Yang Zi and Cheng Yi’s “Immortal Samsara” Delayed Again Due to Stricter Censorship Rules

Starring Andy Yang Zi (楊紫) and Cheng Yi (成毅), upcoming xianxia romance Immortal Samsara <沉香如屑> missed its prime slot due to ongoing censorship review.  The drama is once again facing potential delays with new specifications implemented for historical costume dramas, in which all production aspects must reflect accurate representation of history.

Due to the recent uproar of inaccurate historical costumes in The Legendary Life of Queen Lau <​​我叫劉金鳳> which were said to resemble Japanese kimonos, China’s  National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) sought to is now requiring all unreleased historical costume series to provide detailed re-examination of their plot, costume, and props. As the length of the review is unknown, the release date for Immortal Samsara is indefinitely delayed.

According to rumors, Immortal Samsara was originally planned for 80 episodes and released in two parts with 40 episodes each. However, 21 episodes were cut during the review process, leaving the drama only 59 episodes in length. The production team is re-examining its costumes to ensure there are no unintentional foreign cultural or political elements.

While there are no official announcements made on its premiere date, hopefully Immortal Samsara will air on its rumored date of July 20. More than 2 million fans have already made reservations to watch it!

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I mean the 80+ episodes already made me question the drama’s quality and now all these cuts. I hope they’re only cutting unnecessary drama from other characters and not from the main couple. Would be a shame if they made the plot illogical because of censorship needs

    1. I only just started watching Who Rules the World… It is not as bad as I thought. Zhao Lusi is a better actress now…even more than Yang Yang. But that drama is heavily edited… It is a shame these days, we have no time to allow characters to grow and develop… but there are lots of uanessacry fillers to fit actors who we watch on screen for afew mins…
      I sincerely hope Immortal Samsara is well edited.. I am looking forward to it..

      1. Lol I finished WRTW (I can’t believe it cus I’m not a fan of YY), and it was only okay. Not one of ZLS’s best works in general, but watchable, if you’re bored lol. It definitely suffered from bad post-prod work and edits at the end of the drama. A shame really. Someone mentioned WRTW was way too comic-like, and it’s true. There wasn’t any depth to the characters, they were just…characters. But ZLS played her role adequately.

  2. Lol, cut more, it does not need 59eps. Recently finally continue watching love and redemption (I stopped at 13 before because it was too cliche). Still haven’t finished it because I keep asking myself “are we there yet?” At like 40, 44, then 48, and now I think Im still only 48? Lol. Like every cliche in the book/dramaland of a twisting love story, it has it (remind me of the old Taiwanese drama series but less great and compelling lol).
    Cheng Yi was ok, but nothing outstanding like what I heard of that series. YBY is just as bad, which was expected. Anyway, point is these dramas can’t do proper storytelling of the main leads, that’s why it needs to add so much water and fillers, and it seems YZ is going to be in my book of never bother with because of how watering down her drama is. Ashes of love was bad in term of the water content, this one sounds just as bad. To be able to cut 21eps, that just say how much water they inject to it >_>!

    Lucky I stop watching WRTW, it sounds bad what happened to it at the end. And I have no hope for LLTG, it sounds terribly long (episode count wise) for something sound pretty standard. Watching all these high rating dramas give me a feeling that unless you like the leads, it’ll be a pretty standard, pretty meh kind of drama

    1. @BearBear there are some really generic tropes in the first few episodes (tho tbh most xianxia dramas these days reuse tropes anyways.) But after the first 5 epis, it gets good and juicy. I’m invested in our leads because they have developed their relationship already in about 5-7 epis, and the pacing is fast!

  3. Well, for the 2nd time, I wanna thank the broadcasting gov’t agencies for making them cut out (hopefully just really unnecessary) scenes for this drama. Because boy we are moving! The leads are pretty much locked in within 7 episodes and I’m hooked. Prepping my tissue boxes cus there’s some angst ahead!!

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