Cheng Yi Helps Actress Who Faints On Set

With temperatures soaring to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Hengdian, it has been punishing for actors to don thick costumes on the filming sets of historical dramas. When an actress suddenly collapsed due to the stifling heat at the booting ceremony  of Cheng Yi’s (成毅) drama Agarwood Like Crumbs <沉香如屑> in Hengdian, he was spotted rushing over at the first instance to render assistance, touching everyone with his swift, steady response.

While the unexpected incident resulted in a chaotic situation, crew members quickly made sure the actress was promptly rushed to the hospital.

Ironically, Cheng Yi appeared to have hurt himself in his eagerness to help, as he was later seen clutching his back.

Artistes Who Had Experienced Fainting Spells

With grueling work schedules and lack of proper rest, artistes are often vulnerable to bouts of ill health behind the scenes. Lay Zhang (张艺兴) fainted on his way to the restroom while filming a variety program once, while actress Zhao Yingzi (赵樱子) suffered a fainting spell during a red carpet event, as the revealing back dress she wore was too thin against the cold outdoor temperature. Similarly, actress Lynn Hung (熊黛林) had shocked the crew when she blacked out while filming an outdoor survival program.

Source: Sohu

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  1. The working hours and conditions in China really needs to be better regulated. They really over work their teams too much. The filming crew, production teams etc… Such inhumane conditions needs addressing.

  2. overwork was common in HK during the 80s-90s. popular actors ran around from studio to studio to work in multiple films simultaneously and barely slept. How else could HK have produced 400 films a year, although most were crap.

  3. they need to install ACs in these production sets…90 deg heat and layers of clothes is asking for heat strokes.
    chengyi is a good actor, but his previous drama’s actions has smeared and tainted his reputation. hope he’s not just doing PR correction here and genuinely wanted to help another person…

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