Cheng Yi Intercedes to Break Up Fight On Set

A video showing him stepping in to break up a fight between representative photographers and crew members on the set of his latest drama The Lotus Casebook <蓮花樓> won actor Cheng Yi (成毅) praise from netizens, who complimented the actor for his patience and readiness to help.

Takes Initiative to Calm the Tense Atmosphere
According to online news, filming had wrapped for the day when set coordinators discovered that fan photographers had recorded key contents of the yet-to-be-released drama. When crew members approached the latter to stop filming, tensions rose and a fight broke out between the two parties. Cheng Yi saw what happened and promptly stepped in, repeatedly telling both sides “(It’s a) small matter, small matter, stop fighting,”

Full of praise for the actor, netizens noted how the actor had been the first to discover a fire on set previously and again took the initiative to help out this time, and called him a “kind-hearted citizen”. Others called for the boycott of fan photographers, who came on set to help fans take photographs of their idols, adding, “Filming really isn’t easy. Hope that representative photographers don’t affect the crew’s work,”

Rising in Popularity
Filming had commenced in June for
The Lotus Casebook, an adaptation of Chinese author Teng Ping’s (
藤萍) novel “Lotus with Lucky Patterns” <吉祥紋蓮花樓>. Starring Joseph Zeng (曾舜晞), Aero Xiao (肖順堯) besides Cheng Yi. The period wuxia drama narrates the story of Li Lianhua who solves countless strange cases and discover mysterious secrets as he roams the martial arts world. Cheng Yi had aroused fan discussions when his set photo was uploaded by a fan; showing his charmingly refined appearance in a jade green robe.

A graduate of central drama academy, the 32-year-old made his debut as the character Feng Xiaobao in Beauty World <唐宮美人天下>. Despite appearing a little camera-shy, he managed to inject liveliness and realism into the role, and finally broke out with 2020’s Love and Redemption <琉璃> where he played the male lead. Anticipation is also high for his other drama Immortal Samsara <沉香如屑>, where he pairs up with top actress Yang Zi (楊紫) to play three different characters – the cool and indifferent Lord Ying Yuan, the demon hunter Tang Zhou and villainous Xuan Ye, showing each of their respective individualities in the drama trailer.

Source: Singtao

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