Cecilia Cheung Lavishes Nicholas Tse With Gifts for 32nd Birthday

With Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) turning 32 years old on August 29, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) did not forget to lavish her ex-husband with gifts. After shopping for one hour, Cecilia purchased a designer watch and trendy clothes at the mall yesterday.

After their divorce crisis erupted last year, Cecilia and Nicholas’s earlier tensions have eased. Admitting to friends that they got along better after the divorce, Cecilia frequently allowed Lucas and Quintus to visit their father at his Admiralty home. Keeping their young children’s interests at heart, Cecilia and Nicholas were even spotted attending Lucas’ school events together.

After being spotted by the press shopping for gifts yesterday, Cecilia was asked if she will be celebrating Nicholas’ belated birthday, since he was out of town last week due to a mysterious work assignment. In good spirits, Cecilia smiled and did not reply.   When asked about her earlier vacation with Lucas and Quintus, Cecilia also remained silent and quickly boarded her car.

When Nicholas emerged from his residential building later that evening, he was asked if he was going out to celebrate his belated birthday with Cecilia, he said, “Of course not!” However, Nicholas did not reply when asked if he has already received Cecilia’s birthday gifts.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Another ex-couple I love to follow! Cecilia and Nicholas were such a turbulent couple in the past. I do sense a greater maturity in them after their divorce, especially in Nicholas.

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  1. Probably getting back together or in underground relationship?

  2. Big deal…….why just buy a watch?……give him.a good BJ…..that might work……

  3. They both know they’re the only ones for each other so just forget about pride and get back already.

  4. Though i think Cecilia is still immature & does silly stuff just to get Nic’s attention, i still wish they’d get back together for their children’s sake and becos they do make a great couple.

  5. Oh boy. This sure means we’ll get flooded with Ceci-Nico news the upcoming days. Can’t wait…NOT.

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