Cecilia Cheung: “I Will Not Reconcile With Nicholas Tse!”

Since December, rumors have been rife that Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) will reconcile with ex-husband, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). With their two young sons, Lucas and Quintus, caught in the middle of their divorce, Nicholas reportedly slept over at Cecilia’s new house for 4 nights in March. When asked about a possible reunification, Cecilia stated that it will not occur, dashing fans’ hopes!

On May 4th, Cecilia and Nicholas both attended Lucas’ school performance together. With Quintus’ upcoming 2nd birthday on May 12th, it was uncertain whether Cecilia and Nicholas will celebrate their son’s birthday together. Cecilia and Nicholas’ families also indicated their support in a reconcilation, due to Lucas and Quintus’ young ages. The pair indicated that they currently got along well together as friends, prioritizing their sons’ happiness.

Cecilia’s younger brother, Ronnie Cheung (張豪龍), indicated that Cecilia and Nicholas often cooked meals together. While denying that Cecilia wrote love letters begging Nicholas to go back to her, Ronnie said, “I wish them well. As long as they are happy!”

For the first time, Cecilia responded publicly regarding speculations that she and Nicholas were back together. Appearing at the film premiere of Shadows of Love <影子爱人> in Guangzhou yesterday, Cecilia said, “No, it will not happen. We are friends right now and get along well. I do not wish to change this relationship!”

Cecilia added, “I never considered getting back together. We will not reconcile. Everyone, please do not think too much. Thank you!”

Source: On.cc, Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Cecilia’s direct response is not a good sign. It indicates that she may have moved on in her priorities as well. I was hoping for a response which was more ambiguous, which would indicate that there was more hope.

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  1. I guess I was wrong, I voted for “Yes”@ Weekly Poll,well still not over yet ,my best wishes for them..

    1. I don’t think they will be together. She is more of Edison Chan’s type of girl.

  2. It’s possible that enough was said and done during the divorce that pride is in the way. it’s obvious they still care about each other by the amount of time they spend together. I can’t think of any other divorced couples that do that. Time has a way of healing wounds… we’ll have to wait and see.

      1. Sorry for bothering u.

        I believe in bao ying (karma).
        patrick tse had done so much of sins in the past. therefore, i’ve no sympathy if the bad karma of failed marriage strikes on his sibling – nicholas tse!

        we must believe in bao ying!

      2. I think everyone’s karma is their own though.. and that the sins of the past will manifest itself on the person who actually sinned (Patrick) rather than innocents (Nicholas).

      3. I don’t think a majority of people here is naively stupid enough to consider Nicholas as innocent as a child especially when considering how cruel(merciless) he treats Cecelia in the past.

        What a joke man?

      4. T’is true. I was only talking about the transference of karma between people…. any bad Karma Nicholas built up for himself, however, may now be coming home to roost 😉

  3. Clearly they both still love each other but pride is in the way. She doesn’t want to lose him so staying friends with him is probably her option right now. Hope they’ll get back together.

    1. whether you or they like it or not; everything is FATED! you can’t have both. Either you choose to be very wealthy or you’ve to suffer very bad/humiliating or “shameful” marriage just like in this case.

  4. she’s looks beautiful up there in the pic.

    1. ya she look so beautiful in the pic up there…

  5. Good to stay as friend. Time will tell us if they will be together again.

  6. This feels like more “foot in the mouth” syndrome to me.

    Come on, Cec, we all know that you do not want to go back to your hot, handsome, rich husband even though he is still single and available, and his career is currently doing better than you.

    I can understand that perhaps she doesn’t want to look desperate in case things do not work out between them but she could have simply stayed quiet or gave more neutral replies.

    We all know it’s a woman’s pride, and naturally for someone as fiesty and head strong and beautiful as Cec, she is entitled to be haughty. But if she doesn’t want her husband back, other girls would snap him up in a jiffy.

    1. “……..But if she doesn’t want her husband back, other girls would snap him up in a jiffy.”

      Yous statement is very honest and absolutely true! If other women successfully bump on him and get pregnant as a result, I can 100% confirm that Cecelia will have 0% chance for reconciliation with Nicholas!

      I hope she won’t blame the god and heaven for treating her so injustice. It’s a very expensive price that she inevitably has to pay for being too pride of herself as a failed (married) woman……

    2. This girl is a handful at the start. She got what she wanted from this relationship already. She’s link with the Tse forever. A well known family in the entertainment industry.

      1. But she’s pretty well known herself.
        Anyways…. it’s still great they are all link up like this….lol…..

  7. When Cec’s sex scandal photos with EC surfaced, Nic was really brave to protect his wife and carried on. He never critised her in public. A husband may forgive his wife’s ‘before marriage flings’ with boyfriends, even Nic was guilty of ex=girlfriends, but I think that sort of behaviour and to have those photos exposed really put a spanner in the marriage. I think Nic has been in denial but since he truly loved Cec, he tries to put up a brave front. It could have survived over time but with Cec’s erratic behaviour, constant demands and threats, it’s not helping the situation. I guess Nic has finally had enough, giving way too much, endured enough (for the sake of his sons) but there’s a limit to endurance.

    The children may want mum and dad to be together but you can’t live a lie to make someone happy. That’s why it’s important for Nic to explain to the boys later on why the marriage has failed. And, I’m sure they’ll find out anyway about mum’s wild romping with EC .

    1. >>>When Cec’s sex scandal photos with EC surfaced, Nic was really brave to protect his wife and carried on. He never critised her in public

      Have you also thought this was to protect his own pride and face? If he ACTED like it didn’t matter, and acted he was so forgiving (so ‘big’ of him) … then he could still salvage some pride, and emerge smelling like roses.

      But inside it might be eating away at him. We don’t live in their household, so we don’t know what he really felt/said to her in private.

      The entire Tse family wants so much ‘face’. Just look at Deborah and Patrick.

      1. Of course he was protecting his own pride and face. He would not be human if the EC scandal involving his wife didn’t eat at him. I would bet that ALOT of men (especially asian men) would have divorced her because of the shame. There were many people who would have been happy if he had divorced her at that time. The fact that Nic stayed with her helped Cecilia’s image at that time as much as it helped his. She would have been scorned worse if he had left her.

        Cecilia herself went on tv and praised her husband and said how supportive Nic had been at that time. Now with her history of saying contradictory things, she might have been lying. In fact both of them are guilty of saying contradictory things in the media.

      2. “Have you also thought this was to protect his own pride and face? ”

        If he was protecting his own pride and face, he would have divorced her there and then before the birth of his child and no one would blame him. But he didn’t. rumour has it cecilia threatened to kill herself or something, which was why he stayed. But more importantly during the worst of time, he stood by her, quietly, with dignity. They only broke apart because of her attitude, not her behaviour.

        I never believed the scandal ever affected him that way, he forgave, he moved on. Any man wouldn’t like the wife still in contact with the guy who almost destroyed their relationship but in the end it wasn’t Edison who broke the marriage.

      3. I’m sure thst sort of hurt would have eaten anyone away, not just nicholas tse. But why say or criticised his own wife in public/even air his own dirty laundry in public??? He did the right thing. Support, keep his mouth shut and if there’s anything he need to let out it is to Cecilia in private, not in public!

    2. Yes, forgive but not forget. Amicable ending to their marriage is the best thing for them. Other wise things will get messier in the end.

  8. Cecilia is never known to be truthful nor consistent in her statements so frankly she may deny, but we may never know the truth.

  9. I mean he had to act cool about it.

    If he divorced right away – it wuld have made him look like an unforgiving ba*tard.
    Not just that. Him and Edison Chen are competitive.

    To say he didn’t mind – would be better than to get all petty and dump her right away. Nic seems like a clever strategist.

    As for Cecilia, she comes cross as impulsive, and often shoots off her mouth without engaging her brain (hence her habit of saying contradictory things).

    People like that aren’t dangerous or sinister in their motives, because they’re pretty easy to read.

    1. Impulsive and blunt. Bit like ShuQi. Yea, some people in the public eye shd really think hard before they speak.

  10. Their relationship somehow reminds me of that shared by Ron and Linda in L’Escargot.. Two individuals who have gone through thick and thin, tried but eventually failed to patch back.. Grown up somewhat, they are able to forgive and move on.. Problem is, they might not be able to forget and there will always be a thorn in the heart..

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