Charmaine Sheh to Film New TVB Drama with Louis Koo?

On Friday, Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> finally completed its 70-episode broadcast in Hong Kong. Although the show has already finished its run in China and in other online platforms, television ratings in Hong Kong still managed to hit past 38 points, easily becoming one of Hong Kong’s highest-rated dramas of the year. The drama has successful brought Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) back to being one of the industry’s most sought-out actresses, hitting new records of popularity in the mainland and reconfirming her status as Hong Kong television’s number one sister.

According to industry reports, TVB has been courting Charmaine to return to the station for a new drama. Charmaine has maintained a good relationship with her mother station since establishing her production studio back in 2016. She made an easter egg cameo appearance in last year’s My Ages Apart <誇世代>, which viewers like to predict as a hint that Charmaine would soon return to TVB for a new drama.

Charmaine herself did not rule out the possibility of returning to TVB. She has mentioned that she’s always open for another collaboration, and as long as she finds the script “okay,” she will gladly return.

Coincidentally Louis Koo (古天樂), who recently signed Charmaine under his new agency, is also rumored to be returning to TVB soon to “pay his dues.” The actor, whose last TVB drama was 2001’s A Step into the Past <尋秦記>, still owes TVB one more drama as stated in his contract. At an event, Louis was asked if he would be interested in filming a movie version of 1999’s Detective Investigation Files IV <刑事偵緝檔案IV> (which also starred Charmaine), and he happily said that he would need to discuss with TVB about copyright issues.

What about a TV sequel? Louis teased, “I’ll leave that for TVB to announce.”


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  1. I’ll believe it when it happens. I don’t see Charmaine and Louis Koo coming back unless it is a joint venture with a Mainland studio (iqiyi/youku).

  2. I mean it would be cool to see them do a drama together. But with the state of TVB drama right now…

  3. With the current quality of productions there is no value in returning. It will be highly doubtful, a role will bring a rise in stock of the actor/actress like Chilam did when he took on the role of ‘Captain Cool’. The topic of the series would have to be new and refreshing like ‘The Exorcist’s Meter’…

  4. i would watch DIF 5 regardless of current TVB production quality. As long as Louise, Jessica, Sunny and Charmaine reprise their roles. And end up happily ever after with the right person (a girl can dream).

  5. I thought Andy Lau was also supposed to make a return to TVB for a drama … it never happened and now Louis Koo, definitely will have to wait and see TVB always likes to talk big but rarely gets anything done!

    DIF5 I’ll definitely watch if they can wrap up the storyline and the cliffhanger in DIF4

  6. It’s not going to happen because 1) DIF franchise’s producer Poon Ka Tak already retired and left TVB – if they bring in another producer, there are going to be continuity issues with the story and also production style will be different, 2) it’s impossible to assemble the same cast from DIF IV – Sunny won’t be returning to TVB any time soon (if ever) and Louis is too valuable now with his HKFA Best Actor win…TVB won’t be able to afford him….Charmaine and Jessica I’ve never been fan of so whether they return or not doesn’t matter to me but I highly doubt that either of them are going to return to TVB given its current dismal state.

    Either way, no interest in watching if it does happen, as nowadays, my time is too precious to be wasting it on mediocre series even if the cast is good (and yes, it is going to be mediocre because it’s a TVB production and they are incapable of making quality series anymore). But of course, I will believe it when I see it given TVB’s horrible track record of touting big stars returning when they actually never promised to do so.

  7. They should focus on improving the quality of their script. Having big names in their cast but poor storyline can only lure viewers for a few episodes.

    1. @bearbear TVB is banking on nostalgia and also fans of the artists to support the series…that has always been their strategy and they have no intention of changing it (because it’s the easiest for them) – this is why almost 99.9% of the time, whenever they invite a “big name” to return and film for them, they don’t bother with the script or production quality — the one exception was when Anthony Wong returned for Lord of Shanghai, where TVB actually took the production seriously and put 110% effort into it, but then again, that was because Anthony pretty much demanded it (and they were probably afraid he would walk out mid-filming if they pissed him off enough, something that he has been known to do, lol). Latest example is Sheren Tang: both TVB and ViuTV approached her about filming for them, but in the end, it was ViuTV that was able to deliver what she requested (100% complete, quality script prior to filming so she would have time to do her homework / prepare for the role and also specific work hours where she would be able to get sufficient rest and sleep in-line with her current lifestyle) – so of course she went with ViuTV (smart choice if you ask me). Basically, the lesson here is that if a “big name” does return, they better as hell make sure they have a list of demands and force TVB to agree to all of them BEFORE agreeing to film for them…if they are just going to let TVB do whatever it wants, then it’s best those artists don’t return at all.

      1. @llwy12 Would rather not have these established artists return if the production is the average standard of TVB dramas these days.
        All actors have the basic rights to ask for sufficient rest. Occasional “OT” maybe alright but TVB is infamous of making their artists go through days of very little or no rest. Unfortunately not all have the “power” to demand that.

      2. @bearbear ‘Unfortunately not all have the “power” to demand that.‘

        That’s the piece I have a problem with….I don’t think it’s a matter of the artists not having the power to demand basic things such as sufficient rest or complete script, but rather they choose not to because of various reasons – for example: their personality, they want to give face to TVB and/or a part of them still has loyalty to TVB and so don’t want to rock the boat, they are complacent in that the industry has worked this way for years so why change things, it’s not important enough to them to risk parting ways with TVB, etc. Most of the veteran artists whom TVB invites back to film for them I feel fall into the “TVB needs them more than they need TVB” category, which means all of them have the upper hand so they SHOULD be making demands….the only ones who are truly “powerless” are the newbies and the ones under management contract (and the ones who have to rely on TVB in any way, shape, or form and therefore can’t afford to piss them off).

        As I’ve been saying for years, if all the veteran artists whom TVB invites back would stand their ground and refuse to film for TVB until their demands are met, TVB wouldn’t be as complacent and arrogant as they are now. But since no one stands up to TVB (Anthony and Sheren are amongst the small handful who do, but since majority don’t, their efforts are fruitless), they will continue to be how they are – why change when no one is forcing them to do so?

  8. TVB should work on their script quality rather than worrying about who is the next famous celeb to star in their show.

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