Cecilia Cheung Enraged by Nicholas Tse Dating Zhou Xun?

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has publicly denied romantic rumors with Zhou Xun (周迅), and some say that it is all due to pressure from his ex-wife Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝).

In July, Hong Kong news outlets revealed that Cecilia has plans to immigrate to Canada with her two sons, Lucas (謝振軒) and Quintus (謝振南). This surprising development fueled rumors linking her ex-husband Nicholas Tse with mainland actress Zhou Xun. Reports alleged that the new couple met at an underground rock concert in Beijing at the end of 2012. The two soon became a couple and most recently, Zhou Xun was spotted renting an apartment at Parkside at Pacific Place, the same building that Nicholas has called home for the past two years.

Cecilia apparently became enraged at the news, and decided to take her two sons overseas. Over the next few weeks, Cecilia was frequently seen enjoying life in Vancouver and showed off her new carefree lifestyle. Meanwhile, Nicholas became worried about being separated from his sons. He quickly decided to move out and rented a new 3,300 square feet luxury apartment at Mid-Levels, using action to show Cecilia that he has cut all ties with Zhou Xun. Nicholas also made a promise to not become involved in a new relationship, hoping to quell Cecilia’s agitation.

Cecilia seems pleased by the new development and agreed to bring Lucas and Quintus home temporarily while they prepare for the immigration process. On August 11, fans spotted Cecilia, her two sons, and younger brother Ronnie Cheung (張豪龍) at the Vancouver International Airport ready to board a flight to Hong Kong. Cecilia was in a great mood and accepted all requests for photographs. However upon landing in Hong Kong, Cecilia and her two sons were nowhere to be seen, possibly wanting to avoid questions from the media. After awhile, her brother Ronnie exited customs alone with their luggage but kept mum when asked to comment on Cecilia’s whereabouts.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Enraged because your “ex” is dating again? Not sure about that… as an “ex” you have no say in the matter really. And if he is basing his current love life on demands/fears about his “ex”, then he’s doing it wrong 😛

    1. Agree with you. I thought they agreed to separate & divorced & now she’s regretting it. I feel it’s more of Cecilia trying to come back to Nicholas than the other way round. Once you’ve divorced you could just wish your ex all the best. In this case, whatever they’re going to do with their life forward should not affect each other. Trying to use the children to put pressure on your ex is not a good move to me.

    2. I agree and what is the deal with that?? They have divorced already so they both should have moved on. IF this is true, then it shows that Cecilia truly not over Nic while he has moved on. Now she is using their children to restrict him. That is the totally wrong and Nic should not be scared of what Cecilia thinks about his new love life because she is now his ex wife…

    3. those kids will grow up soon enough, she won’t be able to use them as bargaining tools for long, time for her to start thinking about her next plan in life without the kids or nic

  2. Who gives a “sheet” about Cecilia anymore?……..she’s an old “has-been” in the entertainment circle and is just grabbing onto whatever attention she can still get from Nic and his two sons…….She should just ride on her fame with Edison’s pics and go into making porn movies……that will ignite her career…….hahahaaa….

    1. The HK public seems to still care about Cecilia. She’s pretty and successful in her own right. And you yuaida, you really need to buy some Listerine and rinse your mouth because the stuff that comes out really stinks.

      1. cecilia has to be responsible for her own deeds and the hong kong public are busy with their own lives, time for cecilia to wake up and grow up

  3. Somehow I kinda believe this article. Cecilia may still be in love with Nicholas or maybe she is unable to move on with her life or whatever. But the rumour about Zhou Xun.. I don’t know…

    1. Funn,
      When Nicholas was asked to comment on his romance with Zhou Xun, he said, “I have nothing to say.” His statement leaves a lot to be imagined, since it’s not a straight denial.

      Also a bit of coincidence for Zhou Xun to be living at Nicholas’ old residential building?

    2. I feel easier to believe Nicholas rumour with Zhou Xun because he failed to give a good explanation and just ran away from it when given the chance to clarify, but from witnesses accounts, Cecilia was seen in good spirit at HK airport and doesn’t show signs of an enraged ex wife.

      1. I don’t think Nicholas will think about Cecilia towards his relationship with ZX. He and Cecilia are out of each other’s lives now.

      2. If it is true that she was in good spirits, then this report is total BS. However, she can be hiding her true emotions too.

  4. I’m not sure if I should believe this report because Cecilia was witnessed as being happy and in good spirit by those who saw her at the airports or when she was in Canada.

  5. The next article should be about Nico getting upset at Ceci dating that Leung kid.

  6. They’ve clarified many times that they do not wish to reunite. The media should stop laying claims for the two of them when they are free to date whoever they want.

  7. This chap is still a boy.After the divorce.the ex still holds his balls

  8. Whatever it is – it is mental to be using your kids as pawn to deter your ex from dating again.
    Crazy and selfish

  9. Methinks this is all baseless media speculation.

    1) an application for Cdn PR needs to be made OUTSIDE of Canada.

    2) once successful, the person has to come into Canada (any Cdn port of entry) to land – with a list of valuables/assets they’re intending to bring in.

    3) once that’s done … person can leave with temporary PR papers – the more permanent PR identification is another application which can be done online for the Maple Leaf PR card.

    4) The PR has to fulfil residency requirements of residing in Canada for 700+(?) days in Canada, over the next 5 yrs.

    5) They can also submit another application for citizenship.

    I think Cecilia was in Vancouver doing just that with her 2 kids = landing.
    Now that’s done, she’s jetting back to HK.

    They’re divorced … whatever either party does, as long as it doesn’t impact the kids is neither party’s business nor right to control.

    I doubt Nic is so accomodating of Cecilia that he would let whatever she thinks govern his romantic life and destinations.
    If he was, they probably wouldn’t be divorced in the first place!

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