Cha Eun Woo Dropped 18 Pounds Within Four Months

Cha Eun Woo is dominating the spotlight lately, as his attractive looks are being magnified in the currently airing South Korean rom-com, True Beauty. Garnering a mass of fans, the rising star and member of the boy group ASTRO is continuously praised for his godly looks, but most people don’t know that he worked hard to lose significant weight for his idol and acting career.

Although he is known for having the perfect face, Eun Woo had struggled with his baby fat. Recently, a netizen dug up his past photos, and the massive difference between now and then surprised many. After losing weight, the features on his face became sharper and more defined.

In an interview, Eun Woo shared that he lost 18 pounds within four months through his patience and persistence. He said, “The magic food is tomatoes. I would eat it almost every day and would not get bored of it.”

The actor went on to express that his agency mandated him to lose weight. “We couldn’t eat anything, but dieting was so hard,” he recalled. “One day, I really wanted to eat fried chicken and pizza, so my ASTRO members and I sneaked to the park and used a group phone to order takeout, but then it suddenly rang. It turned out to be our manager who realized we were not in our dorm. To avoid food confiscation, we immediately rushed to hide the pizza and chicken at the park.”

Even to this day, his agency forbids him from consuming chocolate, kimbap, tuna, and sauce for his food. He had argued with them last year about the matter since filming a music video requires a lot of energy, and to not be able to get a bite of what he desires is physically and mentally challenging. Despite many temptations, Eun Woo has been consistently exercising over the years to keep up his fit figure.

Source: MingPao

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  1. Before and after pics are quite different. Maybe he can eat pizza again a few decades later when looks dont matter that much anymore.

  2. indeed a very handsome boy. trying to look good like a character from an anime takes quite the will power.

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