Charmaine Sheh Shares Filming Experience in “The Queen of News”

Premiering on November 20, The Queen of News<新聞女王> latest trailers revealed Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) daring scenes with Shawn Tam (譚俊彥) and Matthew Ho (何廣沛).

Admitting  she was nervous filming the bed scenes with Shawn, Charmaine expressed, “I was actually nervous for every one of those shots – but  I think it’s still within acceptable television limits.”

Talking about her favorite scene, Charmaine said, “It was probably the first time I had to film a news segment. To be frank, reporting the news itself was very difficult. I had to watch the camera intensely and speak about catastrophic events. I had to control my emotions and facial expressions while delivering highly informative news. I rehearsed so many times.”

To get into character and understand the role, Charmaine studied anchors from different generations to understand their reporting styles. Charmaine also explained her character was very confident and borderline bossy, the polar opposite of her real-life personality.

Maintaining excellent relationships with the cast and crew, Charmaine allegedly treated everyone to dinner numerous times. Laughing, Charmaine humbly said many people paid for dinner and she was not the only one treating every single time.

Speaking about her visit to her hometown Zhongshan in October, Charmaine explained it was the first time she visited the ancestral hall with her family. She praised the villagers for their hospitality and said they were all very welcoming and nice.

“The Queen of News” Trailer

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