Charmaine Sheh Accused of Flirting With 4 Men

The date 201314, which sounds similar to the phrase “love you for life” in Mandarin Chinese, is a special day for lovers. Michael Miu (苗僑偉) decided to use this opportunity throw a surprise birthday party and anniversary party for his wife, Jaime Chik (戚美珍), on January 4, 2013. Many of Michael and Jaime’s friends in the entertainment circle were invited to the sweet shindig.

But the star of the night were not Michael and Jaime, but Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼). On January 8, a Hong Kong tabloid magazine reported that Charmaine was very intimate with the male guests that night. Charmaine openly “flirted” with the Michael Tse (謝天華) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘). Raymond Lam (林峯) immediately smiled after seeing Charmaine and held her hand tightly for a long time. Charmaine, however, was most intimate with Hu Jun (胡军), her Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder <建元风云> costar, who hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheeks.

Michael Miu Furious with Reports

When these reports were published, Michael immediately posted an angry response on his Weibo. He wrote, “I am very furious. This was originally a private party held for my wife and I to commemorate our sweet memories together, but shameless magazines and paparazzi did not consider the feelings of my family, and went on to take ridiculous photos and write careless reports. It is absolutely lawless!”

Charmaine later replied on Weibo, “Sam Gor, do not let these ridiculous reports affect your mood! You have left every single one of us with such great memories that night!”

Raymond Lam Responds

Hours later, Raymond responded to the reports at a press conference for his mini-movie, Give Me 1 Minute to Say I Love You <愛在魅來1分鐘>.

“I was with many friends that night, and we had a great time. Charmaine is my good friend and colleague. What a hilarious rumor!”


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  1. Hong Kong paparazzi is terrible these days, making a big fuss of every minute private gathering.

  2. Normal, no juicy news no income.

    I saw the magazine front cover online regarding this stories, seems Charmaine a smokers?

    1. I wasn’t aware of that too. Personally, I thought the smoking picture was more interesting than those pointless flirting pictures.

    2. yeah never thought thought of her as a smoker, but she was seen/caught smoking before.

      1. @adjumma

        no one said smoking is a crime.
        it can work for someone’s image, and it might backfire on others like charmaine who possess a sweet/clean (i guess not anymore) to the public.

    3. Could be social smokers. Normally partying & drinking everyone’s smokes

      1. nahh i know a lot of people dont when they are at a party.

      1. The pictures look damning in her flirtatiousness but since a picture freezes a moment forever, that actual moment could have been a touch and go moment. Moreover Charmaine is a naturally flirtatious sort of girl but in this context flirtatiousness is not a negative thing. It just means she can get a bit too close for comfort (for us). Best judge will be the wives of the men she supposedly flirted with. If they’re ok, I don’t suppose we can go and cry on their behalf.

      2. “Best judge will be the wives of the men she supposedly flirted with. If they’re ok, I don’t suppose we can go and cry on their behalf.”

        In response to the article, Michael Tse wife posted on weibo:

        She asked Charmaine to visit her home often for meals.

        p.s. For those who didn’t read the article, it said that Tina dragged Michael home. LOL. Charmaine & Michael had worked together in her first series Time Off as siblings.

        On a side note, here’s Kent message abt Charmaine. The pic was taken during the party as well.

      3. Hmm… Charmaine’s article is nothing much. The smaller article about Matthew Ko is more scandalous. Allegedly dumped Tracy Ip for a 20 year old whom he’s currently living with.

      4. matthew ko looks really young, better match for a 20-year old, tracy ip has a more matured face but if he did break tracy’s heart, then pity her

  3. Hardly call it flirtatious. I will say very “yit ching” aka very very friendly.

    Hu Jun is married too.

    1. sorry sam gor but i think she is more flirtatious than yit ching because she only touch men and no women if she is really yit ching why she did only touch men?

      1. or it could be that the papz just didnt publish the pics of her touching the ladies. duh

      2. Shu,

        what a funny response. How in the earth did you know that Charm didn’t have contact with the females on the party? Her good friends such as Angela Tong, Janet Chow, Annie Man, Sherming Yu etc was also there that night they did take pictures but the reporters didn’t use it in there reports. Please don’t be so naive and trust what the taiblod publish. 99.9% of it is rubbish.

      3. Very funny shu! But if she rubs all over women as well, I am sure she will be more than yit ching. What’s the chinese word for wanton? Not the noodle!

        She is just very friendly. There are such people you know, that knows you for 5 seconds and they go “HIYA GIRLFRIEND!!” and hugs and kisses you on the cheeks.

  4. Reporters has nothing to write about. Lucky her get to talk to so many guys that night. Haha Love having hella guys friends. It’s just friends no flirting.

  5. LOL! She always attracts this kind of rumors. For god’s sake, Raymond says he sees her as a boy! (Funny how her short short hair is supporting his statement, LOL.)

    And the other 3 men are married. Leave them alone.

  6. Can see Charmaine’s acting from another POV.

    Instead of calling her ‘flirtatious’, can call her as ‘one of the boys’.

  7. So basically, she talked to them and that’s considered flirting these days?

    1. hahaha yeah most people see thatt as flirting…
      some people are so dumb.
      i guess we should stop talking LOLOL

    2. not only talk but also touch, not only one but four men,isnt that enough to call she is “flirting”?why not touching a women?

      1. Shu,

        Once again, toching four? when did you see her touching all of them?
        a hand shake with Ray I wouldn’t call it as touching. are you telling me you never give a hand shake?
        And about Hu Jun it’s more like he is touching her and not the other way around. How can you even call that’s flirting? And once again who says she didn’t have any contact with the other ladies that night? Where you inside the private party as well? No I doubt that.
        I can tell you that when I’m at a party with my good friends I can promise you I will “touch” more then just 4 men. Then I will also be so called flirting with my male friends? Which Century are you born in. Please we live in the 20 and not back in antiquity

  8. Once again, HK paparazzi is at it. I think Charmaine is just having a good time with them since they are all good friends.

  9. Life being celebrity is really taxing, isn’t it? One minute you’re okay and the next minute, bam! You’re caught flirting. And all you did was just talking happily away in your friend’s function. HK paparazzi…such low life people.

  10. do tabloids love her or hate her? make up ya mind already

    agree with kidd
    she’s chumming up with bros there
    the majority are married already
    interesting that hu juns there as well
    really damn impatient for LotYEF drama

  11. These actions are quite common to friends. Next time maybe they should find something more scandalous to make it scandalous :P.

  12. That’s why many HK artists are angry and resentful of the press.

  13. I have seen a picture of Jaime Chik smoking not surprise Charmaine Sheh is a smoker too ; very common in the entertainment industry.

      1. You are talking about Jamie Chik. Right? I think both of them are heavy smokers. I don’t know if their children got affected by being second-hand smokers. I hope Jamie quit smoking when she was pregnant.

  14. Its all about making headlines, grabbing readers’ attention, doing what all tabloids do to bring in more $$$$$. The last thing these folks have are respect for their “victims”. We as readers have to exercise common sense.

  15. Charmaine can hug a tree and get into trouble with these people. Greeting good friends the way normal people usually do with hugs and kisses is flirting. Get out. How are we supposed to do it? Wave at them three feet away and NO body contact whatsoever? Are we still in the stone age? Get real!!!

    1. Greetings with hugs and kisses are still quite uncommon in Asia btw

      1. agree,considering that some she have touched are married,so she is playing with fire.

    2. @Karbunda –

      if she waves at them from three feet away, then she will be accused of being unfriendly or standoff-ish, lol. oh wells, this just said that she is still quite popular for the paps to make up stories about her.

      On another note, sehseh’s blog has this story and it included Jamie Chik’s quotes. The things that she said about Charmaine are so sincere and heart warming.

  16. Agree with all readers that it’s just friends having a good time together and nothing else. The papps always use photos to twist the real picture but that’s the way it is. They need to sell to make a living but many times it goes overboard.

  17. I think Charmaine should just try to grab 1 more Best Actress award, and then find a good man to settle down with and live a peaceful and quiet life. Honestly, her prime is pretty much up. New people are coming in and taking over the scene. She only has so much left to offer.

    1. I don’t think she believes in marriage. One of her intervew with Stephen a while back she said her dad left her mom her sibling and her was raised by her mom and she didn’t sound like she likes the word of marriage. Before entering this industry she were to marry a wealth man that she met in Canada but she said no and dump him to enter the entertainment. She didn’t seem like she wants to settle down.

      1. Uh, her dad pass away in a car accident. Even though you don’t like her, have some decency and respect for the dead.

        And she didn’t meet any man in Canada. She studied in Switzerland, her boyfriend was a Taiwanese.

        Haters don’t do their homework enough.

      2. I don’t know which Stephen’s interview you watch. But, the one I watch, she talked about her dad’s death.

      3. When did she study in Switzerland and for how long?? I did not know that but knew that her dad passed away when she was only 5. I thought that it was due to illness. She did mention her dad’s death?? Which interview was that??

      4. Oh… so that explains why she speaks a bit of German.

      5. She studied Hotel Management in IMI Luzern Switzerland. You can see her in the alumni list in their 20th anniversary brochure.

        About her dad passing, she mentioned it in Stephen’s Be My Guest interview, and also other interview (both magazine & TV) if they asked abt her childhood.

        An excerpt from interview with Next, in 2006:

        “My father passed away due to traffic accident when I was five years old. My mother brought up my younger brother and me by herself. When I was still young, I learned from my mother that a woman can be strong, independent and self-sufficient. Since there are options, why not depend on yourself?”

        Charmaine’s father was a businessmen (her father owned a yacht and sometimes hosted parties for celeb friends like Nat Chan, so most probably he is doing well in business). The business naturally fell apart after he passed away. Charmaine paid half of her tuition fees on her own, and later borne the education fees for her younger brother.

        On her Taiwanese boyfriend, Xinhuanet interview in 2007:

        “Charmaine disclosed that during studying in Switzerland, she met a Taiwanese boy whom she fell in love at first sight. They dated in Switzerland and after graduation, she followed her love and lived half year in Tai Chung. She experienced the life of “little housewife”, but found it to be meaningless. In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore and bid “Bye Bye” to her housewife dream.”

        This ex-boyfriend was also mentioned in Stephen’s interview, he was the guy that gave snowman surprise to Charmaine. He is wealthy and his family expected Charmaine to be a 少奶奶.

  18. Hugging and smooching are expressions of sociability among westerners. HK entertainers who follow suit are instantly labeled as scandalous by the shameless and imaginative HK media,

    1. It’s more like older generation thinking that is still strong over there.

  19. If she is really flirting as reported, she should be applauded instead……

  20. This report doesn’t make me think any good of her. I didn’t know she smokes! Maybe that’s how she keep herself looking skinny cause that’s how models do it. Well…she’s naturally flirtatious not anything NEW. You think when someone her age will behave a bit more mature. The photos on the megazine does paint a picture of her flirting hard! And the photo above, her skin looks dry and she looks old.

    1. Haters will always be haters and can keep on doing that doesn’t matter. Just want to point out that during all this years charm have had very few times caught smoking so I doubt she is a heavy smoker. About she is naturally flirtatious is so funny you can even write that. How in the world do you know about that? This just shows how naive you are by believing in everything the media writes.
      What with her behaviour is not mature?

  21. it’s natural, everyone grow up and become old, should think she has saved up for her old age.. charmaine’s better off than lots of ppl, don’t need to worry about her not getting any younger / not having enough job offers

  22. If they think she was flirting, then they are really old school and overly traditional. My mom is the same way.. she said that during her time period, you are NOT allowed to do that at all. One of my uncle’s was like that as well. You are not allowed to be close or talk to any guys that are not either blood related or is your husband.

  23. I’m absolutely positiv that this could be called flirting but it’s definetly no scandal. Flirting must not be the same as playing with fire. A flirt must not have the intention to seduce the other one. Some people see a flirt as a nice greeting. You should be allowed to attend a party with your friends and be nice to your friends without being accused to try to steal other wives’ husband. And a touch must not mean a flirt at all but a gesture of support. It’s really depressing how HK press push their headlines with such low class.

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