Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi’s “Dream of Chang’an” Premieres to Contrasting Impressions

Starring Love and Redemption <琉璃> co-stars Cheng Yi (成毅) and Zhang Yuxi (张予曦), sweet and angsty Chinese palace drama Dream of Chang’an <与君歌> premiered as the Tokyo Olympics 2020 drew to a close. With their past collaboration, many look forward to the couple’s chemistry and are curious if they could top the success of their previous project together.

Dream of Chang’an is based on the novel Jian Qi Xing <剑器行> by author Fei Hua (飞花). Set in the Tang dynasty, the story follows twin sisters Cheng Ruoyun and Qiu Yanzhi who narrowly escaped death after their entire family was sentenced to execution. The sisters later got separated as they were adopted and renamed by Ziyi Bureau and Qiu Shiliang respectively.

Years later, Emperor Li Yan ascends the throne and meets Ruoyun, who mistaken him as the one responsible for her family’s death. While struggling to not fall for him, she encounters her elder sister, but they no longer recognize each other aside from being the enemy they must eliminate.

Good Ratings, But Pulled Back By Flaws

After its release, ratings for Dream of Chang’an began climbing from 0.2 percent towards its peak at 0.6 percent. With an average of 0.55 percent, Dream of Chang’an garnered considerable ratings with potential to spike higher since it had even surpassed Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) and Yang Yang’s (杨洋)You Are My Glory <你是我的荣耀> on Maoyan’s hottest drama rankings.

Despite the good start, contrasting reviews of the first two episodes hint at the instability of future ratings. While some praise Dream of Chang’an as worthy to watch, the story background is explained in a rather perfunctory manner.  Others criticize the chaotic editing with scenes ending and unfolding very abruptly, which requires viewers to piece missing details together.

In addition to production issues, the cast’s acting has room for improvement. Yuxi is called out for being the usual sweet and naive heroine, while Cheng Yi’s cold and stiff expressions mark him as an uncharismatic emperor. The fast-paced storyline makes it difficult for some to keep up with, but the pacing should improve as character development builds up.

“Awakening in Chang’an” Trailer

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