Cecilia Cheung Ignores Lucas’ Asthma and Brings Bulldogs Home

Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) has always been a dog lover. After marrying Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and giving birth to Lucas, Cecilia sold her 6 dogs at a big discount to her friends. Cecilia even parted with her beloved golden retriever.

Cecilia once owned 20 dogs, 4 cats, 5 iguanas, 8 turtles and a parrot, and she had hired 3 maids just to take care of these animals. However, ex-husband, Nicholas, and their son, Lucas, both had asthma.  The pet’s dander, especially from the furry and feathered animals, had a risk of worsening their conditions.

Cecilia had no choice but to give up her dogs including her beloved golden retriever as their fur caused Nicholas’s eyes to swell up and his asthma became more serious. She once told the media, “Many people think I am a mean person, but I am willing to make the sacrifice for the love of my life, Nicholas and Lucas.”

With the divorce from Nicholas, Cecilia is free to have dogs in her house again. With her acting career reportedly spiraling downwards, Cecilia wants to have a dog to take away her emptiness. Immediately after the divorce, Cecilia bought 2 dogs. Since they triggered Lucas’s asthma, Cecilia’s mother had to keep the dog in her house instead.

Although well aware of Lucas’ asthma reaction, Cecilia maintained a strong desire to own dogs. Cecilia was seen with her brother at a pet shop in Kowloon Tong purchasing a pair of 6-month -old French Bull dogs, costing about $14,000 HKD.

Being an experienced dog owner, Cecilia knew exactly what items to buy for her new puppies. Recently, she was seen purchasing dog’s crates, leashes, beds, diapers, and more.  Cecilia appeared to be happy and excited like a child when she saw the other puppies in the shop. She was seen carrying and hugging all of the little puppies. After purchasing the necessities for her pets, the elated Cecilia finally left for home to play with her precious new puppies.

Source: Sina.com

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  1. Cecilia Cheung never seemed to be a good mother to her children, or a good wife to Nicholas Tse. That is her natural personality.

    1. For a woman who loves and cares for dogs more than her own children, she deserves to be deserted by Nic…….if she still continues to have no man in her life, this selfish broad will probably stoop to bestiality and sleep with her dogs.

    2. Weren’t you the one that said to not believe every gossip news? This news was made up by a news magazine last year. Would she be stupid to bring dogs home if Lucas really had asthma? The social services would take her children away for endandering a child’s health.

      1. No, you might be wrong because the social services people in HK are even more stupid than Cecilia……if the social services people in HK were even doing half their jobs, we wouldn’t have so many people committing suicide all the time….believe me, the social services people in HK don’t do much if anything at all…………

      2. @ Akari
        Nicholas himself said both of his children did not inherit his condition in a past interview. Their blood was checked for an array of diseases since birth. I’m only stating the facts. I don’t care if she was ever a good wife or mother, but I dislike it when the media write false stories using a little boy to milk out money and making up story that he has a genetic disease.

  2. This news is fake. This gossip news came about last year and she already denied that Lucas does not have asthma and she did not bring any dogs home.

  3. In the Jackie Chan article, someone said that what they did outside of movies don’t really affect their box office drawing power, but in HK where you only have 7ish million people to cater to, the effects of what you do really does make a difference.

    1. Well HK or Asia in general is more forgiving to male celebs. They could lie, cheat, beat up girlfriends and still be able to stay popular.

      1. That’s a good point. Everyone on this site was on Gordon Liu’s side when he had the stroke and his family neglected him and only called him up to get some cash off him.

        You guys, he was a neglective father just like Jackie was.

  4. There are plenty of “hypo-allergenic” dogs that she could have chosen that would have worked.

    1. That’s true. The doctor will usually test the kids to see if they are allergic to dogs with hair or fur. My kids allergic and our dr said if we ever wanted dogs he’ll test the kids to let us know which breed that is safe for their health.

  5. quite admire those parents who can have dogs and have kids same time. Just don’t know how they manage to take care both. Taking care kids tired enough and hv to take care the fur one some more…one word “TIRED”

    1. I do too and wonder how can they do it. my cousin did, but she had a lot of help My uncle and aunt as well as her father and mother in law too.

      1. it’s the hair that drive me crazy. Went to my MIL that has two dogs, she sweeps the floor everyday and still see lots of dog’s hair on the floor. Imagine if it’s carpeted. Arrgh…

  6. I’m allergic to cats if they eat cat food but not if they eat canned tuna.

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