Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen to Hold Wedding in July

Less than a year after confirming their dating relationship, mainland Chinese actor Chen Xiao (陳曉) and Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希) will tie the knot this July, according to Taiwanese media. The couple plans to hold their wedding ceremony in Beijing on July 19 and conduct a separate banquet in Taipei on July 21.

Michelle, who turns 33 at the end of May, shot to fame after starring in the romance film, You Are the Apple of My Eye <那些年,我們一起追的女孩>, in 2011. She met Chen Xiao, who is four years her junior, when filming the 2014 wuxia drama, The Romance of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>.

Although Michelle received a great deal of criticism for taking on the leading role in The Condor Heroes, the drama led to a more positive result in her romantic life. In August 2015, she and Chen Xiao were seen visiting each other on set and spending the night in the same hotel room.

The day after the news broke out, Chen Xiao confirmed their relationship by posting a message on his Sina Weibo account. Specifically addressed to Michelle, the message read, “One day, you and I will share the same surname.” Chen Xiao also included a photograph of his hand, which made the shape of half of a heart.

In response, Michelle posted a photograph to her Weibo, in which she used her hand to form the other half of the heart.

Proposal and Marriage Plans

In October 2015, just two months after going public with their relationship, Chen Xiao officially proposed to Michelle while the two were vacationing in Paris. The following November, he brought Michelle to his home in Hefei. Accordingly, Michelle brought him to Taiwan this past Lunar New Year, even posting a photograph of him with her family members on her Weibo.

Although the couple has never suppressed their romance after going public, neither did they confirm details about wedding dates. Last month, Chen Xiao replied, “Everything is in the planning stages” when he was asked about a potential wedding. Michelle added that she did want to get married this year but was busy with work.

Previously, rumors had surfaced stating that the couple would wed in July. This was because production companies were allegedly told that Chen Xiao’s filming schedule could only accommodate projects that would be completed before the end of June, as he would be preparing for the wedding in July. However, both Chen Xiao and Michelle’s representatives denied these rumors and asserted that the wedding would be held at the end of the year.

Nevertheless, Taiwanese news recently reported that the couple would indeed be getting married in July. The media also reported that many brand names would be fighting to endorse the event.


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  1. Congrats to them! Oooo! Is that Athena in the bg? So pretty! Im not a fan, but do miss seeing her!

  2. They look good together and I like how he confirm their relationship. It’s sweet.

  3. A beautiful couple. Michelle is very cute and Chen Xiao is handsome. They look happy together, Michelle’s eyes is like shining

  4. Wow. They’re like Moses and Aimee Chan married with the same last name. Lol how simple is that the wife no need to change her last name.

      1. @happybi I don’t know about this either maybe they think it’s too much hassle? What about you? I heard you have a kid? You must be married right? I’m just being curious you don’t have to answer my question if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

      2. @asian2015 I kept my last name. It’s too much work to change name as it mean changing social security card, passport, credit card. etc etc. In my family, my Mom and 2 of my sis didn’t change their last name either. Only 1 sis did. Very common for Chinese.As most of my friends who are married kept their last name too. As long as the kids follow their dad’s last night, it’s good enough for us.

      3. @happybi Lol. I figured it’s all about too much work and hassle. I have noticed too most of the western women kept their last as their middle name?

      4. @asian2015 not sure about that. I know some combine there last name with their hubby and just put a – inbetween. Too much work.

      5. @happybi The whole “Married Name” adoption custom is strictly a Western tradition and is not widely practice elsewhere in the world including China.

      6. @aiya Agree.. common in the US for low fan.. but not for Asian for sure. I used to work with a girl (low fan) who didn’t want to change her last name so she made her hubby changed his to her. and now they have 2 kids and all of them have “her” last name.. talk about weird! She. def. wear the pants in the family.

      7. @happybi Hi. What is “low fan” may I ask? I think some Asian women in the US changed their last names after they got married because of the influence there. I think it’s too much hassle/trouble. I have a Caucasian friend who got married four times and she changed her last name every time she got married. She also changed it back to her maiden name after each divorce. I would go crazy if I were her. How do you keep track of all that?

      8. @dramas4me sorry. Forgot not everyone speak Cantonese here. Low fan is another way we call Caucasians. As for your friend, she is NUTS!!! Way too much work and wasting money!!!. Just keep maiden name and call it a day!!!

      9. @happybi Hi. Thanks! No problem. I’m not Cantonese, but I do speak and understand Cantonese. I think I’m not as “pro” as you that’s all. 🙂 Yes. My friend is nut, but 4th time is a charm for her. She is finally happily married after all.

      10. @happybi Hi. I’m mostly Chinese, but I was born in Vietnam. I do speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Hainan, Vietnamese & English. Currently I’m living in the US. My Chinese writing is getting very rusty because I rarely use it. How about you?

      11. @dramas4me hey same here! Chinese but born in Vietnam. We speak Cantonese at home except my older sibling know both Cantonese and Vietnamese. Move to the US as a baby. Only know how to speak the language. Cant read or write except the basic. That why need to relied on these site to read up on HK news.

      12. @dramas4me nah. not young.. but not old either! ehehhehehe

        I use, and asianuniverse. That’s about it.

  5. so nice to hear that Chen Xiao is getting married. I really liked him as Gao Zhan in Legend of Luzhen/Female Prime Minister (although the storyline got so draggy and all) and i feel he did pretty good in different dramas (never watched his version of ROCH though because I heard about how Yuzheng like butchered many parts of the storyline). I’ve never really heard about Michelle but she seems like quite a sweet girl so both are lucky to have found each other.

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