponsible father” now or whenever he seems to be dating someone? Even if he is, her timing for bashing him only makes her look pathetic and bitter, and less believable.

  21. Why is she being such a drama queen? There was a case in Shanghai, where a chinese billionaire divorced with his gorgeous ex wife. ( He’s good looking as well) He’s a billionaire so of course he’s not always home. But i dont see his ex wife complaining about it. They had twins ( A boy & A girl ) Both are 19 now. His daughter is jaw droppingly gorgeous, while his son is just simply too good looking. I dont see them having trouble growing up. Why? All they have is money. And not just million but billion. NT and CC are celebs, so were NT’s parents(which probably why NT became “famous” ) so i suppose they atleast have $30 million and above. They say money cant solve everything, well it solves most.. No offence..

    1. Money can solve most things but not kids growing up with resentment towards their absent father and having dysfunctional relationships because of that. No Offense.

      1. Agree with Lambo. I think these kids who are deprived by father’s attention will grow up well cushioned by his wealth. Kids are resilient and they learn to grow a hard shell of indifference which makes them immune to any further disappointments. In the end as long as money is provided for them to have a better life free of struggles they wouldn’t give a hoot to what their parents do anymore.

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