Charmaine Sheh Responds to Reduced Screen Time in “Winter Begonia”

After Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) starred in Yangxi Palace <延禧攻略>, she landed another leading role in Yu Zheng’s (于正) periodic drama Winter Begonia <鬓边不是海棠红>. Playing as Huang Xiaoming’s (黄晓明) wife, fans were excited to see what Charmaine would bring to the drama but it was discovered that she actually does not make a lot of appearances in the drama. Regarding curiosity over this matter, Charmaine penned a long essay to explain why she accepted the role.

Reminiscing about her role in TVB Chinese opera drama, Perish In the Name of Love <帝女花>, Charmaine had a chance to sing an adaptation of the famous Chinese opera and developed an interest in China’s rich opera culture.

In 2018, Charmaine received the script for Winter Begonia and was excited to have the opportunity to act in the drama. Although the role had limited screen time, she was attracted to the Beijing opera themed drama and looked forward to preparing for the drama which included singing practices.

Comparing her role in Yangxi Palace to Winter Begonia, Charmaine felt that her character in the latter was “pure” yet strong to solve complex problems. Drawn to genuineness of the character, she could not resist taking on a role that has strong Beijing opera influence.

Responding to the drama’s lackluster reviews, producer Yu Zheng didn’t take them to heart. Charmaine wrote on Weibo, “What is my intention of filming? Is it not to give the audience a piece of the music and promote our intangible cultural heritage through the drama? The broadcasting purpose has been achieved. How superficial is it to compete for fame and profit from the ratings?”

Yu Zheng had a few words for the malicious netizens, “Originally, writing this reply was unnecessary, but I still want to say a few words. To all the malicious netizens, no matter what your methods are, you can’t stop our progress. As long as we all care a little more about our traditional culture, our Beijing opera is enough.”

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