Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung to Film for TVB Again?

Falling ratings and an exodus of well-loved fadans and faces have been aching concerns for Hong Kong’s Television Broadcast Limited (TVB), which is seeking to retain viewer support.

Since leaving TVB, acclaimed actress Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) has turned her career focus to mainland China. In July, she filmed a variety program which saw her recounting memorable moments of her career at TVB City, prompting viewers to express their yearning to see Charmaine appear in a Hong Kong production – which might just come true, according to recent swirling rumors!

Charmaine Sought to Save Ratings
On October 28, talk surfaced that TVB had invited popular actresses Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯 , formerly楊怡) to return to their “alma mater” to film a new drama collaboration, given the stellar ratings the two were expected to bring in.

Hong Kong productions aside, even the Chinese productions which Charmaine starred in including hit drama Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> and more recently The Legend of Xiao Chuo <燕雲台> proved a strong ratings winner when aired in Hong Kong, with the former garnering 31.3 viewership points and surging to 39.2 during its finale episode, to become the highest-rated drama in 2018.

The Morning Show

Modern Version of “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”?

According to sources, the drama is tentatively titled Anchorwoman (lit. translation) <新聞女郎> with Chung Cheng (鍾澍佳) as producer, and is based on American drama series The Morning Show.

Given how the plotting and backstabbing antics of “Sam Ho” (Charmaine) and “Kam Ling” (Tavia) in 2019 costume drama Beyond the Realm of Conscience had viewers intrigued, it is believed many will be looking forward to reminiscing the two’s chemistry and sparks, leaving more to wonder if Anchorwoman will be the modern rendition of the ancient drama.

The palace drama was one of TVB’s most watched.

An Instagram profile with the moniker ”stephen._.chow” also posted an update about the news, which posted “With Do Jeh’s (Carol Cheng 鄭裕玲) departure, TVB approached Charmaine and Tavia to film Anchorwoman”, heard it 3 minutes ago and (the) negotiations are almost finalized, this time with Chung Cheng (as producer), and a solid incentive…” However, the news remains to be confirmed by official sources.


Source: HK01

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  1. I really hope that if the duo does comeback it’s a good script and they actually get the spotlight. It would be a real shame if they bring the back just to babysit new actresses. Like when they totally had Wayne lai just babysit new actors and not even make use of His characters, such a waste.

  2. The tv station needs to realize that their drama script is in a bad state as well so getting their former actresses with better acting than their current generation fadans back will not help if the drama storyline is still boring.
    Never like Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

  3. Agree with everyone else, it’s not the actors and actresses…it’s their stories…they need to be refeshed, not recycled.

  4. It seems so competitive in China that I can’t imagine there are many opportunities for actresses their age and leading status. Perhaps not for Charmaine because she has great success in Yan Xi Palace, but Tavia would have fewer offers. I may be completely off based, but they should do TVB dramas to at least keep their names around.

  5. Agree with everyone’s sentiments that it’s also bad scripts. The last few episodes of The Beauty of War made absolutely no sense. I don’t mind dramatic twists, but it should be in line with character’s personalities and motivations. The twists in the last few episodes were just super illogical to me, especially with Rebecca Zhu’s character.

    On the other hand, I started watching Forensic Heroes 5, and I am enjoying it so far. Not sure if it’s actually good or if it’s because my expectations of TVB have dropped so low. I typically like procedurals, and the main characters here do not feel like robots like they felt in 4. While some of the plot lines require you to suspend a little belief, it’s not so egregious to irritate me into quitting.

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